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  1. Sorry forgot this is totally the wrong place to have an open discussion about obesity and drink problems. What is wrong with suggesting those choosing an unhealthy life sort their disgusting habits out before taking free healthcare?
  2. Being obese, drinking excessively, smoking all are known to cause major health problems and cause complications with treatment, fair enough you enjoy being a fat drunk but don't expect free healthcare for your poor choices as you are taking more than your fair share Mr greedy guts.
  3. You do some really shit analogies, its more like the fire service asking you to pay for a call out because you accidentally set fire to your house, after dousing it in petrol.
  4. There is a responsibility to look after yourself, you can't be a fat slob and expect a bailout, obviously hit a nerve with the fat drunk internet shouty man.
  5. We should all be obliged to a yearly health check with a nurse where weight, blood pressure, drug and alcohol consumption can be checked and a certificate to free nhs healthcare entitlement issued. If you are overweight smoke or a pisshead, you pay for every appointment and treatment simple really.
  6. I think it is great we have staff up the hospital who can find time on a Monday afternoon to spend a few minutes of their work day posting on here to refute accusations that they have a poor work ethic.
  7. So how much of our health service budget is paying for oh so clever fat sedentary slobs who do nothing all their lives to keep themselves trim then despite having money, place immense stress on the NHS because they won't take financial responsibility for their shit life choices?
  8. And fatty government workers getting their sick notes for depression.
  9. She spent £16 on cakes and fed them to an elderly patient, that's pretty abusive it's not like she was a fat health worker with a normal £16 a day cake habit.
  10. You two would have made a cracking double act, Count Duckula and Dr. Von Goosewing.
  11. Jonathan Stanfield has stepped down from role as pastor at living hope, I assume he is moving out of the 'manse' bought by his congregation and letting the new fella take it on.
  12. If there is a creator, who created them?
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