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  1. Fuck off. A spade's a spade in my house. I have private medical treatment myself, but I don't kid myself that I do it for altruistic reasons. Freeing up time for grubby poor people to get an appointment and that, you know.
  2. Yes, people who go private like to peddle that bullshit. It alleviates their queue jumping guilt.
  3. And yet you have private dental treatment. Thereby undermining the very institution you now claim to hold sacred. Hypocrite.
  4. Which funnily enough makes you right first time.
  5. Just roll them down the hill yourself.
  6. So you don't think the people who keep your electric on , keep the drains clear, keep the roads open, and generally keep you safe during bad weather, often during the night, deserve any more than the basic wage many of them are on. Well let everyone know who you are and you can be put to the bottom of the list when YOU need help. I refer here to manual staff generally, do not blame them for management deficiancies, they are only allowed to do what they are told. Thankfully many of the manual staff have ' common sense ' as part of their CVs, if not ? - Well you work it out. To all those guys and girls who keep the Island safe for the rest of us - thank you? Sorry about the abuse many of you have to take from ignorant and selfish members of the public Nobody wants to deny them anything, but they are already more than covered via overtime regulations I assume? However heroic you like to portray the DOI or other manual workers keeping people safe in the storm, preventing puppies from drowning, or carrying freezing sheep through arctic conditions, they're not doing that out of the goodness of their hearts alone. It's a job, and one that pays overtime. I have no idea what overtime pay is, because I never got any. Doesn't exist in my job. People have to remember that any pay for government workers comes from tax payers money, which is why arguments like "CS/PS spend money in the local economy, too, so more IOMG employees are a good thing" are entirely invalid. Bonuses should be given sparsely and under strict conditions. One acceptable application of a bonus scheme would be if it was to follow a scheme the automobile industry has had in place for years: if an employee finds a way to make a process more efficient or to save money in a quantifiable way that can be implemented in day to day operations, then the employee gets X% of the savings made as a one-off bonus. Companies like Mercedes do this and have saved millions through it, while paying big bonuses to the employees who raised the areas where cost savings could be made. You are seriously suggesting that the UK car industry, based in factories is comparable to men working on mountain roads and the countryside of the Isle of Man in foul conditions . Well I bow to your selfishness and self-importance. I think you will find that Government Manual workers do not get bonus payments. This may be hard for those in the Private Sector to understand, and you will also find that they pay towards their pensions. All this may have changed in recent years but I never had any ' bonus ' while working for them for nearly fifty years. You may also note that time and a half at minimum wage does not amount to much, certainly with the price of 'spuds and herrin' these days Who said anything about UK car industry? My point was that a bonus scheme like that, where employees are rewarded for pointing out possible cost savings in their every day field of work, would be an acceptable one for public sector workers. You saying the like of DOI pay minimum wage for manual labour? I doubt that. I think if you check you will find that MFN guru was the one who brought the UK Car industry into this. However that is totally irrelevant , anyone who believes that DOI manual workers with good ideas would be listened to by DOI management, needs there bumps feeling. Any manual worker knows that the only way to get your ideas through, is to feed management with the idea to the point that they believe it was them who thought of it. Fact That's not strictly true, I am a manager and I always credit the individual for ideas they come up with and if it's a team effort then I use 'we' in my terminology. I have also seen this in other areas of DoI management. All those words just to add your few new ones at the bottom. That's DOI management for you.
  7. Hey, just browsing the local agents and spotted this. That's an awful lot of parsnips worth.... ; )) I wonder if it will remain a pub?
  8. £1.5m over five years isn't very much is it? You wouldn't get many bankers bonuses out of that.
  9. Wise move. At least I'd spec it properly and the shower wouldn't leak.
  10. Shuttering ply on the walls of a shower enclosure? What a cowboy. No wonder your showers leak.
  11. Shuttering ply in a bathroom? What a cowboy. It's no wonder your showers leak.
  12. If they've earned them - yay. Otherwise - nay.
  13. Anyone who owns and uses a capo should have their fingers broken off. Although I may pardon one or two.
  14. Come Dine With Me Down Under. Why do Channel 4 buy this? It sucks. Completely misses the point.
  15. You miskey most things you thick twat.
  16. Or it could be an arsehole. Like you.
  17. Izal paper? You were lucky. We had to wait for the neighbours to finish their Izal paper and give us the empty boxes to use.
  18. The poor birds have been struggling for somewhere to hang out since Woolworths shut down and took the Pick'n'Mix with it.
  19. You too miss the point. Mr doesn't ever mean Manx Radio. It means Mister. MR means Manx Radio. Now, if you typed Mr in your title then you're probably finding me an irritating tosser. And you're a bit thick. However, I'm willing to bet that you originally typed MR, and for some unfathomable reason this version of IPB decided to correct your 'mistake' for you, and turned it into Mr. Which makes it a bit thick. And your title semi literate. It leads to anomalies such as "pierrot Lunaire Is Ace" in a title. Which, to a stickler, is fucking annoying. And anyone who isn't annoyed has shoddy grammatical standards.
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