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  1. How about http://www.manxmart.com & http://www.manxbay.com
  2. Does anyone know what times it's on the box? I checked and it says Eurosport but there's nothing in the program guide on Sky
  3. You can try www.manxmart.com - new site and is free (well you get £20.00 when you register)
  4. Ah, my case it point ! Bikes cause less congestion, pay less road tax AND have dedicated disc zone areas ! So smart cars, electric cars and bikes should all pay less/no road tax and the shortfall should be met by people driving 4.0 litre jeeps and 4x4's and the like? For what it's worth before, the 'MF Complainers' get stook in (!), I have a 2.0 litre car, no smart car and no bike. As a result I accept fully that I need to pay more.
  5. Here's a thought ... How about the Government scraps road tax on those tiny Smart Cars (and similar type vehicles - or do they already?) AND provides a set amount of disc parking purely for small vehicles around the Island? Say you're heading into Douglas .... how nice would it be to have disc parking JUST for your type of car at the end of Regent Street. It could help ease congestion PLUS they have to be more environmentally friendly than a 4.0 litre jag or the countless number of 4x4 vehicles about the place. What do we think?
  6. I think it's also worth pointing out that the football match had posters advertising John Barnes, Ian Rush and Lee Sharpe ...... none of which were playing (which I discovered having paid £25 for my partner and I to stand in the chuffin' rain watching a player from St. Georges score a hat-trick) Oh well at least £2.00 went to charity ....... oh right, I see your point sausage I think the organisers could be described as 'shrewd' .... is that the word ?!
  7. This car is a BARGAIN ! I am only selling due to the fact I'm emigrating. The car is valued on Parker's as being between £2,600 - £3,300 Peugeot 206 1.6 XS 60,000 miles 1 owner FSH Year Aug 2000 Peugeot 206 1.6 XS Metallic Black Alloy Wheels Moon Roof £1995 - NO RESERVE - you bid highest, you win! Please contact me through my auction - http://www.manxbay.com/auctiondetails.php?id=5985 Thanks
  8. Yes, that would be nice but I work in an older type building without such luxury. My point is that the sign asks people to retreat from the building before lighting up. I'm simply offering a reason why this is a valid request
  9. Going back to the original thread, about the sign. I work in an office building. In the current heat it's nice to open a window, in fact it's more or less essential. HOWEVER, what stench am I greeted with on opening said window? Correct ..... SMOKE from the congregation of cancer stick junkies below. Are my rights or their rights being impeded here? The end result is that the stench overpowers the need to cool down so I'm left to my VERY hot office instead. Based on this I can understand why a sign would ask people to retreat away from the building ... seems fair to me. They can smoke & I can open the window :-)
  10. Toon_Ted

    Broken X Box

    There's a guy I know who fixes playstation, xboxes etc. If he can't fix it then there's no charge (not sure if that deal still exists) His company is called lasershack - mobile 438954 Hope it helps :-)
  11. A sad tale indeed I don't think small claims (SC) could help as no money has changed hands. The function of SC is to ensure all parties are financially square but they do not award compensation. In fact it's feasible, if unlikely, that they would find in favour of the photographer and he did actually do a bit of work - mad isn't it !? It sounds like it would need to be taken as civil case. My suggestion would be for the couple to write a well thought out letter to the photographer asking what he intends to offer in compensation and warn him that they 'are seeking advice'
  12. Toon_Ted

    Manx News

    What about a local tabloid ?! Full of gossip, lies and pictures - if you took away the births, deaths, obituaries, imprisonment and house purchases from the current offerings nobody would bother. Bottom line is that people are nosey (not saying that's good or bad) so if you give 'em exageratted stories, tons of pictures and the odd scandal - BOSH, job done ! :-) Could even venture to page 3 local girls and/or page 7 local lads - that would sell, why ? ..... because ..... you guessed it ...... people are nosey !
  13. I heard there was going to be something in Ramsey bay. The aircraft would fly past a few times but because they don't land insurance costs etc. are much less .... maybe I imagined it ?!
  14. http://www.aisliverpool.org.uk/currentmap.php?map=30 Not that I'm a ship spotter but this is a good site to keep an eye on the comings and goings in the Irish Sea
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