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  1. No reason to not get our ducks in a row .... Unless we remain in permanent lockdown this virus is not going away. Whatever happened to Manx solutions for Manx problems? - to get Dr Glover on board is a golden opportunity.
  2. Yes and the testing was offered weeks ago - if the offer had been taken up potentially the length of lockdown could have been adjusted = but as it is we are in a suck it and see situation. Sad really - the IOM could have ahead of the game instead of fingers crossed and hoping for the best. As the virus is not going away the long term benefits of the vaccination are not know - given the variants popping up - we should be getting all of our ducks in a row now not sitting on our hands until the next time.
  3. Please do have a look at the articles re variants emerging. If we don't know what we are dealing we will always have to assume the harshest measures which may not be necessary, The app, whilst a useful tool, relies on compliance of an awful lot of people to be effective.... and therefore may be an indicator but cannot be not relied on.
  4. Dr Glover offered her services Sunday 03 Jan ....she asked for samples to start testing on Monday - results on Tuesday. We were, at close of business last week, still waiting for results from LPL. Knowing what we are dealing with goes a long way in determining what actions need to be taken.
  5. This reminds of me hearing a noise outside lying in bed with the duvet over my head. Trusting that if I stay there long enough whatever it is will go away ... But I wont know what it was or whether I was right to stay there or was it just the wind. The virus is not going away soon and is mutating - knowing what variant, how each mutation spreads is invaluable. Otherwise it is almost certain full lockdown every time it pops up. We should be extremely grateful to have a local person on board, with the necessary skills and expertise to up the volume of testing and do the sequencing. Repo
  6. Any travel is a risk - not just to the traveller but also to the crew of the boat/plane/taxi etc. For now I cant see my relatives and they live down the road. Lets get this, hopefully, short sharp lockdown out of the way - only 3 weeks - and then review border policy. How many times in a month would you/your relatives normally travel to see each other? Try to remain positive... your family will feel your angst.
  7. It was good to pay tribute to the shopworkers, bin men, posties, parcel couriers, food delivery people, farmers, folk that diversified from their normal day job - too many to mention - to keep the IOM going during a global pandemic...... as well as the emergency services. I watched the parade lap and felt extremely proud.
  8. Agreed. But it can be now too for a last minute ticket. Aviation in general was more expensive then in real terms. Part of the problem is that the low cost carriers have cherry picked the busy routes and left peripheral destinations like ours far less economic to operate a decent service to. We were spoilt in those days. I travelled to Glasgow recently with Citywing - just over £360 return. Not cheap! I wouldn't fly with them again - I did not feel safe. Nothing to do with size of aircraft - the whole thing just felt shoddy - the state of the aircraft, the crew took wrong turn taxi-in
  9. Or check the weather forecast before setting off. Or the matrix displays before you set off up the mountain - I am sure they all say the same/similar - certainly warned of 'FOG' heading out of Ramsey towards mountain way. The webcams can give you a good idea too. I'm not sure where the cyclist I encountered on the mountain joined the mountain but just a glance towards the mountain - without of any media/technology - I could tell it was going to be grim. No excuse for this chap this morning - downright irresponsible/dangerous to himself and other road users.
  10. They chose to live on it. Fuck off away from the course if they don't like it. I live inside course - any road closure in this respect causes me inconvenience - but I have no problem with it at all - its an event not every day of the year.
  11. They could 'jump ship' on a fishing boat.....
  12. The Channel Islands have low speed limits and sadly there are still rtcs and fatalities. Figures seen by BBC News suggest death and serious injury rates on Jersey's roads, per head of population, are almost 40% higher than in the UK. On an island where speeds limits range from 15mph on lanes to 40mph on main roads, the news may surprise mainland motorists accustomed to faster traffic.
  13. I checked via MT website and the result is in - yippee my sim card is 4G ready - yay..... but my tariff is not 4G ready and nor is my handset - boo... well I am already paying more than enough so they can keep their 'at no extra cost if you are already paying an arm and a leg upgrade' just not worth it for me.
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