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  1. lol ........ Its really becoming a base philisophical case Albert ... I am happy to represent you in any discussion, but I know you are far more able to do that yourself... I am in agreement to the use CCTV, but only if it serves a purpose.
  2. you just have to look at the fact that the company, I believe it was sea containers bought the business, a business that make very little proffit for many millions of pounds.... so why would they do this.. unless they had been given a monopoly on the freight side...
  3. then maybe the fines should be larger and include maybe confiscation of vessel etc.
  4. ok my english needs a brush up, thankyou for the link...
  5. La Dolce Vita, you belief is to me a rather philosophical way off looking at it, but I see where you are coming from, but maybe the issue of poor wages, or semi slavery as some workers in other countries work in etc, is ather off the point off CCTV, but I am more than happy to agree with you in regards to the fact it is not right. Back to CCTV, Personal Freedoms and Privacy is a subject that we could debate for years, and still have a seperate view, but I agree that CCTV would be a invasion if it was watching us 24/7 and in places that there is no requirment for security. Ie if I was
  6. yep.. if they help, I agree they are worth while. as for the bangs, thinking about it i noticed it as well, the message was broadcast on the radio a lot and i think the dept of home affairs did well
  7. technicly its a green way... not a road and i think the point is the damage these bikes Can cause, when not used responsible.. But I agree I walk and have never had a problem with a bike.. but have also seen some areas off damage caused by them
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