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  1. Klimp

    Tt Course

    Mr Jefferies quote: `Now coming through here gives you the illusion of speed, its a little village you do about 150mph' lol, 150mph is slow according to Mr Jefferies. Man of steel!
  2. Klimp

    Tt Course

    But you can't eliminate the most dangerous part of motorcycling which is car drivers. Not dissing car drivers either (I am one of them!) but there are some dumbasses that can't seem to figure out junctions and that little thing called "looking" before pulling out. Driving past Kewaige school t'other morning through the 20mph zone and I was overtaken by 3 bikers (not cars you'll note). However only one of them was doing about 50 so that's ok. "there are some dumbasses that can't seem to read speed limits". Thats a 20mph zone?
  3. There seem to be `plenty' of jobs available at Barcays Wealth
  4. Yeah, I'll try that one when Im riding the bike lol
  5. From IOMTODAY `The cows had moved to another field by now and Mr Bazille found his wife 'sitting on a slant in the middle of a very muddy field, incapable to say anything else but ''Don't touch me'' between her teeth.' What was she doing in the `middle' of the field, bejesus!!. To use a public right of way, surely you are supposed to walk around the edges next to the fence.... Ive lived on a farm for many years, and people that went on the public right of way always respected the farmers land by walking the edges.
  6. I was impressed that you actually stopped the car to engage in a telephone conversation. I was not impressed, however, that you sat in the middle of the road and did not think to go to the side. The dangers and inconveniences of sitting in the middle of the road without the indicators flashing or hazards can be as follows: 1, People may not realise you have stopped and rearend the hell out of you. It took me a while to realise you were stationary and had to brake harder than usual. It looked like you were slowing down. 2, Other road users are `forced' to stop (if they stop safely) as they cannot pass. Traffic was approaching and I was unable to pass. Rant over, feel free to add to the dangers...
  7. Klimp

    The Courthouse

    Competition for Bar George... Bar George is in a class of its own. Anything that serves food and allows you hear the person next to you is already past Bar George. The courthouse sounds nice.
  8. LMAO The mindfully small MF strikes again
  9. Ah! Looks like a parcel from a flour producer
  10. Its all happening... Firecrews and chemical incident unit there
  11. Klimp

    Tsunami Alert

    rarely.... and where Sellafield is concerned sugguests to me that the explanation provided isnt really good enough
  12. With Abbey apparently ditching 3.5Billion off the Island (to add to the potential RBS)... I think its time to ditch the Isle of Man as a Finance sector and look elsewhere for work. Dubai looks nice.
  13. At least HSBC have given the branch notice!.... the staff can plan their future.
  14. No Keyboarder.. not all... Just like car drivers, pedestrians & cyclists... some are tossers...some are not.
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