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  1. Yeah so probably no difference if the road had a speed limit or not tbf. And I think monthly is an exaggeration tbf. I meant that's there's not been many 'bad' accidents there in recent years.
  2. Well the obvious consideration is that there will always be someone who misjudges what is a safe upper speed and comes a cropper. In my mind it's a road where it's perfectly ok to be doing more than 50mph under normal circumstances, but I couldn't honestly object if a 60mph limit was put in. I genuinely don't know though, I think speed limit or not pretty much the same drivers will drive excessively fast and I wouldn't expect the accident rate to change. I'm not sure that there have been very many accidents on that road over the last 10 years or so, not that I can remember at the moment anyway. It's actually pretty rare that you have opportunity to drive fast on that road these days anyway. There's nearly always some clown pootling along at 35mph with a queue of cars behind them.
  3. I can only imagine that someone hasn't actually driven the road if they're saying there's no cat's eyes. They're probably the most noticeable cat's eyes on the island now. They didn't extend them all the way because they weren't resurfacing there, they've just installed them in the new surface. Speed limit isn't 50 either, it's back to being unrestricted. I think after Juan contacted the DOI to ask about the 40mph still being in place weeks later, amongst other things. The road is a bit narrower at the top of the hill by The Shore, but it's not especially narrow. Although I'm sure our local corner cutters will end up even further over the line than normal there now. The cycleway is obviously a complete shambles though.
  4. Of course it was previously updated to include the dictator references! How the fuck else do you expect information to appear on wikipedia? Or literally anywhere for that matter?
  5. There's great public sympathy towards the impacted people in Laxey, and there's loads of people being generous on social media to help people out. I'm pretty sure Rob's just bandwagoning and trying to associate himself with the sentiment.
  6. Even uses stupid big text for more attention
  7. He's like a cartoon character politician.
  8. Better that than the bellend this morning overtaking a cyclist on a blind bend just after Fairy Bridge to be fair. People take unbelievable risks to save themselves 5, 10 maybe at worst 30 seconds.
  9. I'm talking about dickheads who have wheels over my side of the road because they assumed no one was coming round a corner, there's just no need. Obviously there's nothing wrong with cutting a corner when you can see through the bend and there's no one coming.
  10. The Richmond Hill 50 seems to be getting adhered to by the majority since the surface fixed itself a month or so ago. But to be honest someone going up there at 60 isn't really much of an issue as far as I'm concerned. Much worse are the people who drive through residential areas far too quickly, very often members of the 42mph everywhere club. I think 20 limits in all residential areas makes a lot of sense. The reality is that it will slow most people down to 30 or less, which is definitely a better situation than exists now where the limits are 30. The standard of driving generally is horrendous though, so even if people slow down you're still going to get the non-indicators, the tailgaters, the corner-cutters, the incapable of maintaining a speeders and all the other examples of bad driving that I literally see on every commute carrying on as usual.
  11. You know Neil, you don't need to always reply to everything. If you just joined in when you had something worthwhile to say then it would be much better, although your post count would admittedly be under 100 still. Looking forward to the lame response with smiley btw.
  12. Hang on, do you actually think that AS Monaco are the Monaco national team? That's actually hilarious
  13. Sounds interesting. Also I had no idea about the Bombardier now being an Airbus. I consider myself a little bit of an aviation nerd, but that had completely passed me by!
  14. Completely out of character for an IOM media outlet to completely misunderstand and misreport something in this way
  15. I think the reference to 'Me Too' is tenuous at best there to be honest. This is a classic case where none of us will know either way whether this guy was really guilty or not, but I'm not sure why you think it devalues any other accusation of a sexual offence?
  16. a. What a strange question. b. It's a webcam.
  17. Ok, but then who runs it? Are we realistically bringing in top quality airline management from somewhere, or do they give control to a bunch of chancers?
  18. I think Aurigny is costing the Guernsey government a fortune. In any case, would you trust the absolute bellends in our government to run an airline?
  19. Bet you're gutted it's not Flybe you bitter bastard.
  20. Dakotas........ We're just listing old planes in a comedy fashion here right?
  21. As you're in the know..... Are we back to the Dash-8s after then end of March?
  22. Apparently this is just Ken Quine moving in to Chequers for a bit whilst their shop is renovated and nothing more exciting than that?
  23. They tend to entirely close Richmond Hill in the event of snow these days so I can't see the closed lane being of any consequence.
  24. Some incredibly bad banter occurring here.
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