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  1. You know Neil, you don't need to always reply to everything. If you just joined in when you had something worthwhile to say then it would be much better, although your post count would admittedly be under 100 still. Looking forward to the lame response with smiley btw.
  2. Hang on, do you actually think that AS Monaco are the Monaco national team? That's actually hilarious
  3. Sounds interesting. Also I had no idea about the Bombardier now being an Airbus. I consider myself a little bit of an aviation nerd, but that had completely passed me by!
  4. Completely out of character for an IOM media outlet to completely misunderstand and misreport something in this way
  5. I think the reference to 'Me Too' is tenuous at best there to be honest. This is a classic case where none of us will know either way whether this guy was really guilty or not, but I'm not sure why you think it devalues any other accusation of a sexual offence?
  6. a. What a strange question. b. It's a webcam.
  7. Ok, but then who runs it? Are we realistically bringing in top quality airline management from somewhere, or do they give control to a bunch of chancers?
  8. I think Aurigny is costing the Guernsey government a fortune. In any case, would you trust the absolute bellends in our government to run an airline?
  9. Bet you're gutted it's not Flybe you bitter bastard.
  10. Dakotas........ We're just listing old planes in a comedy fashion here right?
  11. As you're in the know..... Are we back to the Dash-8s after then end of March?
  12. Apparently this is just Ken Quine moving in to Chequers for a bit whilst their shop is renovated and nothing more exciting than that?
  13. They tend to entirely close Richmond Hill in the event of snow these days so I can't see the closed lane being of any consequence.
  14. Some incredibly bad banter occurring here.
  15. So is James Corrin: A: A nasty hypocritical shambles? or B: An absolute comedy genius? Because it can seriously only be one of those 2 options, and I know which one my money is on.
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