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  1. mad_manx

    Car Leasing

    Agree. But it depends on usage and how much you were spending on a petrol car into the first place. Our commuting distances are low which is ideal for a EV. It is a myth that you have to replace batteries in EV's every few years. With usage the range decreases slowly with time . Most manufacturers are confident enough to guarantee the battery till 100k miles. Remember that there is no BIK on an electric car in the first place if its through a limited company. Just like fossil fuel car its always more cost effective to lease .
  2. mad_manx

    Car Leasing

    They say that they will monitor for fair use to see if there is any sudden spike in usage at night after you are given lower rates . I know many with EV but I have not heard of anyone having issues with this. They all run their washer dryers at off peak hours ;-)
  3. mad_manx

    Car Leasing

    From my research it seems to be correct.Also the home electric bill would get cheaper as you end up on a lower tariff ( at off peak hours)
  4. mad_manx

    Car Leasing

    I have seen a few Tesla electric cars around . Who does the servicing for these cars on the Island ? The Model3 looks interesting ..
  5. What is this air bridge business? We are sometimes cut off for days at a time during bad weather.. How will the critical patients be transferred during these periods?
  6. Does that involve musty carpets , freezing cold rooms and vintage plumbing?
  7. Clean rooms , reasonable prices and near the park. I have many friends who are regular visitors to the Island and would only stay there.
  8. I have not been that way for a while but I agree there was something weird. While coming from Douglas towards the garden centre , I think the lane markings seem weird . PS; I could be wrong here but someone who used it regularly could maybe comment .
  9. Yes. I know that but why does it close an hour after the store closes? Does M&S have any say in this even though it is run by DC?
  10. Premier inn recommends the Shaws Brow car park. I have always wondered why the M&S car park does not have an overnight parking option. AFAIK its not operated by M&S and therefore why does it close an hour after the store closes ?
  11. mad_manx

    Home Stay

    They have gone up in some parts of Douglas.. Several transactions around 15-20% higher than a few years ago. Also know a few that have gone well above asking price due to bidding wars..
  12. Yes . That's the main issue if using a 3 Sim in the UK..Do not call back home to the Isle of Man . AFAIK it's cheaper to use a IOM SIM on roaming to call to IOM mobiles if you are in the UK. I thought that the high charges were for mobiles and not landlines in IOM but I could be wrong here. If you are in the IOM then the 3 SIM classes this as part of your allowance..
  13. Shaws brow car park(recommended car park for the new premier inn) is under £10 per 24 hours. Lower than most city centre car parks across.
  14. Now you have left the (Manx) Cat out of the bag.
  15. I have had the monitor thingy done. AFAIK your data has to be downloaded before it is given to the next person. I suppose they need time to do this and probably will need double the number of current monitors if everyone is to get the full 24 hour check.. Maybe wrighty knows better?
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