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  1. I allways have about half a dozen rockets end up in my garden, and I haven't even ordered them
  2. These volcanos are going off like fireworks on bonfire night , I got stuck in Antigua in February when the one on Montserrat kicked off!
  3. R.I.P punk forever ! forever punk!
  4. Happy St Patricks Day .....................................
  5. Right thats it I am going to start drinking Jeyes fluid with a drop of lime .............
  6. Fairy tale in New York, the Pouges
  7. crazyorhythm


    I once had a pint of bitter , it was that rough it had plankton and single celled amoeba in it!
  8. A couple of coats of Uni Bond thinned down with water might do it, try some on a similar surface of brick or masonry, before application..........
  9. Ban him from taking any part in the finals............................
  10. I liked him as one of the binmen in Common as muck.
  11. Right here is what you do, curry /pizza leaflets etc keep them to one side until you have saved a couple of the postage paid envelopes that come with special offers, catalogues, credit cards and various companies that tout for business etc, and put several items in each of the envelopes, and redistribute it back to the various beggars that are sending the shite out !! cleans my rubbish out a treat !
  12. Move the Sidecar racing "the best bit of the TT" to September for the Manx With all its prize money ect, to run concurrently with the existing MGP format and keep the classics and the two strokes at the Manx, then everyone who likes watching the road bikes 600s ,750s ,1000s can do so at the TT in June it would work better.
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