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  1. Yes. Was interested in when they plan to open the rendezvous lounge . Has it ever opened since the lockdown in march 2020? A friend who travelled a few weeks ago said that it was still shut due to covid social distancing requirements So is it permanently closed now ?
  2. I have rented several over the years and except in 1 case the landlord paid the rates. (Different from the UK where the council tax is always paid by the tenant) It was usual practice in the IOM for rates to be included in the rent quoted but these days I've seen many ads where the rates are paid by tenant.
  3. Binance has given me more returns than anything else over the last 4 years .. I have been holding BNB since the ICO in 2017. Agree that the staking rates on binance are lower than other platforms .For example I can get 14% per year with TGBP ( stablecoin which is 1:1 with GBP) on crypto.com. But the real return with Binance/ BNB is with the launchpad ( and to a lesser extent with launchpools ) . For BNB holders Binance offers heavily discounted tokens before they are listed I have had many 30 and 40X this year on launchpad. And cannot forget AXS . I think I got it for around 0.1 USD in launchpad around a year ago and it's $107 at the moment. Plus unlike staking where we may ge potentially be liable to taxation here, launchpad is unlikely to be an issue. You are buying tokens which have not traded before and can sell them with a gain.. And we don't have capital gains tax here 😉
  4. You only need to do KYC with binance once and I have not had any issues with them Their token BNB is a strong play if Crypto continues to grow Those who held BNB could apply for a prepaid card with which you can get upto 8% cashback on everyday spend depending on how much BNB you have It was initially open to IOM residents (not UK residents 🙂 ) but they are not issuing it any more. But accumulating crypto with just everyday spend is nice. Crypto.com also issues cards for IOM residents ( and UK residents as well ) . You can get upto 8% cashback depending on how much of the native Crypto (CRO) you have staked. It's a low risk way to accumulate Crypto . You need to use a UK mobile number for this as it does not like sure/ manx telecom numbers
  5. I have never taken my car beyond the UK, but do we just buy the GBM sticker online and stick it on the car? Or do we need some special number from our authorities?
  6. In the past when natural gas prices fell they didn't pass on the lower prices to us. And from what I remember we were told that it's because they buy in advance so that prices remain stable. So they couldn't pass on the lower prices. Let's see what happens now after natural gas prices have increased ..
  7. 3 network does not charge for roaming in IOM. I know a few who have it and they are only paying what they need to The only catch with 3 is that you get only 12GB of data a month while roaming ( even if you are on a unlimited/ higher data package) .. Calls and texts to IOM numbers while in IOM are part of contract and free But if you text or call IOM numbers while in the UK then it will cost quite a bit I called them yesterday and it looks like they won't issue new SIM cards to IOM residents. They are allowing those who already have them to continue using them for the moment.. I have to look for another provider but it looks like mobile networks in many countries are setting up a cartel by only issuing SIM contracts to residents .
  8. Hi all Do the UK SIM cards still work in the IOM without having to pay roaming charges. Are there any data caps and does anyone have any suggestions on which provider works best these days? I need the SIM for a spare phone for calls and data ( with the ability to use it in the UK and maybe also roam ) My current local provider wants £12 a month to share my monthly allowance with a second SIM which seems to be a rip off. A friend suggested 3 network and I tried to set up a contract. But was unable to pass their credit check.. I have a very good score otherwise and not sure if this is because of our location? Are there any alternatives to 3 that work here. ?
  9. Yes..happens in every cycle ..Man on the street comes in only at the very end . I am very bullish on crypto and have been in space for nearly 9 years now. Wish I had held on to all my btc instead of selling quite early on . I still have some so it's not so bad after all..
  10. mad_manx


    It's by the same people at Vellikas.. Couldn't get a table over the weekend as they were full.. Menu looks interesting.
  11. What about gas for cooking? . I hate electric / induction hobs.
  12. What about people who want vaccinations..Isn't that the point of contact.. I remember having to call 111 to book mine..
  13. Thats a plug in which combines the best of both petrol and electric .. one issue with it is that it doesn't qualify for the cheaper EV tariff.
  14. I do that most days in summer.
  15. Long runs are great..But only happens when I am in the UK.. i think on the island the maximum I've driven in a day is around 60 miles or so and even that is very rare. On an average work day I do under 10 miles as home/ work etc are all fairly close .
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