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  1. Yorkie

    Tourists not wanted round here!!!

    Oh yes. Can't believe the lack of tourists since we visited 5 year ago!! (Was a very helpful forum member who suggested Wales, even though I'd been many times before. He proved to me the £500 ferry fare, wasn't worth it). Rot in hell!!!!
  2. Yorkie

    Tourists not wanted round here!!!

    I've ignored this whilst being on my holidays. We were in the IOM if you weren't sure. Only got home this evening. The one thing I didn't consider was not being able to have a quiet drink out with my 15, very nearly 16 year old son and my wife. Any responses about him running round the pub disturbing other customers was not enjoyed by him at All!!! If you really think stopping a 15 year-old youth, with their parents from having a drink, at 9.00 on a Sunday evening in any pub is a good idea, I could say I'm shocked. But I aren't, you'd argue till my piss boiled!! WE'RE THE IOM WHERE WE DO EVERYTHING THE BEST! There's a - BOAT IN THE MORNING IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM! Keep your laws, but where do they come from (1977)? You don't have anywhere for families to go on an evening. I'm not saying pubs are best, but they're not even an option. Can remember going to Jersey with my mum and dad in the late 70s and they didn't refuse them after any time. We used to have quality 70s basket meals and play pinball (till late). I used to fight your tourism front. Even on this forum. After our last visit - your doomed!!! Oh by the way, I mentioned the doomed 15 year old went to a concert in Newcastle on our way to the IOM (miles out of our way!!) With his brother, in a pub venue. He's going to another in Hull tomorrow, again with his brother???????????????? We've checked it's okay.
  3. Yorkie

    Tourists not wanted round here!!!

    You're all completely wrong, but how should I know the truth, I was only there!! 15 year old boy, 16 in Oct, he wasn't thinking of running round the pub screaming!! Do any you actually have children?? We were wanting a drink before we went back to where we were staying. Mum, dad and son. Just after 9.00 on a Sunday evening. Even in your trolling minds, where can you see this being unreasonable??? Won't mention the Pub names, as we tried 2, one wouldn't even let us sit outside. The first we tried, me and my wife went in on the previous evening without the offending teenager, one barmaid refused to serve hand pumped ale. The lad who did asked what it tasted like, as he didn't drink alcohol. I know I'm an arsole tourist and I know when the boat sets off tomorrow, but I can see why your tourist industry is dying on it's arse!!!
  4. Yorkie

    Tourists not wanted round here!!!

    Hate your Hate!!! Fuck you.
  5. Yorkie

    Tourists not wanted round here!!!

    Ýt2m. Piss off!!! We'll be going home when when we want tò. Leave your shitty little ìslañd alone!!
  6. Yorkie

    Tourists not wanted round here!!!

    How come no one cares about the tourist industry ??? It should be better. Honestly!
  7. Yorkie

    Tourists not wanted round here!!!

    Gizo. Fuck off.
  8. Yorkie

    Tourists not wanted round here!!!

    Chìd is 15 wanker!!! Never understood the brain dead Manx befoŕe!! Think I ďo now.
  9. Yorkie

    Tourists not wanted round here!!!

    Read this forùm for years, been here on holiday with my boys for years. Been ģiven crap before!!! Who's the fools??
  10. Yorkie

    Tourists not wanted round here!!!

    Probably correct.
  11. Just been refused entry into 2 pubs In Port Erin 09.00 at night. Both empty!!! Couldn't even sit outside. Because we had a 15 year old with us. Won't be coming back!!! Suprised how tourism is on it's arse, we came 5 year ago and it wasn't so bad. Now I can't believe it!! I've defended your tourism in the past, you are living in Cuckoo land now to be honest!! We came via Newcastle (which is miles out of our way!!!) The same 15 year old was going to a concert and we had no problems with the pubs!!! You deserve all you get.
  12. Yorkie

    F1 2018

    They haven't refueled F1 cars mid race for a number of years!!
  13. Yorkie

    Tourism And The Cost Of Getting Here.

    Sorry to piss you all off and I know you dont work for the IOM tourist board........ I came to your Island at 17 years old and had a massive time. So have been back many times. My children have also grown up with the IOM experience, but we have given up recently.
  14. Yorkie

    Tourism And The Cost Of Getting Here.

    I have read this forum and tried slightly to join in but gave up a while ago. The way it seems to go is awful and seems very small minded. I used to love holidaying in the IOM but someone suggested just going to North Wales. Guess where we go now?