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  1. Absolutely correct, Woolley! I had omitted this step to try to keep it simple! But you are spot on.
  2. For the record, here are a couple of factual corrections to John Wright's earlier posts, not that they are going to change anyone's views! The Isle of Man - London City route is being operated by BA CityFlyer. Currently, they are using their own aircraft, but previously they used an Eastern Airways aircraft, (SAAB 2000), under a wet lease arrangement. BA Connect was a merger of British Regional Airlines, Brymon Airways and British Airways Regional. It was passed to Flybe, except for its London City operation, for which BA revived the BA CityFlyer name. This is the entity now operating the London City route.
  3. They are not owned by the country or town of the destination. They are owned by the airlines. The airlines can use them as they wish or sell them, for example as happened only last September. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2011-09-23/bmi-sells-six-slots-at-london-heathrow-to-ba.html
  4. The Isle of Man did indeed have those slots. But we didn't lose them, they were sold by people who some might say didn't actually 'own' them as they were slots allocated to the Isle of Man rather than to a specific company (Manx Airways or whoever). Who profited from the sale of those slots? Nonsense! The slots are owned by the airline operating the route.
  5. I agree, Dec. I share your view that Gill got better as the night progressed, whereas I thought that Skelly lacked clarity later on. But a good night, and 4 or 5 of the candidates showed themselves to be better than all those available in a lot of the other constituencies
  6. I think Watterson is a shoe in. Gawne has done himself no favours with his lack of oversight of the Ballakillowey roundabout, but at least he has the balls to act as a minister. Gill has been a good MHK but hasn't raised his profile enough. Skelly seems an intelligent and decent man, but is untested. Jones is LVP. Orme is good entertainment! I think that the quality of candidates in Rushen is high.
  7. Really? I think you will find that is a totally inaccurate statement. The only airline flying scheduled services between Manchester and Paris is FlyBe and the pricing structure is broadly the same as on their IOM routes, so you would be subject to the same add-ons. The absolute rock bottom return fare over the winter, MAN-CDG, with your bags is £115.68. Incidentally, the cheapest IOM-MAN return with bags and cc fees is £98, so you did OK to get £118. As, someone else said, you pays your money, or you get on the boat. Manchester to Paris GBP48.00 return in November - Ryanair. As in Paris (Beauvais)!
  8. make sure you avoid that woman out in Foxdale I thought he was looking for a dog? Oh, I see what you mean!
  9. My mother used to knit them?
  10. How much does she want for the cat? That's it! Forget tourism; forget egaming; forget the finance sector. Cat trading is the way forward! Why haven't we thought of it before?
  11. This is a blog from 2006!! Hardly news!
  12. Was the flight full? Usually, you would be able to move to a seat with nearer to 100% available to you!
  13. For those of you who want to relive the moment, here is a link
  14. I wonder how keen the trustees of MET will be to be identified, given this performance?
  15. Well done, MF! Fotsydene in place - who next?
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