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  1. At least he hasn't claimed that his chosen specialist subject if he ever went on Mastermind would be the complete works of Blake's 7! I apologise if you aren't a he but I can't imagine a girl learning Klingon ; they would be far more interested in mastering Princess Leia'.s hairstyles
  2. Any sympathy I had for the bus drivers has well and truly gone. They aren't hurting their bosses they are hurting school children who will have exams during that period and pensioners that depend on the service. They are also trying to disrupt a time of year when many small businesses that are struggling have the opportunity to make some badly needed money They seriously need to grow up and see what is happening in the real world. They have jobs that are well paid and don't appreciate them in a time when many are struggling to make ends meet
  3. This story is nowhere near as straight forward as Jeff has led us to believe. Good to see there was no mention of her sacking in the paper as she wasnt sacked for that reason. I feel that she owes the company concerned an apology for misleading Jeff.
  4. Bobs


    I have just heard (yet another) story about the same firm of "Accountants" who have now been reported to the OFT for the way they do business. The "funny" side of this story is that they are a "finalist" in the Awards for Excellence customer service category. Over th last few years I have lost count of the number of small businesses that have been abused by these people and they are giving the industry a bad name
  5. I have just been told that Mrs Malarkey is throwing her toys out of the pram on facebook. What happened to being gracious in defeat!
  6. Just had a read of the supplement in todays examiner- interesting reading. You can quite clearly see who has put some thought and effort into their answers. I know who I will be voting for and it wont be either of the sitting members. It is time for some new blood and new ideas
  7. Definitely isn't and is very biased towards the mentioned prospective MHKs. Most candidates I have spoken to would push for the introduction of Sarah's law
  8. Bobs

    Mlc Election

    As a voter I would like my prospective MHKs to tell me if they intend to stand for Legco if the are elected. I have only had an answer from one candidate that I have asked this question to, a contender and he said no. Has anyone else brought this up when speaking to candidates?
  9. Thanks John it is good to see what the candidates think but this looks more like a brief outline than a full manifesto. When will that be available?
  10. Just driven through Farmhill and there are posters everywhere for Cretney and Malarkey but I saw nothing for Beecroft. If candidates have come this far they should at least make an effort to get their name out there
  11. Shouldnt these forums be about constructive comments not just character assasination
  12. Met Mrs O'Neill today and was pleasantly surprised, my only comment would be it is hard to take some seriously talking about their manxness with a strong Irish accent
  13. Having listened to this debate I really can't see an obvious winner , yet another motley crew
  14. A friend of mine lives in this area and hasnt had a visit by any of the candidates; has anyone seen them or are they hiding!!!
  15. Just listened to the repeat of this show and with the exception of Brenda liking her own voice (again) I thought it was a good and lively debate.
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