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  1. Jesus, a whole day and the best you've got is: Of course it matters. Good thinking. Lull them into a hypnotic but false sense of security and then BAM.... ; ) In the minor pentatonic which is the basic blues scale a perfect fourth. You can't have a major or minor fourth. There are no such things you see. You could of course add an augmented fourth* to act as a passing note between perfect fourth and fifth, and thereby creating a new blues scale with an extra note. Or a minor hexatonic if you like.... ; )) Uuuh, pentatonic doesn't have a sixth degree. Just the five, hence penta. You can start it wherever you like, as long as the notes are correct, but you would usually start it at the root for the purpose of demonstrating or learning the scale. But I think I know what you mean. Major and relative minor pentatonics share the same notes so, eg in the key of C you'd have C D E G A for C major pentatonic and A C D E G for the relative minor pentatonic. But obviously you wouldn't start C Minor pentatonic on A, not least of all because the scale doesn't have an A anyway..... ; )) *or if you prefer, a diminished fifth.
  2. Pm'ed you that one did he?
  3. I just took a punt on it really. I know I shouldn't have but I just couldn't help myself. That's how it is with gambling I suppose. And it was just a question.
  4. Amadeus works for Pokerstars doesn't he? That's all you need to know really........... ; ))
  5. I'm rarely wrong, and I doubt I am this time..... ; )) How do you put yourself into a different user group? I can't work it out. Edit to add - apart from subscribing of course...... ; ))
  6. Don't worry about that. It will have broken down before it gets near a tree and Slinky won't be able to fix it on account of having gone bust and vanished with the cash.
  7. Not talking - sucking. But careful now, Amadeus doesn't like bestiality jokes. With him in. ; ))
  8. Well you say that, but are members who for whatever reason have been put into the validating group actually able to make posts? I bet they aren't.... ; ))
  9. Which one of them would win a Biggest Cock Competition?
  10. Nope. I always assumed it was (lots of) easy money for old rope. Carried out by a lackey, who, with the abolition of the work permit requirement, might be able to carry it out at a significantly lower cost to the advocate in whose name it is being carried out. But I'm no expert of course.
  11. Whatever happened to MDO? Did he get banned for questioning the cost of the TT?
  12. Yes, I often wonder how much a Polish lawyer might charge for conveyancing. Or even an English one.
  13. You can't plug a black hole. Silly Daily Mail.
  14. Fixed. What, you have? Wow you're amazing. You should be President of the Whole World. Although you probably already are. You know, in your own mind and that.
  15. Kids today have it too easy. In my day it was fifty press-ups.
  16. And the barman goes "Why the long pockets?"....
  17. Blimey. A John Wright ban that actually comes with a reason. How novel.
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