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  1. Has anyone here taken this insurance for cars and do they pay out? I can see several policies online for this but they seem to exclude IOM. Are there any local policies which cover this. Dealer plan is around 1k while I can see many online policies for around £150 for 3 years.
  2. mad_manx

    Nurses' Pay.

    No. Sometimes they do stop taking foot passengers if completely full.
  3. If you are it bothered about local I think M&S does a version .
  4. As per a friend of mine some people who put money into these schemes may not be as stupid as you think. There are SIPP schemes which allow you to invest in residential property . Pension contributions did not have any limits and were tax free till a few years ago without any upper limit. It's now restricted to 50k per tax year. Returns can still roll up tax free.
  5. I suspect many will be working via agencies for much more than that . I know a doctor who has been working through a UK agency as the rates he gets are far higher than local rates.. On local rates he said that would only get just over half of what he gets via agency. This makes me wonder if they are being paid £160 or £170 per hour through agency . PS: assuming that the Isle of man cap is the £85 in the post above..
  6. The income tax department:-)
  7. You may stil be covered even if you paid via Debit card. Again not sure if IOM branches of these banks will do the same . https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/news/2019/09/thomas-cook-seeking-p200m-extra-funding-/ For a flight or booking costing less than £100, or if you paid by debit card, you might be able to claim money back from your card provider through the chargeback scheme instead. Unlike Section 75, the chargeback scheme isn't a legal requirement, it's just a customer service promise. But we're already seeing successful claims from people using it to claim for Thomas Cook flights, and crucially there doesn't need to be the direct link between the product paid for and the debt as with Section 75. See our Chargeback guide for full details. Here's one early success story: I had no ATOL protection on flights I’d booked, no insurance and paid by debit card. I went to Barclays just to ask for help and they have already refunded the full amount of money to my account. Absolutely stellar customer service too. Very happy to see my money again and will definitely be following MSE’s tips from now on.
  8. Had a quick look once and the mark ups are insane. They might have got away with it a few decades ago but with sites like carwow you can get UK dealers to compete and give you great deals. I do understand that they have costs of transport but will that be more than £500 or maybe even £1000 per car. Do UK dealers get some volume based discount?
  9. I think you are wrong.. The thread title only includes cars which were first registered from new in the IOM. Cars brought over from the UK ( ex UK plates) are not counted in this figure..
  10. Wanted to buy a car for mrs.madmanx and could not find it here. Contacted several 'sourcing services ' and not a single one got back to me even after a week. So we decided to source it ourselves using a UK garage. Got a call back in an hour with a quote by email in another hour or so. Massive savings to be had if you are willing to drive the car from the UK to IOM. A mate was quoted around 15k for a new car by a local 'mall' (available in the UK for around 12.5k) .For under £400 he flew across and drove back with the car on the same day and saved two grand. I know at least 4 people who have bought new/nearly new cars from the UK and then registered them here in 2019. Only 1 person that I know bought a new car locally this year. So the statistics are skewed. Also many have taken cars on lease via UK leasing companies.
  11. If you speak to the people who live on Strang road , it was never meant to be the main route to the hospital .
  12. Doc has a valid point. There is actually a term used by EV owners called Range anxiety.:-) A friend of mine has the new leaf with over a 200 mile range and is very happy. I had one for work in the UK and didnt want to give it back :-( May buy a used one once the longer range versions come to my budget ( under 10k) in around 2 years .
  13. Actually they have been becoming cheaper with time.. The current Nissan leaf is around 20% cheaper than the first model and the range is double If you adjust for inflation its maybe 30%+ cheaper.But still has a long way to go . IMHO it should achieve near parity in price to a ICE engined car and then maybe people may ignore the range limitations. Used EV's are now available well under the 8k barrier. Most of these can easily do over a 70 miles a charge for many years . PS: Battery degradation is not as bad as people think especially if used as a second car on the island.. The battery does not stop working one day. It usually slowly degrades over time. Most of us are unlikely to do more than 30miles or so a day and if the car can do twice that till the end of life I think that is fair enough.
  14. Not sure whether your meant PCH when you wrote PCP. PCP is just a deferred loan with an option to give the car back at the end of the term and walk away Real leasing is PCH. Agree that isle of man providers are not as competitive as the UK ones.. But i did contact a few in the UK and they were willing to set it up for me ( and even deliver the car here ) Also noticed lots of Electric cars on th Island ( mostly leaf's) . Prices of used ones have hit a sweet spot and if you have a limited company there is no BIK on these (So thats at least another 20% off)
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