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  1. Why? If it was a Lonan Commisioner would they?
  2. I am not a Douglas rate payer so really its non of my business. The way you go on about it on a thread about a person standing as MHK just made me think it was personal for you. Do you pay Douglas rates? as I got the bus into Douglas a few weeks ago, does that give me permission to make any Douglas issue my personal issue?
  3. I was lead to believe from an Onchan Commissioner that it was simply lost. Big deal! Is there any need to bring it up over and over again? Its not going to bring it back, was it a family heirloom of yours?
  4. What is the percentage split? 99% Lib Van (ARE THEY EVEN A CHARITY) 1% SKILS or is it more beneficial to the actual charity?
  5. Censorship has it right in my eyes. As parts of Onchan will be in my neck of the woods, I would like to see Rob publish his ideas, rather than being a "look at me type" Please Rob show your hand and change my opinion.
  6. He cleans a mean kitchen these days does Tony. I remember the fishing nets on the wall, watching drunks trying to un-tangle themselves.
  7. If you google you will end up with everything from flatulence to an increased penis side. As for wiki, we all know that's the complete truth and nothing but the truth so help me God.
  8. Spar ultimately owned by The Brewery... we all know their amazing business ability.
  9. Alexander Duffy. My opinion is he is self important, pompous and a complete jerk. But I am sure he knows people think this of him any way. If he doesn't then lets hope he google's himself and this post has not been removed.
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