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  1. Not really. Residency and citizenship is different. You need a prolonged period of residency in the UK /IOM to apply for citizenship (with additional tests like life in the UK / English language etc)The process takes 6 + years (could be more now ) Also the residency permits etc for all those years are issued for 1 or 2 years or so at a time that need to be renewed ( more fees to the government ;-)) . I'm also not sure if the ones issued in the UK are valid here ..
  2. British citizens do not need to get residency permits for isle of man It's not needed.. There are many who are self employed and run a business. It's only a case of needing a work permit if the profession is not exempt from a work permit. There is no restriction on stay.
  3. There have been issues with isle of man issued British passports in the past like being denied entry to Romania. http://www.isleofman.com/News/details/25863/passport-shock-for-onchan-man
  4. Another thing which often works is to travel on same airline every time . If they have cleared someone on a particular visa before and can see evidence of successful entry into the UK ( UK immigration stamp on arrival + the airline can check ) then its easier the second time. Would suggest carrying evidence of this for future travel like copy of eticket / boarding pass etc . Just out of curiosity was this her first time back to the UK with the visa I.e was the visa issued recently. A visa which has not been used to travel before is often treated as suspicious.
  5. Unfortunately that's the reality of travel with isle of man issued visa / work permits. I have a few friends who are in a similar situation. They end up carrying all the paperwork in a file so that they don't have issues. The visa stamps issued in the IOM do not help . Its not easy for an immigration officer / airline employee from another country to clear someone for a flight to the UK with a visa stamp like this. No security features/ no photograph etc unless things have changed recently.
  6. Has been the case for over a year now..They are still allowing those who have the card to keep it . But I've heard that this might change at some point.
  7. Not saying that it will be worse for some but I know many who earn a combined income of close to 100k and say that they cannot afford a house deposit One of them is paying close to £2k in rent for a "detached house" in a popular residential area. I asked them why they can't move to a slightly cheaper property ( maybe a smaller semi-detached property) and save quite a bit in rent and also utility bills and save for a deposit.. They only have one child but still want to stay in a 5 bed house and have 3 or 4 holidays a year. While I agree that there are many who will struggle to raise a deposit , there are also many others who don't save any money at all..
  8. mad_manx

    Firm closing

    Doesn't happen often as that could dump market prices. Afaik many countries would rather dump it at sea 😞
  9. Thanks for confirming my post..:-)
  10. Yes.. If you say that you are going to send it to those who don't pay 😉
  11. Yes. As I said it was a surprise for me and that's why I remember it so well . I had not seen it anywhere else on the Island except Sea terminal/ Airport. But this is from maybe 2.5 years ago..So things could have changed ..
  12. Yes... Bank of England notes if you insist on the correct terminology 🙂 The machines I mentioned used to dispense them instead of the IOM notes I was expecting to get ( so was a bit of a surprise as it's usually only the sea terminal and airport ones that do this) But as I mentioned above this was some time in late 2019 ( before the pandemic ) Since then I've withdrawn cash maybe only 3 or 4 times ( and from the ones in Douglas Town centre which gives IOM notes ) Almost every retailer accept cards these days anyway and I haven't really needed much cash.
  13. Machine outside cycle 360 Machine inside newsbeat in the business park Both used to give UK notes but I have not taken cash out from them for a while and also don't know if these machines are still there.( last time I took cash was before covid hit ) I also used to think that UK notes were only available at the sea terminal/ aiport and was shocked when I got it . Not sure if these machines were loaded with those notes as a one off . Will be great if someone living nearby could check and post here.
  14. Many other cash machines on the Island dispense UK notes .
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