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  1. Did I hear right that there’s no IOMTT commentary on Manx Radio coverage from Glen Helen or Hairpin this year?
  2. cheers all, EVF is handy for me at Union Mills but may have to go nearly a mile (shock horror I'm Manx that's too far) out of my way to get Manx pet fuel instead...
  3. Afternoon all Not after any opinion, unusual for this forum I know, but does anyone have any facts about the quality of petrol that is sold on island? Is Regular unleaded any different to Super? Or is it the same fuel, labelled differently and sold at a higher price?
  4. okeloon


    Anyone got advice on where to get dried logs for a wood burning stove?
  5. Suppose the answer is to be inconspicuous rather than asking bar staff for glasses for the wine you've brought in board...
  6. Is it right you can't take your own grub and drinks onboard? I've always taken a packed lunch...
  7. Anyone been there yet? Thinking about a pre-Christmas visit... Any good?
  8. okeloon


    Thanks, but this only leads to threads from years ago or rants about the nature of people who have tattoos or the origins of them...could do with some recommendations about actual current tattooists operating on the rock, thanks anyway...
  9. okeloon


    Manx Tattoo virgin here...can anyone recommend who to use and who to avoid locally? Cheers
  10. Not especially. It's run on a shoestring with a skeleton staff, and it shows. On the plus side most of the staff have a rudimentary grasp of English and years ago I worked with someone who's sister had a nice meal there, so that's good too. What about The Palace? It's never occured to me to ever say in a hotel in the Isle of Man. We stayed at the new one in Ramsey a few weeks ago. Very comfortable, well appointed room. Extremely decent meal, breakfast was OK too. Free WiFi throughout - I would recommend it. Good value for a low price. Ramsey Park Hotel, agreed, stayed there 2 weeks ago, ace, can't wait to go back. Seftons good too if you get an atrium room, dear though, maybe taxpayers will get a discount until the loan we've given them is repaid? Still in favour of asset stripping, is it too late to get the strippers back on at Castle Mona for TT?
  11. Is it on ths year? Anyone got any info?
  12. "Rapper Tinie Tempah will be the headlining artist, supported by dance act Tinchy Stryder" Who??? Nah, The Who were over a few years ago when it was in Peel.
  13. Being an old fart I prefer this http://www.villagaie...ml&menuid=11570 "Tickets £37.50" - and people complain about FlyBe's fares! well impressed, great line-up, still won't be going though, already doing Elton (not literally) and Sunday afternoon
  14. just tried to sign-up but website keeps kicking me out when I go to pay, are entries full?
  15. I have been recommended to see a bloke who works out of his house in Willaston, called Geoff....is he OK or a cowboy? Don't fancy coming out in more pain than I am now, apparently he's cheap though !
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