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  1. What about gas for cooking? . I hate electric / induction hobs.
  2. What about people who want vaccinations..Isn't that the point of contact.. I remember having to call 111 to book mine..
  3. Thats a plug in which combines the best of both petrol and electric .. one issue with it is that it doesn't qualify for the cheaper EV tariff.
  4. I do that most days in summer.
  5. Long runs are great..But only happens when I am in the UK.. i think on the island the maximum I've driven in a day is around 60 miles or so and even that is very rare. On an average work day I do under 10 miles as home/ work etc are all fairly close .
  6. I have a self charging hybrid and while I wish I had a full EV like you I couldn't afford one at the time. The biggest issue in the IOM is that the driving distances are often short and are better suited for full electric cars rather than hybrids. The electric motor on a hybrid is quite tiny ( and so is the battery) that it can only power the cars for a few miles at the best and that too on a flat surface. If any more power is needed the petrol engine kicks in.. For someone driving around 30 or 40 miles a day It's probably worth it but I suspect that most of us do far less than that. The only time I get to see my cars efficiency is when I take it to the UK and that's not happened for the last 2 years :-(
  7. Did you give them the boot I doubt if it is intentional..Most UK chains use the same forms/ audio recordings etc in the IOM. Like whenever you go to Tk Maxx the store tannoy asks you to wear a face covering.
  8. I've had a look at my patient access info and it only shows details about my second dose of the covid vaccine Isnt it supposed to show details of both doses ?
  9. I've just switched to fibre and my nett bill for the Internet is far lower than before. Managed to get rid of my phone line and its much faster as well.. Bills before was around £55 or so per month with the phone line and vdsl 2 and I was getting only around 40 Mbps I'm now getting nearly the full 100Mbps and paying around £42 per month with fibre and no phone line ..
  10. I suppose that might be a way of collecting more taxes
  11. I don't think its a case of guaranteed speeds . There is no speed mentioned on the website You have to trawl through the website to find out what it is. This is what I found out Ultrafast is upto 100 Mbps for £48 Superfast is upto 200 Mbps for £58 Megafast is upto 500 Mbps for £83 Lightning Fast is upto 1000Mbps for £146 To be fair to MT I've spoken to a few people who have had fibre installed. Speeds are much better than over copper and is often fairly close to max speed quoted.
  12. You can save an additional £6 a month by supplying your own router. The fee quoted for the fibre broadband includes a router fee of £6 per month So it's £144 over the 24 month period that you sign up for..The router they supply is not worth even half that. They send the router pre - configured but its relatively easy to set one up if you buy one
  13. Price discovery is fine .. But accepting an offer ( at full ask ) and then withdrawing from the sale happened to two people I know. House gets listed again a few days later ( and sold ) at a higher price to someone else and buyer 1 is not aware till the sale goes through.. May not be the estate agents decision to withdraw from the sale and list again but would be nice if they let buyer 1 know that the house is back on the market.
  14. Lets hope that its not on ethereum. the transaction fee would have been more than what the coin may be worth 😀
  15. If you follow people like Saylor then it makes sense never to sell any bitcoin. Can always release equity against it at retirement etc when you need the funds (Using my btc and a few other crypto as collateral, I can borrow usdt which is a stablecoin and can be swapped to GBP at a rate lower than my current mortgage rate !!). I know that we do not have capital gains tax here but it is still better to borrow against it than sell.. While doing this I am prepared for major retracements and will not borrow more than 5 or 10% of the value of my holding. And with my crypto gains I can compound my return at nearly 50% a year using stablecoins as collateral and borrowing and farming using farming tokens.. So the recent dump has had zero impact on my profits which are all in stablecoins.
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