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  1. Disappointed in your comments - I have had dogs for a great part of my life and I have given all sorts of meds and injected insulin and handled dog with ruptured cruciate ligament etc etc .... but sometimes its the smaller things that need 2 pairs of hands and not everybody has family on tap to help. If a colleague, who is a friend, offers to help why would you turn it down? I have travelled a lot and my friends now are pretty much all through work - are they not considered to be 'real' friends?
  2. I've got a sick dog at the mo and it took 2 vets to give her meds.... you dont know personal circs re availability of family. And the guy ..by own admission.. offered to help - under no duress.
  3. Dogs wriggle, dogs move..... vets sometimes need 2 people to administer meds.... when a dog is in pain it doesn't understand that you are trying to help it.... this whole scenario is getting way overthought......
  4. Really - comments like this are ridiculous...... it's not always that simple - try putting ear drops or give any medication to an animal that is in pain and doesn't want you anywhere near them/touching their sore bits - on your own.
  5. Developers rent the houses they cant sell ....
  6. All sold? - that's what the developer would have you believe....who really wants to live in a shoe box looking straight into your neighbours front room, gardens backing on to each other, car or taxi to get into work or shop or the pub .......town houses close to bars and restaurants = walk home, walk to work ... if there were actually town houses - not flats - they would be attractive ... that would re-generate town centres and local businesses.... building sprawling estates out of town only serves to line the developers pockets, Tesco deliveries and Amazon.
  7. I use the mountain road everyday and the number of bikes...and cars.... on the wrong side of the road driving/riding at speed recently is ridiculous 2 near misses that were way too close for comfort in the past few days. A lump of metal coming at you round a corner is not a good look. And rarely see a cop up there these days - sometimes see one ambling up 8am ish. Worryingly speed is not restricted to the mountain - way too many cars speeding through the nearby villages too. I know that cops are thin on the ground but maybe a mobile cop on a motorbike would focus attention.
  8. You could take a leaf out of your own book .....
  9. JERSEY Death of hospital patient with Covid-19 18 July 2021 covid update A patient who had tested positive for COVID-19 has died at Jersey General Hospital. The patient was an adult under 50 years of age and not classed as clinically vulnerable. Their next of kin are being supported at this time. The Minister for Health and Social Services, Deputy Richard Renouf, said: “I would like to extend my sincere condolences to the family and friends of the deceased. It is incredibly sad to lose a loved one and I am sure that we all will feel sympathy for their loss. “Health and Community Services will not be releasing any further information at this time in order to protect the privacy of the deceased and their family.” There are currently 12 patients in the General Hospital who have COVID, with half having been fully-vaccinated. Eight were admitted due to COVID, with the remainder admitted for other reasons and found to be positive for COVID when tested as part of admission screening. Two people are currently in the Intensive Care Unit. Dr Ivan Muscat, Deputy Medical Officer of Health, said: “I must emphasise the importance of being vaccinated to be protected against COVID. A person who has not been vaccinated is 25 times more likely to be hospitalised than a vaccinated individual
  10. The other LTA jobs advertised were supposed to be to allow folk to go back to their original jobs. Not heard of one yet going back - why would they with 12.5% shift allowance
  11. Any taking a 2 week vaccine holiday right before looking to relax border restrictions?
  12. I am so re-assured that you know the medical history of all of the people in hospital!!. And of course Governments are always open and transparent! Regardless though I think at the moment it does matter that people are testing positive even if not the primary cause for admission - If we were a couple of weeks further down the line with the vaccine programme I couldn't disagree ... but we are not. For the sake of completing the vaccination programme as best we can we need to become vigilant ... we have become complacent again and we should be aware of numbers and spread so that we can react and mitigate accordingly so we are in the best place to have our borders open as safely as possible.
  13. Life is precious - holidays are fun and Primark - well whatever floats your boat.
  14. I would prefer to live a relatively normal life thank you and if the information is out there that is do-able.... once I have had my 2nd jab and the rest of IOM is in similar position that of course will make a difference - I thought I had made that clear by using words ' for the next few weeks until everybody that has had the 2 jabs'.. just making sure the info we have is clear and correct until I/we are as protected we we can be ... is that too much/too hard????
  15. That is my point the current level of vaccinations is the concern just now - we are not there yet!!!! what is the variant of this unknown case? is this a new variant that may or may not be out there - bit like Kent was earlier this year..... or a variant that may evade the vaccine or is this just the click of an admin officers mouse that should have removed this enigma from the dashboard? Of course Covid isn't going away overnight/ever but we shouldn't stop collecting/publishing accurate data until we are sure we are protected as best we can be and for the next few weeks until everybody that has had the 2 jabs 'we' should be sure the information published is accurate as it can be.
  16. If you have had Covid 19 you will know that you may or may not have some antibodies .... medical advice given to me prior to me having 1st vaccine is that antibodies are not strong enough on their own ... so I need to have the 2 x jabs plus the required 2 weeks kick in... I am not necessarily suggesting slowing down opening borders etc......just for IOMG to make sure the data they post is accurate and relevant so that we can all make decisions that are relevant to our own situations. Added - And if unknown case truly is unknown rather than an Admin Officer not hitting 'refresh' on the spreadsheet I hope the delay in update is not because of sending sample to UK .....
  17. I had covid too and I am struggling with long covid and vulnerable with a clotting disorder that isn't immediately life threatening I don't want to pop my paws just yet so I would appreciate as much accurate info as poss .. if you are happy to take your chances crack on .. all I want is accurate information ....
  18. Anything marked as 'unknown' will be a cause for concern... this appears to be the one unknown local case from 26 April which by now should have either been linked to a cluster or not. If they cant get to grips with this one case can we believe any other data?
  19. Maybe - it could be the spreadsheet hasn't been updated... we are not out of the woods yet so until all that want/have had 2 jabs we should have all the info we need to ensure we make the right decisions to keep ourselves and others safe
  20. I have vulnerable parents - age and medical conditions.. I am at risk too - not because of obesity, old age or any of the other self contributory factors people seem to think acceptable to succumb to this disease!! ....but I would like to make an informed choice as to how I deal with this
  21. Would be good if it was explained then....
  22. Any death that can be avoided should be avoided .. deaths from flu/measles/polio etc have been reduced over time... Covid is new and we are still getting to grips ... and we have the opportunity to do so. In a few weeks when 2 doses will have been given to the majority then I agree risks should be minimal - we are at the cusp but whilst most still have only one jab we need to remain cautious ....
  23. If you think having relevant info to allow us to make our own decisions and pro-actively manage this is rubbish I pity you.
  24. Mr Roboto your 'laughing' reaction is quite horrific to be honest - how can you find death and long term illness amusing is beyond me. I sincerely hope you do not contract this disease despite your lack of respect for those whose lives have been lost/damaged by it.
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