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  1. Well the fact that it's in Steam Packet colours and has 'STEAM-PACKET.COM written down the side of it does kind of give the impression of it being a 'steammie' tbf.
  2. I've got really mixed views on this. There are plenty of 30mphs where people can safely drive at 40mph. But there are also 30mph areas where you actually would want to drive slower due to parked cars, lack of being able to see someone about to step out behind a car etc. The worst drivers are the ones that don't get above about 40mph on any road, but also still drive at 40mph when most other people would drop their speed considerably below that. And unfortunately the powers that be probably need to regulate things to deal with dickheads like this. 20mph in any kind of genuine residential area is fair imo. But not for areas that are main roads that have houses on them but where you wouldn't expect kids to be playing, say the main road through Colby for example.
  3. They are only letting them out for a quarter at a time I believe.
  4. Reckon the lady who got sacked for having cancer might fancy a crack at this too
  5. I'm not saying that it's not without issue, I was merely responding to @Neil Down saying that the borders might as well be open when that's clearly a different level of risk altogether.
  6. Not really. With this in theory it should be easy to track and trace should someone become infected, which is pretty much what the government have been saying for the last month or so. If the borders are just opened then 1. obviously there would be loads more movement and an increased risk of the infection being brought in, and 2. it would be far harder to identify the source and track and trace effectively.
  7. Says the man who doesn't understand the difference in context between a statue in a museum and a statue on the street
  8. Declan has already explained this. It's really not difficult to understand.
  9. I don't think pulling down as part of a protest is the right thing to do either, I'd agree it should be done through proper democratic channels. I'm certainly not going to lose my shit over it though either.
  10. Right, fair enough. But I'm guessing you're clever enough to get the point that a statue in a museum is different to a statue being displayed in a town square for example?
  11. Well in the case of Slavers, I'd say the hindsight of society generally. I mean maybe you think that society doesn't think that the slave trade was horrific and it's architects should continue to be celebrated. That's the only reason I can think of why you'd take issue with the statues that have been taken down in the last few days.
  12. This is just whataboutery. No one with a brain would also suggest pulling buildings down as they serve an entirely different purpose to a statue. If necessary a building or street could be renamed, as is the case quite often. Really fed up of people exaggerating and obfuscating points to discredit things. It's just daft Daily Mail style hysteria.
  13. I think there's a massive difference between a portrait in a museum (or a statue in a museum for that matter) compared to a statue in a public place.
  14. It literally isn't rewriting history. It's removing statues of people who with the benefit of hindsight, don't deserve status. I mean most people learn history from books, documentaries and museums etc. You don't learn history from a statue.
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