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  1. How many years of NI does one have to pay to get a state pension ?
  2. Agree. The lifts were not working properly and had to use the stairs once.. Never again :-(
  3. Is it still free after 3pm..I thought they have started charging for all says except bank holidays?
  4. Car salesmen are the worst among the lot IMHO.
  5. Heard a man in a pub story that Pokerstars are relocating most of the staff to Malta. Is this true?
  6. Sometimes you do not want to 'make profits' as profits get taxed. At the end of the day the purpose is to make money. Remember that in many places ( including our own IOM) capital gains are not taxed while dividend income is.
  7. 2014 was the all time low I have seen in the property market here.Both in transactions ( nothing moving) and with sold prices. There are still loads of properties with unrealistic prices sitting in the market without any buyers.. Prices are still below all time high ( more so in some areas)
  8. Lots of transactions happening around the business park area. I suppose it could be due to the merging of the schools and also all the new offices etc around there. My mate just sold a property bought for £275k in 2014 for £345k. The highest offer he got at the end of 2018 was 300k. Except for some tidying done in the garden and a coat of paint ( in a few rooms ), it has not had any other work done.. Houses there are even being sold off market and looks like a local bubble there..
  9. What happens after Brexit though.
  10. Did you buy around 2010 or so..I think prices peaked at that time.
  11. Many UK websites are IP blocked from IOM IP addresses. For example https://www.cineworld.co.uk/
  12. I suppose it depends on whether you can actually walk without bumping into peopleand becoming a public nuisance
  13. Agree. All my fresh meat and veg are local. I dont trust their 'pickers' as the veg comes with just a day or two left. But I do use then for snacks/alcohol and home and kitchen stuff. Usually do one order a month or so.
  14. Many are shopping online and get their grocery delivered. If you plan ahead it can cost only a quid .
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