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  1. The salary is around the £35k scale. Why you bothered about Michelle? She has left and gone to work elsewhere. You seem awful worried about people no longer either being elected or working for the corpy.
  2. His past conduct and lack of principle the last time he was in office was more than enough to convince me that he is totally unsuitable for the job of a public representative. His leaving LibVan? If I was to stand for Douglas North would my leaving LibVan seven or so years ago tarnish me as well?
  3. Why ? Do leopards change their spots ? You of all people should be looking to learn from BM's failings, not lend support to them. What have I to learn? How am I lending support? I am just advocating atleast giving him a chance, but to be honest he would probably never read these posts let alone post himself.
  4. Atleast give Bill a chance to post his ideas, before publicly flogging him.
  5. Seen the email! Major ramifications ahead!
  6. Yeah but you're probably glad the old dear died as well. Actually I miss her.
  7. Ps Bees, I also think you should stand. One the Council needs more variation of opinions. You would certainly see life from a different angel to most of the Councillors.
  8. Bees, I never knew a bin had been put there and if you had messaged me, I also would have expressed my disapproval. I have had other shop keepers discuss the issue with me. The design of bin is big and should not really be outside the entrance to any shop. Still I am glad its been moved.
  9. @Moanisteroffun Maybe you would like to explain how the seats are "fixed" ?
  10. Brand new Sony Experian Z3 Compact in white. £275 ono.
  11. I am glad the DOI are removing the speed bumps on the Strang Road whilst re-surfacing this month.
  12. The job has done my daughter the world of good! I worked in a paper shop from 13 to 16, helped me get my first job.
  13. Totally. I know the owner (hence her job) they treat her fair and she gets the legal required breaks etc etc Oh and I get cracking service on a Saturday when I pop in for a coffee!
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