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  1. Agreed. But it can be now too for a last minute ticket. Aviation in general was more expensive then in real terms. Part of the problem is that the low cost carriers have cherry picked the busy routes and left peripheral destinations like ours far less economic to operate a decent service to. We were spoilt in those days. I travelled to Glasgow recently with Citywing - just over £360 return. Not cheap! I wouldn't fly with them again - I did not feel safe. Nothing to do with size of aircraft - the whole thing just felt shoddy - the state of the aircraft, the crew took wrong turn taxi-ing in IOM, hearing the cockpit warning alarms going off because plane was too low - a very expensive white knuckle ride.
  2. Or check the weather forecast before setting off. Or the matrix displays before you set off up the mountain - I am sure they all say the same/similar - certainly warned of 'FOG' heading out of Ramsey towards mountain way. The webcams can give you a good idea too. I'm not sure where the cyclist I encountered on the mountain joined the mountain but just a glance towards the mountain - without of any media/technology - I could tell it was going to be grim. No excuse for this chap this morning - downright irresponsible/dangerous to himself and other road users.
  3. They chose to live on it. Fuck off away from the course if they don't like it. I live inside course - any road closure in this respect causes me inconvenience - but I have no problem with it at all - its an event not every day of the year.
  4. They could 'jump ship' on a fishing boat.....
  5. The Channel Islands have low speed limits and sadly there are still rtcs and fatalities. Figures seen by BBC News suggest death and serious injury rates on Jersey's roads, per head of population, are almost 40% higher than in the UK. On an island where speeds limits range from 15mph on lanes to 40mph on main roads, the news may surprise mainland motorists accustomed to faster traffic.
  6. daisy

    4G Has Arrived

    I checked via MT website and the result is in - yippee my sim card is 4G ready - yay..... but my tariff is not 4G ready and nor is my handset - boo... well I am already paying more than enough so they can keep their 'at no extra cost if you are already paying an arm and a leg upgrade' just not worth it for me.
  7. daisy

    100 Drunk Yoofs

    If parents are asked to come and collect drunken kids after midnight = that is not youthful exuberance, bored on a sunny evening- that is bad/lazy parenting. Parents should have ensured they knew where THEIR children were not expect the police to mop them up.
  8. Complained about lack of service - having to ask to be served is poor. However was with my elderly folks, their treat, they dont like to 'make a fuss'. I do believe in giving opportunity to put things right at the time but they just wanted to leave. I will probably give the dinner menu a go one night just in case we were unlucky. Top tip to the restaurant - dont sellotape things in the window - looks cheap.
  9. Attraversiamo - lunch yesterday = awful.. Shocking service, they forgot we were there, only 3 other covers in so they weren't stretched. As it was an Italian thought would stick to the 'theme' and have Lasagne. Never before have I been able to count the mince' granules(cant think of a way to describe bits of mince) I reckon 20 would be generous, that equated to less than a teaspoon of mince in a serving. Bland tomato sauce and way too much melted cheddar - nothing like any Lasagne I have ever had - not inedible but just tastleless and greasy. When I go to an Italian I want Italian food - good rustic food. Not cajun chicken and burgers. Jean Pierres is missing the mark too - their menu has Tiramisu as a dessert. Don't market yourself as a 'regional' restaurant when the flavours of the region are in the minority. Such potential but hugely wide of the mark.
  10. The reason restaurants - good restaurants - take bookings is for a reason. A restaurant could easily fill all the tables at say 8.00pm - could the kitchen cope ....no! I have been to many restaurants and wondered why I am one of few in there only to find 30 mins later when I look up the restaurant has slowly filled . Kitchens whether here or Michelin starred in UK have to control the time people arrive. If they are worth their salt they won't compromise standards to squeeze people in otherwise complaints for tardy service/poor quality will follow. Of course there could be times off season ie not TT week when a walk in would be welcome. If a restaurant is popular and strong enough to turn me away rather than 'squeeze' me in with mediocrity I would go back. If you want to just walk in and expect a table go to somewhere like Coasters (no disrespect just a different dining experience).
  11. One would think an 'Express Service' would be the quicker choice? If I had to market a service that rumbles round the council houses/back streets of Peel and multiple stops en route I don't think I could justify calling it an Express service that attracts premium rate.
  12. Sadly disappointing. Food average at best and no ambiance at all. Lights way too bright, music way too quiet - so that it was an annoying hiss in the background. A confused atmosphere the decor is odd neither one thing nor the other and looks like it has been done on the cheap. Doesn't have to be high end to impress just has to have character and this is sadly missing. Lots of pleasant enough staff but clueless - standing in ranks by the bar whilst we sat waiting....and waiting....and waiting. A wait of 25 mins for drink order (despite trying to politely catch wait staff eye, I had reached for my coat and was about to leave) to be taken is really not acceptable and at this time we also had to ask for the complimentary bread and then again for the complimentary olives.. wouldn't have minded the wait if I had had a drink and nibbles.. The main course was lukewarm and tasteless..and the cheese plate for connoisseurs of cheese was a disgrace..I could have bought the same from the co-op. If you advertise cheese as a specialty it should be that. We did mention the flaws at the time as I feel that is only fair - however ultimately the whole experience could not be rectified by the blob of free parfait offered by the chef. This could be a gold mine and I wanted it to be a gem but it needs some tweaking. Will I go back? no..... not unless I hear the whole concept has been re-visited.
  13. Only in your head. I suppose rich people (again, whoever they are) produce more sewage.... You're the one who brought up "rich people". I didn't. I was talking about the property because it has so many different bathrooms and what not which must result in more use of water and sewage infrastructure. Why do you say that? one person with 4 toilets will flush less than 4 people with 1 toilet..... the sewage infrastructure costs would be met by the developer connecting to the existing main drain supply, I would have thought, and not be an additional burden. (Unless perhaps its subsidised social housing where the cost is met by......?). A person who is not employed is likely to flush more than a person at work...in that they will most likely be at home at all day - just what are we measuring here?
  14. I have found the IOMSPC ticket prices comparable/cheaper and their services superior to those ferries serving the Channel Islands. On the odd occasion I have splashed out for a cabin I have found them to be worlds apart - IOMSPC clean and with TV to while away the hours - no such luxuries on the Channel equivalent for similar cost. The food - is what is is... could it be better - yes, but it doesn't pretend to be haute cuisine...sadly pretty standard fayre seems to be across the board these days.
  15. That being the case she can take her benevolent bird feeding elsewhere then?
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