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  1. It's not a great advert for your own character when you highlight that in your world you'd look to punish people who didn't vote for you, rather than engage with them. I mean it's probably as expected with Rob, but to actually publicly say those things without the self-awareness of how it comes across is incredible.
  2. I didn't vote for her, but I live in PE and she did knock on my door in fairness. Quite early on if I recall correctly. JW knocked. Didn't see ALN, but he had put a manifesto through our letterbox whilst we were out so I assume he tried to. Mark Kemp sent a stunt double.
  3. It's amazing how many people seem to be under the impression that all our Covid is being imported still. But in fairness if there's one thing this pandemic has done, it's highlighted just how bad people's comprehension and understanding of facts is.
  4. Saw that before. Will be interesting to see what he does as like you say OBVIOUSLY his constituents will not be supporting it. Principled stand?
  5. Looking forward to the 2027 election and Kemp's "in 2021 I lost by a swing vote of 111.5"
  6. Want JW and ALN Think JW and MH Do not want MK
  7. I don't know if you did that deliberately or not, but either way....
  8. The fact that you can't see how this comes across and how it plays in to his hands shows a lack of awareness tbh. You can argue that this is relevant info, and you may have a point (I'm not sure you do). But it just comes across as you having a vendetta at this stage.
  9. I think that is a classic example of where I'm not sure he actually understands some of the things that he says. It would have had to have been a very specific swing vote.
  10. Yeah this is a dick move tbh. Playing right in to the narrative that there's an orchestrated campaign against him, and a distraction from the real problematic issues.
  11. Yes I know where Reykjavik is thanks pal. The report posted above states its been traced back as far as Germany.
  12. I've got the Kemp manifesto and am a few pages in and not impressed. Lots of content but the levels of self-aggrandisement over very minimal achievements is a bit cringey, and it's a bit buzzword bingo too. Hoping there's some better detail further in. I was warming to him over the last year or so hoping it gets better
  13. Yes, I went to school with him and see him around locally a lot. He can indeed be a bit of a tit, and politically I disagree with him quite a lot. However I also think he's a fundamentally decent person, and also I respect the fact he's about the only non back bench MHK who is openly critical of government. If you think his lack of popularity amongst his peers is anything other than as a result of him becoming a bit of a thorn in their side then you're misguided. I mean look through the list of MHKs and you'd only find a handful who weren't tits. Or to put it more blatantly, are you trying to tell me that Laurence Skelly isn't a tit?
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