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  1. Despite this the word on the street is they aren't expected to be seen at Ronaldsway until March 2021
  2. The cycle path was mentioned at the Ballabeg traffic meeting last week. The head of DOI Highways said that there is a long term desire within IOM Govt and the south side commissioners to create an "active pathway" linking Port St Mary, Port Erin and Castletown. This will eventually follow the coast around Pooil Vaaish and Scarlett (interesting to see how that will pan out) and as Shore Road needed major works it would have been remiss of them to not at least make a start by doing what they have
  3. Obviously the powers that be over here don't see it as such a key asset that requires underwriting. Also the current slot being used by Flybe has a turnaround time at Heathrow of around 2 1/2 hours which I believe is what is normally used by a very large aircraft such as a 777. The rumours were that the slot belonged to Delta AIrlines and was only spare for the Summer so no matter how great the passenger figures were, it would be going back to them for the Winter season
  4. The current security team are at the airport 24/7
  5. That is a very good point in both directions actually. The IOM is its own jurisdiction and separate from the UK CAA so I'm not sure how that would work in regards to covering IOM airport from a UK base. London City is the current poster boy for doing remote tower ops but that has been driven by wanting to flatten the current space occupied by the ATC tower to expand aircraft parking as space is at a massive premium down there. I'm not sure how going for a remote tower to purely reduce costs would be massively beneficial given the amount spent on the facilities here over the last 10 years. Mayb
  6. Or maybe....just maybe the IOMG will see an opportunity to bring other airport towers to be run remotely from here to make a few quid. Some of the highlands and islands perhaps
  7. The report states that the Fire Section and ATC are already being paid the going rate when compared to other airports
  8. If that is the case then where are the "savings" in privatising the place?
  9. Interestingly if you read the report, it basically says that ATC and the Fire Service are manned correctly, paid correctly and work well. The main areas of concern are the Aviation Security dept which I think is already being dealt with and also the entire airports overtime bill. Maybe if Easyjet weren't late pretty much everyday then that would sort the overtime too?
  10. Not true about the radar. Part of an approval from the regulator for a new system includes a caveat that a "back up" must be in place in case of failure in order to revert back and maintain service. This is usually for a defined period (6 - 12 months etc) so I'd expect the old radar will be laid to rest soon
  11. Ah but that's different, it's fine for the riff raff to be fucked about. As it was planned well in advance then I'd imagine that staffing could be altered accordingly to provide later cover
  12. I know someone who flew in the other day and the passengers and bags are picked up down by Manx Flyers Clubhouse in a minibus and then driven round to the Airport Terminal and dropped off out side thus never going through the "clean and security screened" part of the airport. The aircraft is then taken to a maintenance area, security searched (by who I don't know) and goes over to the terminal to continue flying as normal. Hopefully Blackpool will get their shit together shortly and then things can get back to normal!
  13. I can see a request chitty heading into Tynwald for a roof to cover the pavement pick up and drop off area.....
  14. So when the "new" system becomes operational then it will already have been sat on top of that hill, spinning away for around 3 years? Lets hope they went for the Currys/PC World extended warranty or it will probably need replacing again soon
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