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  1. As I said the bar I was at only sold bottles, so 3 pints, 6 bottles @ £3.50 a bottle = £21.00 and Tia Maria x 2 must have been £6.00. and the sister in law likes darts so she came along and she likes Tia Maria is that Ok with you. Some interesting maths there, a bottle of beer is not half a pint.
  2. yes, i went. felt sorry for him with he cough, he is a pipe smoker though i guess! interesting evening as you say.
  3. Have to say, Waltons are really good for chopping bits off their price if you've found it cheaper elsewhere. Pleasant staff, too. Waltons have never came near the price on a number of things for me, I don't want a 5 year warranty on a TV, I have never had a TV fail within 5 years. I know people who went up to Currys and were quite unimpressed with the place after queueing, yes queueing to go in the place!! Anyone who is "unimpressed" with having to queue when a store has just opened is an idiot. Half the island probably flocked there this weekend because it was somethin
  4. Set the new jobs they are reapplying for at £21k. Also put some kind of customer service test as part of the recruitment process.
  5. Letters have been arriving today informing them they’ve been given their notice after failing to reach an agreement about terms and conditions. They must have saw this one coming or the union hasn't been doing it's job properly. Bit like pick n mix now. The Government will pick those who haven't given them too much cause for concern and those who've shouted loudest and caused the most problems, will likely be calling into the careers centre for other work. It hasn't surprised me at all and in one sense, the bus unions deserve a bloody nose and inform their colleagues to start using
  6. So you will still be able to get between the island and Bristol, swimming with your webbed feet and hands, so whats the problem? Good thinking. Cheers.
  7. I'm a Bristolian with family in the West Country still so am dissapointed that it's been cancelled. The route has been dying a death for years though and was never busy so it's not a surprise. I guess the Gloucester flights from Manx2 have hit it as well, but I wouldn't fly Manx2 if you paid me.
  8. in fairness, it's been unusual weather this evening.
  9. Can I suggest that this thread be merged with every other thread on this forum? If that's possible, thanks.
  10. Then he has no redress. However, it won't absolve all responsibility if the buyer has intentionally sold something not legally fit for the road i.e. gearbox falls out or the brakes fail on the way home etc. What are you talking about? Sold as seen is sold as seen. There is nothing that says the car you are selling has to be roadworthy, it has to be roadworthy to drive, not to sell. You as the buyer are fully responsible to have the vehicle checked properly before you buy it, end of story.
  11. Who's my MHK? I live on Alexander Drive.
  12. The bus station at the sea terminal would not mean that buses would not still drop off on Victoria St and pick up at Lord Street for those who didn't want to walk to the sea terminal. What it would provide is somewhere decent for people to wait if they are changing buses (not simply going into town), somewhere for people to go and wait if they are very early for their bus. And also perfect for people visiting the island as it joins up the transport network. The bus station does not need to be right in the town centre so the sea terminal would work perfectly.
  13. Think you're totally right. Bus station should come ahead of civil servant parking though, then just leave the "front" of the sea terminal as is for it's current usage.
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