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  1. I was at CRHS in the old buildings and have very fond memories of the place. My year were the first 6th form in the new school.

    Doesn't anyone remember Mr.Skinner Geog. and his Athlete's foot or Mr Kinder who succeeded him. He put Glossop on every map he drew. I can still remember doing a pictorial representation of a Scottish Croft with Mr. Skinner which even included the cow pats.

    Wily Wally was an excellent teacher and must have started many years off with his diagram of a Bunsen burner.

    I don't remember much about Killer Huntington, Physics, but could never understand why he got his name.

    Dadda Ban seemed to have an endless supply of ginger biscuits in his stock room. Jock Usher had a supply of something liquid in his. He always kept dissappearing during lessons and invariably came back and said "any joy" but I never had any and had to drop maths after a year with him.

    Mrs. Brett succeeded Miss Wells as deputy head. Astrange lady who also liked some liquid refreshment. Caned me once when Ben Barrat snitched on me for playing truant.

    I also have very strong memories of the little stone building opposite the school which was inhabited by Mr Fox the school dentist!

    I don't have any bad memories of the place and enjoyed every minute.

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