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  1. Your mum's on mah mind, mate.

  2. Back in Malaysia, we have a saying; 'the bigger they are, the meatier their turds'. This is of course, only an approximate translation, so much of the inherent spirituality is lost in the English. I was therefore wondering, is this true? Do fat people have larger poos? Annii xx
  3. Personally, I don't think that the Isle of Man is dangerous at all. It's still safer that the mainland UK (in that if one compares the rate of serious crime, ie. Murder, burglary, GBH) and it pales in comparison to the USA and other distant countries. Coming from Malaysia, I find it borderline offensive that just because one cannot be careful enough with one's money on the promenade, or because a drunkard was ejected from a nightclub, that this place is no longer considered safe. Many people here are obviously too sheltered to see that in the wider world things like that happen, not only every day but every hour. We cannot compare standards to 50 years ago. It was a different time, a different culture; pointless and generalised comparisons mean nothing. We have to look at the world around us, presently, in this context in order to draw a meaningful comparison from which to make any sort of judgement, and the fact that thievery and drunken nightclub ejections are enough to warrant this level of attention proves in my mind that the Isle of Man is still a very safe place indeed. Sincerely, Anni xxx
  4. Anigav

    Innocent Jokes

    I think the days of just plain vulgar jokes from the likes of Sickipedia and the such are coming to an end, and with that in mind, I'd like to post some innocently funny jokes, using wordplay rather than sex or shock to get my laughs. I hope you join me What do you call a monkey holding a stick of dynamite? A baboom! Sincerely, Anni xxx
  5. feels like a merkin :)

  6. I'm gonna miss that Octopus
  7. *Phew*. I'm looking forward to when I won't have to smuggle it in my anal cavity. Tastes like shit that way.
  8. The pope molested my anus.
  9. Hello, We've been waiting for the fair to return, and we cannot wait for the opening. As a matter of interest, does anyone know what time it opens tomorrow (Thursday 3rd June)? Just to ley all those know, who haven't yet seen the fair, rides include so far: Mad Houses Miami Trip Power Surge Over The Top Tagada And you know the rest! Every reply to my question is appreciated.
  10. I dunno, but I thought it was rubbish. The men in the play were senile, and the women were desperate for attention from the sexually active children.
  11. OH! I banged her last week. She was good.
  12. On the Ben My Chree, I got fingered by the Captain in the Cabins. It was beautiful, and I creamed all over him. Whatever floats your boat I suppose
  13. Anigav


    Yup, my favourite game sold at TESCO is Crab Eaters. You wave your Wii remote over each pubic lice, and then a mouth comes up and eats each one. Turns me on, my wife masturbates over it. My favourite thing. Nice. Just ask one of the workers about it. Every little helps.
  14. MANX RADIO TT WAS WELL CRAP, ALEX BRIDLEY HAS WEBSITE, HE IS A FAMOUS MANXIE YESSIRR His career will end with him being shot through the anus probably
  15. LOL, TT was shit this year, all the bikers will be pleased to go home One of the bikers did a dump in my bed, and then I licked it up. But ya know, that's like at TT. Delicious x x x x x x x
  16. ^ Very good, got my Nokia 5800 from Manx Telecom a few weeks ago and looking for a case, too
  17. LOL ^ That was me, serves you right, you should have stopped making orgasmic noises! Haha, only joking. It wasn't me
  18. Anigav

    One Dirty Ginger

    By your kind of jokes you mean 'heard it before' or 'just not funny'?
  19. Anigav

    One Dirty Ginger

    Here is an interesting joke: What did the ginger shout during sweaty, creamy and hardcore sex? FIRE IN THE HOLE!
  20. Ah yes, the new buses. I have seen quite a few of them, taken a ride on one actually. Personally, I agree with the modernisation of the buses on the Island but they could at least pay the drivers not to leave skid marks on the seats...
  21. Ultimately, the car reminds me of myself. Hot. Beautifully designed. Bubbly. Extremely creamy. Definately worth riding. Especially at high speed.
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