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  1. Of course not you silly mare. As one who will never support capital punishment I will always find death too extreme a punishment for burglary, no matter how uneasy I might find the situation. Especially what amounts to a summary execution. I'd probably put the kettle on though, a nice cup of tea is always welcome.
  2. I wouldn't. And I wouldn't vote for anyone who declares themselves so willing and able to perpetrate such an act of violence.
  3. You've been watching too many Michael Winner films.
  4. I suppose it is. But with proper giant killers.
  5. Well it does serve to highlight the Mickey Mouse nature of what I keep hearing is a world class and ever growing event that is so oversubscribed it's difficult to get an entry. Couldn't Paul Phillips give her a note or something? ; )) Out of interest, how many TT riders actually do that sort of thing for living? Is it most of the field? Or just a few? Do any of them? I know at least one big name who has to supplement his racing career with TV productions and a job as a mechanic. Does Valentino Rossi need to get time off from his job as a window cleaner so he can enter Moto GP meetings? I suspect not.
  6. I think Amadeus and Endovelicus have been watching too many Michael Winner films.
  7. Who doesn't like cocktail sausages? Assuming they're an actual cocktail sausage. As opposed to a tiny penis.
  8. You may be disappointed. I mean, I might come across on MF as a beautiful, witty, intelligent, funny person who any sentient being would love to have at their social occasion, and I am indeed all of those things. But I can't make it I'm afraid.
  9. So many piss poor analogies. So little time.
  10. Here's an odd story. Should island employers automatically bow down to the TT God? Or is she moaning for the sake of it? After all, unpaid leave is one of her options. Is the Southern Swimming Pool a government concern?
  11. Here's an odd story. Why would some bloke from Port Soderick roll up and start lopping some manky old trees at Quarterbridge? I seem to remember seeing some of this being done recently, and assumed it was down to storm damage. £2000 fine for a bit of lopping? Mental. I hate trees. Bloody nuisance. And I don't care for tree loving old bags either.
  12. What relevance to the thread is Syd Barratt? He died less than ten years ago.
  13. Yeah but once he's voted in he'll make it punishable by death.
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