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  1. They may not even care that much themselves, but they're aware of a very angry group of social media rabble rousers who regard the Cosy Nook as sacrosanct. It's therefore easier to not upset them.
  2. Good meme like, but doesn't really work when he was asked to resign and refused so they had to sack him instead and been so very public about that fact.
  3. I mean everyone knew that Rob Callister is not equipped with the skills for any ministerial position, let alone that one. So I can only assume that Alf knew this and has essentially allowed him to hang himself by his own petard?
  4. I doubt it mate, the singer has been dead nearly 20 years now 😪
  5. I'm struggling to think of any UK airports with regular scheduled services with cross runways?
  6. Chef Raekwon


    So, this all went well then: https://gef.im/2022/11/02/businessman-accused-of-faking-docs-to-buy-airline/
  7. Quite clearly an opportunistic comment from Stu on the basis that he thinks it proves that he's right that people who claim that black people suffer fromracism are wrong. "See, I told you that black people are wrong when they claim they suffer from racism" Quite sad really.
  8. In fairness, that was a quote from the fire brigade in relation to the fact they had to pump out flooding at people's houses. Nothing to do with the DOI.
  9. I mean it's an awful decision, but still Josem lol. PR disaster that fella.
  10. So Mon-Fri 1 aircraft coming in from Belfast, then doing a Heathrow return, then back to Belfast.
  11. No way on earth you weren't aware of this given the amount of time you spend on this forum and the amount of times it's been covered on here.
  12. WTF does that even mean? Are self-employed business owners notorious for that? Or have you just said words for no reason?
  13. They're still playing the 2 man midfield and yeah they do get bypassed a lot. Bass and Camarda are both good players albeit at the opposite ends of their careers but they have their work cut out to get on the ball in that system. Things just aren't clicking for them at the moment and last night was mostly a case of having too many players having a bad game. Jacob Crook was good but aside from that too many others had an off night and had little influence on the game. They'll be alright football-wise though I think. They're not exactly out of their depth, but they are going to need to rediscover some of the dark arts that they utilised so well in the 2nd half of last season as that's how things are at that level. The low crowds are a concern, but at the same time I'm quite enjoying the lack of bandwagoning idiots who showed up in the last few weeks of last season.
  14. Tell me you've never seen a naked woman before without telling me you've never seen a naked woman before.
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