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  1. Bikers & Car drivers have been been wiping each other out for years on the Island but that's just dandy because they have passed the test. Get a grip.
  2. What a crock of shit that Law is. Somebody who has taken an CBT to allow them to ride a bike. Cannot ride on the the Island. The powers that be followed the Brits example and introduced the CBT here. The CBT on the island is just a stealth tax for 125cc riders. Why on earth you need to keep on taking it. No other category on the licence needs to be taken again. Some people are quite happy to ride a low cc bike. The real joke is that a kid with no road sense can ride a 50cc moped with no CBT. A kid with no road sense can take a horse out on the public road with no insurance.
  3. In 2006 The Viking Longhouse in Peel was sold by the trustees for the sum of £210,00. The longhouse was originally set up in the late 50`s as a meeting place for the people. In later years it was used as a members only club with Members paying dues to join. I`m led to believe that If the Longhouse was ever to be sold the profits of the sale where to be distributed to peel charity's & worthy causes. The longhouse closed not long after the annual subs where collected. the subs where never reimbursed the members. Does anybody Know if the money was ever distributed?
  4. Absolutely well done that man. The buck stops here apparently http://eventsolutionsiom.com
  5. Isaac What are you banging on about? The union flag was left up. 5 Manx flags were taken down and replaced with all the flags that make up the Union plus an Irish tricolour. Pay attention to detail.
  6. Thank you both there seems to be a bit of hope.
  7. That's an understatement. I think I`m gonna have to move mountains tomorrow.
  8. HELP! - THIS IS URGENT. Can anyone please tell me how quick I can get a prohibited steps order in place? Would it be possible to get one tomorrow?
  9. This annoys the feck out of me. He`s right Surely the police a professional witness`s should be reporting these figures correctly ie a Derby man residing in Douglas has been arrested for Drunk Driving. I remember years ago a guy moved over here went out drinking and in totally unprovoked attack left a mate of mine in a vegetative state. He was described in the press as a local man. He had been on the island for less than 10 hrs.
  10. 100% Oh Come on Matt. If people want/need something they will pay for it simple. Its a bit like the drugs trade really. wouldn't you say Matt.
  11. SHUT HA HA HA. That's going to piss off the Foxdale DIngles on Tynwald Day.
  12. Draft cider. £1 Price difference between there and the pubs in laxey the mans deluded.
  13. £3.90 a pint you must be having a laugh.
  14. Went to peel last night to see Our House "WOW" . So much energy and talent. Cracking night out and what a closing number. "ONE STEP BEYOND" Indeed. Well done all involved.
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