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  1. I say, did the Infamous Five ever get identified in the end? At least, the four wot wasn't the Bishop.... ; )) I only ask because next month is the month that payments become compulsory rather than optional. Or do they? I know Mr Bell said that, but after reading through this thread I'm not sure if they become compulsory or not. But next month is the month that they either become compulsory or they don't!
  2. Hey, it's your Kitten Tax..... ; )) Anyway, who is this sort of futile exercise meant to appeal to? The logical conclusion is obvious: "TT racers and spectators have been identified as being too susceptible to massive blunt trauma. The DOI has a plan to resolve the issue. Uuh, scrapping the TT."
  3. Yeah, but can I put cannabis oil on my tomatoes?
  4. Yeah, I think he was a judge for this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q53wT58Sw9c
  5. This makes him sound like something that for some reason (and not knowing him) I had always assumed he wasn't. A dick.
  6. The walls around the TT course have been identified as being too 'hard'. Although normal traffic wouldn’t notice this issue it could be particularly hard for bikes travelling into them at high speeds. Director of highways Richard Pearson says the Department of Infrastructure has a plan to resolve the issue. Or something like that. Get your wallets out.
  7. I don't like Paul Weller much. Every one of his tracks sound the same. And he's written fucking hundreds of them.
  8. Is Bun Troggaly using child labour now then?
  9. You've had the manual for 12 years. What are you, an idiot?
  10. He was probably wondering how such a stupid human was actually capable of walking.
  11. An incisive critique. Although I see the Germans as Europe's dogsbodies myself, making the stuff that nobody else can be bothered making. Yes, we might pay them quite well for it, giving them millions and millions of money, but anything to stop us having to do it. Keeps them busy and out of mischief too. Now, where do you stand on the whole ball in the tree thing? Was it purely a result of innocent horseplay, or did Peter exploit Jane's natural tolerance and good humour for nefarious reasons of personal ambition? I suspect it cost Jane hundreds of money in the long term.
  12. He should get himself down to Douglas beach. It's fucking covered with them.
  13. Out to protest one and all! Seek out a cowpat. Locally of course. Slightly aged so it can be lifted in one piece. Relocate it to Athol St. That'll show the comeover bastards. Perhaps we could reuse them for that other protest. Well, I say we, but I can't make it I'm afraid.
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