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  1. He's standing in Douglas East because the people of Douglas East have asked him to stand. At least that's what he said in that horrible video.
  2. Just watched his video and nearly died of cringing. Sadly those kind of patronising and meaningless platitudes will go down well with a lot of people.
  3. Wow, even more of a brass neck than Josem ffs
  4. Yeah I've changed my opinion on him since 2016 too. I think that his political outlook aligns with mine much more than I realised and I think he fundamentally wants to improve people's lives. Whether he has the answers and whether he would have any scope to do so if elected is another question altogether. But pretty sure he'd be getting my vote this time if he stands.
  5. I reckon Kemp will stand and get in. He's been fairly active throughout covid and I think would comfortably have enough support. Not heard a peep out of Scampi so would guess he's not in the running this time. Haywood is a weird one. She seems to have positioned herself quite well over the last few years but the Manxonia stuff doesn't look good for her. Hoping for a few more candidates in the next couple of weeks. Comedy ones especially appreciated.
  6. This is interesting. I think an awful lot of people on the island were aware of this already but just chose not to post it on Manx Forums.
  7. Bonzo makes some good points but his completely over the top proclamations and negativity mean that you just can't take him seriously
  8. Following on from this and also from seeing Josem pop up on my Twitter quite frequently, I am genuinely astounded by his antics. The Manx flag, the need to involve himself in everything and to try to speak on behalf of Manx people, the hare-brained views and so on. I struggle to understand the mindset of someone being like that at home, much less somewhere they've emigrated to. This has been triggered by something I've just seen on Twitter now where he's wittering on about protecting "these Isles" from France and Germany which struck me as being particularly cringey.
  9. This is more or less my view too. But if you are as stupid as me as to look at the Save The Cosy Nook FB page then you'll see that there's an absolute raft of loud people who want to save it who are also completely against this kind of use of it. Lots of "It's a family space, there should be no alcohol allowed on the site" comments. I swear there's just a bunch of people who go there once a year or less for a scone who are ridiculously invested in the fight to keep it the exact shithole they've known it as for the past decade.
  10. The thing is the shouty lot are obviously talking about the building, but actually an equally big trigger for them was the rabble rousing of the tenants over the past few years. Constant claims that PE Commissioners were kicking them out (aka they'd told them that there lease was expiring so they'd need to reapply for it), were trying to sabotage them, were trying to fix things at the wrong time etc. They created a facebook mob of angry people a long time before the plans ever came out. I've been going to the cosy nook regularly since I was a kid. It's all about the location, which
  11. You're right of course, but that wouldn't stop a certain type of person from going down there and getting themselves very upset about it.
  12. Horrible people. The vast majority of people in Archie are fine and share the space well, but there a handful of dog owners are assholes. Letting their dogs run out of sight across the bike trails, glaring at you when you cycle past and they have to hold their dogs to stop them attacking you etc. Most are fine tbf.
  13. Pretty sure it was after that. He was on fairly recently
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