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  1. He didn't try to discuss though did he? That's kind of the whole issue. He essentially told them they were being daft and that there's no issue with racism, and that black people have a victim complex. If he'd listened and taken anything on board then fair play to him, but he absolutely wasn't. Also don't mistake callers who knew what they were talking about and who made valid points that he struggled to deal with in any kind of meaningful way as an "ambush". That's ridiculous.
  2. Yeah because Manx focused programming is severely lacking on Manx Radio and this needs to be addressed.
  3. What's your problem here then? You don't think Manx Radio should be inclusive?
  4. I've listened to it. I don't think he's racist, but I think he's naive and arrogant and ultimately part of the problem. The dismissal of the idea that black people have it any more difficult than anyone else is just cringeworthy. He was quite patronising to callers who were trying to explain this to him, and to say that the English are the most discriminated against on the island was just an awful take. I would hope that the current discussion would lead to some people taking a step back and listening to what black people are saying, rather than telling them they're wrong and they should stop moaning.
  5. Saying "all lives matter" as a response to hearing "black lives matter" is the sure sign of someone being an idiot. Possibly a bigoted idiot, possibly a stupid idiot, possibly some combination of both. But definitely an idiot. See also people who use the terms "remoaners" and "snowflakes". It's genuinely depressing how people can not understand the fundamental difference between black on black deaths, white on black deaths and the situation where you have the actual Police killing black people (at a completely disproportionate level to how many white people they kill). It's also depressing how people seem to think that "black live matter" somehow means that other lives don't matter. It literally doesn't. I don't think I've ever seen so many misleading, disingenuous and downright pathetically shit arguments as I have in response to what's happened over the past week or so.
  6. The irony of that statement is hilarious, but even if it wasn't, it's still a ridiculous thing to be writing about a fellow MHK in your blog. It strikes me as a very childish attempt to air your own grievances about someone whilst they're already down. I would imagine it means that Rob's been put in his place by Chris Thomas at some point (probably multiple times tbf) and he's been harbouring resentment about it ever since.
  7. He was announcing that construction etc can restart, and that we're no longer limited to 1 trip out of 1 hour exercise a day. And that he's the best.
  8. Looks like there's a 2nd A400 just about to join the party.
  9. There's this thing called Covid 19 which is kind of presenting a major issue at the moment.
  10. I know people have been bad at this. But as I understand it if you're from the same household then social distancing doesn't apply, so don't judge everyone you see out together at the moment.
  11. Yes, the reason being that they picked a daft name and in the age of hilarious banter on the internet the "Flymaybe" thing became a go-to shit remark for dullards. They provided a mostly reliable service to the island and as a regular flier I rarely experienced any issues with them at all. I'm pretty sure that you stood a much greater chance of a significant delay or a cancellation with Easyjet than with Flybe.
  12. Imagine what kind of absolute wet wipe you'd have to be to be bothered by this.
  13. It's a great idea being worked on by people who care massively about football on the island, and specifically about the opportunities for players to develop their skills against a higher standard of opposition than the local league allows. I wish them all the best and expect it to be successful. Cost wise, yes I believe they're looking for support from local businesses as it won't be a cheap exercise. They've been pretty open about the costs involved from the start, and they've certainly done their research on what it will entail to get this off the ground and make it a success.
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