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  1. He's now blaming a lack of dialogue from the group and slamming there inability to liaise/work with the Government. From the man that took 3 months to respond to correspondence from them and seemingly unable to take criticism/work with others What a
  2. Will cloud computing really be utilized though. Developers are only going to develop for hardware that they know is going to be available. Unless it's going to be a MMO game. Then mostly they'll be ignoring these online servers imo. Sony did make a bollock with the PS3/Cell; hence why in there launch video they went to such pains to explain why they'd developed there new hardware the way they had. (What the developers wanted, ease of use, powerful etc.)
  3. Love it; good to see some shops trying to take advantage of the increased footfall by setting stuff up outside there shops to entice people in. Clearly some get it and know how to market themselves to this increased traffic.
  4. Public Forum - banter insensitive, or otherwise is always bound to happen; I've not come across a forum that doesn't have it and I for one wouldn't want to stop it - no point crying over it or getting into a huff. I'm just surprised no-ones mentioned checking what meat there getting from the local takeaways yet. (BANTER) Going back to topic as this is first time I've seen this thread - first 2 weeks is most vital in a missing dog search so here's hoping the next week brings better luck for you!
  5. Been in, used it, liked it - will probably be in again sometime. Can get some good value stuff if you're prepared to look past the 'cheap' aspect and off the pedestal of 'snob'
  6. Afternoon folks, Thought I'd quickly sign up and say I know one of the folks on the list (work with them). They're angry about the leak - they don't blame New Labour bla bla bla as the Mail, BBC etc are saying, but blame BNP and subsequently asked for they're membership to be withdrawn. This leak could well be the beginning of the end of this 'political party' as I imagine many other average joes on that list are thinking/doing the same!
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