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  1. Could you confirm whether that's a positive story or not from Jersey's perspective please? Just so the MBE knows whether to go with "Manx solutions to Manx issues" or "we're doing better than Jersey" if he's asked about it.
  2. Anything that puts off the average reader of that "newspaper" from wanting to move themselves over here is a good thing in my opinion.
  3. What an absolute fountain of bollocks, deflection and excuses that was.
  4. Belting insight there m8 really worthwhile info
  5. Sounds like more cases but they can link them all back to the source.
  6. I suspect it's to stop other people parking outside their houses. Dickheads.
  7. Sounds similar to the weird paved crossing by the railway station in Port Erin. As a driver, I get angry when a pedestrian waiting to cross looks at me like I should have stopped. As a pedestrian, I get angry when a driver stops to let me cross. Just build normal crossings ffs.
  8. No doubt there will be some bitchy comments about individuals rabble-rousing / causing panic at tomorrow's briefing.
  9. 2 of the shittest jokes of all time on a single page to lighten the mood there
  10. I've literally said that all opinions are fine, and it's the over the top reactions which are the issue. And yes, I find someone who's lived here for less than a year gobbing off about it even worse than when it's someone who's lived here for a long time.
  11. Already posted just a handful of posts back. Can we get a mod to delete this please?
  12. In an ideal world they'll be able to retain the building and do something else there. I have no objections to retaining it if it's viable. I don't even care if it's left as it is either, as I said before I still use it regularly. I do not like some of the bile that's been flying about over it though; there's objecting to something (which plenty of people have done constructively) and there's being abusive to people who don't agree with you and being generally ridiculous (which plenty of people have also done). There's no reason it couldn't be an all-weather attraction if done properly
  13. Everyone is entitled to an opinion of course, my objection is to the aggressive nature of opposition to anyone who doesn't think the existing building should be saved at all costs. The fact that I see it coming from recent little Englander arrivals makes it especially grating. I agree that the Commissioners look to have handled this badly and left the building to fall in to a state of disrepair, and I also have reservations about the size and cost of the proposed replacement. I suppose my main point is that what's there is nowhere near the amazing historic experience that people are
  14. The Cosy Nook is ALL about the brilliant location. If there's a way to retain the main cottage bit then fine, but inside it is not a particularly pleasant place to eat. The outside is literally just a concrete patio with plastic tables and chairs and some very badly placed skanky outside toilets. Anyone could make something work in that location and I feel that people massively overstate the quality of the food and service there. The righteous anger displayed by some of the people wanting to keep it is absolutely ridiculous. People who've lived on the island for 5 minutes bera
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