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  1. How much will the banks charge government to process these payments into people's accounts? It won't be free of charges
  2. I have to agree with manx muppet. All the fruit & veg. in the Iceland store in Ramsey ( a Shoprite company ) is imported. Also they now sell cigarettes & newspapers, and shortly are going to sell lottery tickets, I don't think they should be allowed to sell these items. Our government keep telling us to support the small shops/businesses, this is going to have a big impact on the small newsagents in the precinct. Do you have to have a licence to sell papers / cigarettes?
  3. Thanks Lisenchuk, I did not look at the wrapper as I gathered from this thread that the packaging did not have any ingredients listed. This was one of the reasons I said that lots of the stuff on here is libellous. Totally ill-informed nonsense in many cases. Shocking and unjustifiable denigration of local product. They probably think it's a giggle but if it was my company on the receiving end I'd have 'em. It is a fact tho that Ramsey Bakery do freeze morning goods, they also import a lot of products but bread is made in Ramsey Bakery factory. The consumer has a right to know where the products originate from.
  4. Manxy, everyone I have spoken to about this says they'd be more than willing to PAY MORE for Ramsey Bakery bread if it was fresh, better quality and made from Manx-sourced ingredients. Duncan was always a cheapskate --- this didn't begin with the economic collapse of 2008. Their baps (all types), & hot cross buns are a lump of stodge, they don't even look as if they have been anywhere near an oven, also these products never have a date on packaging @ week-ends ???
  5. And he was the one who introduced 24 hour drinking. This government also cut back on physical education & swimming in our schools. Us the workers are paying very steep dental charges / prescription charges whereas the unemployed "needy" of our society get all their medical care free, and he tells us we are going to have to be more responsible, I have not had a pay rise in two years but he gave the "job seekers" more money. Alan Bell is a total hypocrite.
  6. Looking after their own as usual. As voters we are the mugs paying the big wages For what???
  7. It never used to be the farmer's responsibility, the old highway board used to have a gang working with an open top bus trimming trees & hedgerows.
  8. The coaches that come into Ramsey should go to the park for a visit but the Ramsey traders put a stop to it wanting them to spend their money in town, but they wander round looking bored
  9. Don't know about local produce but I felt sorry for the coachload of visitors in Ramsey on Sunday, the sweet shop on market square that sells Local icecream was closed. Why do people take on these businesses and then close @ week-ends. I remember a shop / cafe on the market place years ago called Sharp's Bazaar they did a roaring trade with the coaches
  10. Ask our Chief Minister, he was a Mec Vannin candidate
  11. Maybe there should be a NOT gay flag to show an equality of differences? +1 also maybe we should have a NOT gay petition to also show equality
  12. Oh wow a rainbow flag, the only flag I take any notice off is the Manx national flag You will always have some people that don't like same sex relationships, get over it Yes. At the moment. But I suspect in 200 years time everyone will wonder what all the fuss was about. I think we are closer to the dark ages than we are to the future. I appluad the Manx Police for looking to the future. Ahhhhh. the future....... a world without flags It will be a long time coming, but we should all do our wee bit towards it. Forwards not backwards I say The police force will have been told by their Chief minister to "fly the flag"
  13. Oh wow a rainbow flag, the only flag I take any notice off is the Manx national flag You will always have some people that don't like same sex relationships, get over it
  14. People's sexuality is indeed their own business , Why then is a landlord not entitled to run his business as he so wishes Why different rules? Alan Bell needs to curb his enthusiasm / personal involvement in his views on sexual gender issues his outlash at the minister was totally unprofessional.
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