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  1. He taught me the word 'Precipitation', therefore he is a climate expert.
  2. You implied I did though, hence my and others response to you.
  3. Yes we've been through this before I think. No issue with cutting corners that you can see through and there's no one coming the other way. An awful lot wrong with nearly running someone off the road as you can't be arsed to keep to to your side on a corner.
  4. A lane departure warning sounds like a great idea with the number of horrendous corner cutters on our roads.
  5. The bike was scrubbed out as the contractor had done a shite job of it. It has now been repainted. It has remained a shared space throughout the time the bike was missing. It also remains a monumentally shit idea.
  6. Yeah so probably no difference if the road had a speed limit or not tbf. And I think monthly is an exaggeration tbf. I meant that's there's not been many 'bad' accidents there in recent years.
  7. Well the obvious consideration is that there will always be someone who misjudges what is a safe upper speed and comes a cropper. In my mind it's a road where it's perfectly ok to be doing more than 50mph under normal circumstances, but I couldn't honestly object if a 60mph limit was put in. I genuinely don't know though, I think speed limit or not pretty much the same drivers will drive excessively fast and I wouldn't expect the accident rate to change. I'm not sure that there have been very many accidents on that road over the last 10 years or so, not that I can remember at the moment anyway. It's actually pretty rare that you have opportunity to drive fast on that road these days anyway. There's nearly always some clown pootling along at 35mph with a queue of cars behind them.
  8. I can only imagine that someone hasn't actually driven the road if they're saying there's no cat's eyes. They're probably the most noticeable cat's eyes on the island now. They didn't extend them all the way because they weren't resurfacing there, they've just installed them in the new surface. Speed limit isn't 50 either, it's back to being unrestricted. I think after Juan contacted the DOI to ask about the 40mph still being in place weeks later, amongst other things. The road is a bit narrower at the top of the hill by The Shore, but it's not especially narrow. Although I'm sure our local corner cutters will end up even further over the line than normal there now. The cycleway is obviously a complete shambles though.
  9. Of course it was previously updated to include the dictator references! How the fuck else do you expect information to appear on wikipedia? Or literally anywhere for that matter?
  10. There's great public sympathy towards the impacted people in Laxey, and there's loads of people being generous on social media to help people out. I'm pretty sure Rob's just bandwagoning and trying to associate himself with the sentiment.
  11. Even uses stupid big text for more attention
  12. He's like a cartoon character politician.
  13. Better that than the bellend this morning overtaking a cyclist on a blind bend just after Fairy Bridge to be fair. People take unbelievable risks to save themselves 5, 10 maybe at worst 30 seconds.
  14. I'm talking about dickheads who have wheels over my side of the road because they assumed no one was coming round a corner, there's just no need. Obviously there's nothing wrong with cutting a corner when you can see through the bend and there's no one coming.
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