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  1. I think you have hit the nail on the head there, it's lazy policing for a non problem just like drug enforcement. In addition, I'd guess that quite a few road incidents where alcohol is involved are the consequence of other factors and would have happened anyway.
  2. Yeah, I suppose that follows.
  3. That's a bit bitchy isn't it?
  4. I know hindsight is a wonderful thing but surely anyone sinking such a large sum of money into a pure investment would insist on penalty clauses being included in the contract in the event of a project overrun? I know I would. And if Dandara couldn't guarantee a completion date then I would just walk away.
  5. It's much better for Ramsey inhabitants to have apartments full of retired pensioners rather than standing empty. I'd sooner retire to Ramsey than Douglas if I was old enough, it's a much better place for old folk.
  6. I think you might mean 15 minutes. If you're referring to the expression coined by the late Andy Warhol anyway, which you probably are.
  7. To be honest, I drive quite a bit on the Isle of Man and I don't really find potholes a huge problem. I was just wondering if there was reason that reporting them on Manx Forums would get them attended to more or as rapidly as reporting them directly to the D.O.T.
  8. That's true, but I have seen no evidence that promenade apartments are attracting the retiring buyer. At least, not to actually live in.
  9. Who are the potholes being reported to then?
  10. Are morning accidents as a result of drink driving a regular occurrence on the Isle of Man? I can't recall a recent incident that could be described thus other than the one perpetrated by a police officer, and I shouldn't imagine they are targeting themselves.
  11. So are neither the thread or Manx Forums anything to do with the D.O.T then? The helpline number referred to in a previous post is actually to be found in the pinned thread but it's not very clear as it's buried in the middle somewhere.
  12. The flat market is a flat market. Does anyone know what the planning strategy of the last few years aimed to achieve beyond developer profit? The Isle of Man is a family based society, and families do not really want to live in gardenless boxes up in the air even if there is a lovely sea view and the finish is top quality, which it often isn't. The huge number of apartments given the thumbs up in recent years could never have been intended to be fully occupied. Are they purely to provide convenient off shore addresses for high net worth individuals?
  13. Is Manx Forums an IOM government sponsored site? And if so, do they actually respond to the reporting of potholes by repairing them?
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