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  1. Tell me you've never seen a naked woman before without telling me you've never seen a naked woman before.
  2. None of your fucking business. But I'll tell you what I haven't been doing.... posting relentless worthless shit on this forum at an alarming rate on a daily basis over the past month, and then spectacularly trying to have a pop at imaginary people doing the same because something you were bandwagoning turned out to be not quite the 'gotcha' you thought it was. Incredible stuff.
  3. You're not the most self-aware are you?
  4. Kind of insane how illogical people are with their respect for the royal family. The whole concept is fucking mental in this day and age.
  5. In principle yes, but he's a bandwagoning cunt so he can fuck off.
  6. Your POV is completely valid. Your non-stop inane posting in this thread is pathetic. Hope this helps.
  7. I actually admire your dedication to this. It was Manx Gas a few years ago and now it's the Steam Packet. Personally I think that when you break down the amount they're paying in sponsorship compared to the amount of money they're dealing with that the sponsorship amount is neglible and makes no difference as far as the GMP are concerned. But I know that the financial aspect is not your real concern here and this is just a front for a more geneal anti-TT stance. Would probably have more respect for you if you just started a massive anti-TT thread though and laid down your reasons for it. A good faith debate on the whole thing would be good, but unfortunately everyone is too cunty and snide for that.
  8. Yes I get that, I'm just emphasising that my issue isn't with 3rd party interference per se but instead is the absolute state of that 3rd party.
  9. Only unpalatable in the sense that the UK is now one of the most corrupt nations on the planet. I'd have no reservations about an external country coming in to sort our shit out in principle, just the idea of the UK being that country right now is laughable.
  10. It's an absolute shitshow and all of us have a duty to make it clear how unacceptable it is. But calling in the UK? Fucking hell, have you seen the state of governance in the UK over recent years?
  11. Visibility towards Pully as you exit the Bowl is appalling.
  12. You are a spineless fucking bootlicker. Not for not doing anything about it at the time, but for seemingly not having any problem with it at all.
  13. It's not really touts that are the issue. It's more that a load of people suddenly want to be involved now that it's become so popular and have literally just gone to their first game last week or even the final will be their first. That and the fact that people appear to be buying 20 tickets a pop to secure them for anyone else they know who might want them. Essentially it's glory hunting that is the issue.
  14. This thread is a perfect encapsulation of why most people think this forum is just a place for bitter old men to anonymously be bitter about anything different that scares them. I have no interest in dressing as an animal, but why the fuck would you care enough about it to post it on here in that way?
  15. The Laxey swim was 2021 though wasn't it? So not even during that initial madness
  16. Brew Dog are utter fucking cunts. A couple of decent beers, but run by absolute cunts none the less. I appreciate that this isn't a helpful contribution.
  17. Fantastic stuff all round lads.
  18. Chef Raekwon


    Boomageddon in here
  19. Chef Raekwon


    It's a bit weird how you do this.
  20. Oh no. How awful to have to sell your 2 extra houses.
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