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  1. I just read on facebook that all of the flats have gone in aswell, is that bolllocks?
  2. Bump for tonight. 12 till 2. DnB and Dubstep. Go to http://www.sourceradio.co.uk/ and click "watch and listen" Or search itunes radio for Source Or go to http://txthost.co.uk:8104/listen.pls
  3. On tonight, from mid-night. Links above. Also, if you have itunes, go on to the radio bit on the side, and go to the college/uni section, go down to Source and double click it.
  4. Thanks Cret, sounds good. Yep. May has re-kindled the interest. @MickeyBlue, i have done that before, it doesn't work, the car just spun round in circles. The car wasn't usable afterwards.
  5. Cool, thanks. I was trying to make my old car better than my mates modern one, so modifying the track would just make both cars faster.
  6. How long have you waited to show off your watch?
  7. Hi guys, A few years ago, i modified a scalextric car so that the current off the tracks fed a relay, which switched on the current from 3 9v batteries (which were connected to the motor) sellotaped onto the back of the car. This was turning the stock 4v output to 27v output...i think. I havent had a chance to test it yet, as i didnt have enough track. The thing with this design is that now there is now speed control, its either on or off. So...is there a 'dynamic' relay that i can buy? One whos input is proportional to its output? Also, that is small enough to fit on board the car. Also, do
  8. You know in Vista, if you right click on the volume icon near the clock, one of the options is 'open mixer'. Is there anything like this for mac?
  9. I think...but i might not be right...if you already have the tune on one medium, then you are allowed to download it for free off limewire or your preferred p2p program. Its because you've already bought it, so it's not illegal.
  10. Ta, bruv. Blog: http://www.mashupmondays.blogspot.com
  11. It's on Coventry University's student radio station - Source Radio. Monday nights, 12 till 2am www.sourceradio.co.uk and click on 'listen and watch live' http://txthost.co.uk:8104/listen.pls for a stream direct to itunes, windows media player, or any other generic media playing software. The first show finished an hour ago, and it went well, kinda. Tune in next time for more dirt and ice.
  12. Gilligan


    It has to be the begginning or end of the loaf, must be brown bread. I like mine properly burnt, with enough butter to cover it.
  13. Gilligan


    Hi there, How about £50 for the UMX25? I'm coming home around Dec 18th and can travel where ever on the island, or if you want to get rid of it quickly, Mum lives in the south and works in Douglas...i dont think she'd really willing to travel though. G
  14. http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=1619...6685&ref=nf Whats inspired this? Any opinions? Also, I recognise the name Manannan Mac Leirr, where from? eta: Oh yeah, isn't Manannan Mac Leirr like the God of the Isle of Man? The guy who falls down hills while on fire, flailing his legs about when ever people try to attack?
  15. They really are. They were being given away for free yesterday in Cov. Best day of my life.
  16. Wa-boosh. Get to your point as quickly and abruptly as possible why don't you.
  17. I noticed this, i wanted to book a boat, but i couldn't so i booked a flight instead...SPC fail
  18. I'd love to turn up at my own funeral. It'd be fucking hilarious...well, until i saw that there were only 2 or 3 people attending.
  19. if there caught red handed at the scene cast iron conviction, have a tract record of doing it, then why not, you cut a few fingers off and u can bet the crime rate go down I agree The police should carry an axe around in their car just in case.
  20. I overtake on the prom. The delivery drivers, and the ones curb-crawling looking to pick up a parking space are the worst.
  21. 12 and 11% isn't all that much. When i was younger, i wanted to be a pilot, then a monster truck builder, then a car tester, then a mechanic, then an engineer. Now i want to be successful in the music industry.
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