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  1. I am not sure if any of you guys are interested, but Manx Gas do intend to have Q&A sessions soon. When I know more I'll post it.
  2. The thing I worry about a bit, now that I will soon be expected to go back into my cave and sleep, is that the public by protesting brought an end to "banding up". Overuse (if there is such a thing) penalises customers and can push their five year average into a higher band. Manx Gas only temporarily agreed to stop up-banding. Once customers have a choice again many I feel will get caught out in the winter months later in 2019. Time will tell.
  3. It's all cool Dilli. No record needed. I hugely appreciate your comment though. Thank you to you and all the other posters for keeping this story alive. The Isle of Man public brought about this U-turn. All I did was stand at the wheel. Thank you to you for being part of it also. Your point about "Manx Gas dictating" is the key here. The Banding charges were forced upon us without any warning. They affected some customers much more than they affected me. Only by meeting and speaking to some of these people and the sad stories I heard about how difficult it became for some to stay warm, did I realise I simply could not walk away. Manx Gas should be ashamed. They have yet to apologise or use the word sorry. When they do I for one will be even happier.
  4. Thank you Andy. It has been an interesting journey. Not much apart from a choice of tariffs will be gained probably at the end of it, but I watch what the future agreement will bring with interest.
  5. The is the afore mentioned Mr Murphy. What is important here is this I think. The Committee report into IOM gas provision is due now. Some say overdue. I think Comin will study the report this week and it will be discussed at Tynwald in February. The 2015 agreement is still in place. Either side can lawfully apply a six month notice period from January 2019. I do not know if this notice has been served by the IOM GOVT. What was not expected is that Manx Gas would undertake a PR operation at this stage of the 2015 agreement. They certainly had no legal responsibility to do so. Getting back to the important bit. Everything about the 2015 agreement is still in place. Assuming no notice has been served the agreement will be in place until at least July 2019. I have no idea what the Committee report will state but a whole number of options are possible. This story whilst not the most amazing thing ever, is only starting. Those interested on here should watch the news over the next few weeks. *Shocking Conclusions" is what Minister Thomas said. We shall see. Thank you for your interest. I hope fairness prevails. Barry.
  6. What seems to be the case for sure is that trials for both these services were announced at the middle of last year and indeed the mini-buses had already been purchased ever before even a licence had been applied for, let alone granted. I'm not sure I would go out and buy a £70,000 taxi without having the licence first. People will make up their own minds about this. Providing people understand or at least try to understand that the taxi trade have no problem at all with buses and scheduled services. I also infact think there should be a regular scheduled service to the airport from the north. The fact is though that the legal advice paid for independently by the private PPV industry clearly things that there was no legal justification to grant this particular licence under the Regulations associated with the 2001 Act. In simple terms this is not a private hire mini-bus but a Section 25 bus licence which we believe should not be allowed to run. That's not because I or any else that I know is being bitchy about it, but because of the licensing regulations. I hope I've explained that fairly clear. I don't work in a clerical job so I can only try my best.
  7. Hi John Hope you are doing ok and sorry to read on here you have not been too good as of late. I don't really have much more to add to this debate on here now, but you will understand with your employment background that a Section 25 Bus Licence has regulations attached to it's operations. Hopefully you will too understand that when the Act was written in 2000/2001 that the concept of booking a bus (forget minibuses as that's simply the type of transportation used for this particular service) would be by phone or app and the bus could pick you up from your house and also pick other customers THAT ARE NOT PRE-BOOKED along the way (if it wished), would have no fixed routes or variable routes and the Pre-determined journey limit is the entire island. This is not a private hire licence. This is a bus licence with not just all the criteria of a standard bus but also of a taxi. A Taxi (Ply for Hire) can only have a maximum of 8 seats and does not have all the freedoms of a DOI Bus. At the very least the granting of the licence is in contradiction to the Act. The unfair competition is a separate argument. What the Act says. *****25 Licence for regular service***** “regular service” means a service (not being an excursion), provided on more than one occasion, for the carriage of passengers at separate fares on either a predetermined route or a variable route which falls within predetermined limits, whether passengers are taken up or set down at predetermined stopping places or on demand.
  8. It is the patient transfer service. It is a door to door service and this one is being rolled out from the north. The home pick ups whilst amazing for passengers I guess means that there is no Pre-determined route and the all-island part is in contradiction I believe to Pre-determined limits. The actual approval letter was much longer than this paste.
  9. You make no sense at all and add nothing to a debate. It's because of people like you I rarely ever come on here and I lied about you being funny.
  10. Manipulation. I think so. The DOI is a Transport Operator as well as the Transport Regulator. The Chairman of Travelwatch is the Chairman of the RTLC. It was never going to be easy.
  11. There was trials announced last year ever before the applications were even produced. I have fought the applications for over 6 months now and am surprised actually certainly the All Island one was approved. Genuinely. Not disappointed. Surprised. I did a phone interview on Talking Heads today. Have a listen. It'll explain why I was surprised.
  12. This question was in relation to picking up non-booked jobs in a private hire I think. It's all fine until there is an accident. When the insurance company wants the documented records to pay a compo claim and they are not in place. There's the problem. Apologies if I answered the wrong question.
  13. Insurance is the issue. Private Hire on the island is open to abuse because of the lack or regulation. An old saying I like. "you can drive a car on bald tires, but will it stop".
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