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  1. You mean like the drive through at McDonalds?
  2. I think you mean the majestic apartments in onchan.Heard about that from someone else. Is it not possible to put a meter on the charging point? I suspect the issue may be with people who have garages there as you dont know what they do inside the garage. This happens everywhere where there is communal sharing of electricity . Happened to a friend in the UK During the height of the cryptocurrency boom in late 2017 someone was 'mining' bitcoin inside their garage and those mining rigs use up a.lot of electric. My friend owned a flat in that block as the communal electric bill early doubled in a few months.It took months to shut it down as there was nothing in the rules that it could not be used.
  3. I use an app called Allcast om my android phone.This let's me connect my movies on my phone to my tv. Works very well with the chromecast. The advantage with chromecast over screen mirroring is that even if your phone's screen is off it will continue to work . Same with YouTube or with any site that has a cast symbol on it.. The feed is sort of thrown ( cast ) on to the chromecast connected to the TV. You can still control the feed with your phone..
  4. Even more if a few of you are flying in business.
  5. I think you mean the Google chromecast . John have you checked this https://www.samsung.com/uk/support/tv-audio-video/what-is-screen-mirroring-and-how-do-i-use-it-with-my-samsung-tv-and-samsung-mobile-device/
  6. Not the first time human error has resulted in loss of life. In 1988 the US shot down a Iran air passenger aircraft during the 'fog of war' https://www.cnn.com/2020/01/10/middleeast/iran-air-flight-655-us-military-intl-hnk/index.html
  7. John. If you have a smartphone you can download google translate app. You can download the data files for any language you want and it can translate on the fly. (You can use it without downloading the data files but then you will need a very good data signal) This can be as a audio conversation ( two way) You can type text in . And best of all in camera mode it can translate text. Very helpful with almost any language . I can just put my phone over food etc labelled in foreign text and the English translation appears superimposed on top of those I use it extensively while I travel ..
  8. As far as I know this this is only applicable if you try to buy using an address from overseas and not if you are already resident on the island. Most people in a similar situation use a local address if they have friends/family here.
  9. Has anyone here taken this insurance for cars and do they pay out? I can see several policies online for this but they seem to exclude IOM. Are there any local policies which cover this. Dealer plan is around 1k while I can see many online policies for around £150 for 3 years.
  10. mad_manx

    Nurses' Pay.

    No. Sometimes they do stop taking foot passengers if completely full.
  11. If you are it bothered about local I think M&S does a version .
  12. As per a friend of mine some people who put money into these schemes may not be as stupid as you think. There are SIPP schemes which allow you to invest in residential property . Pension contributions did not have any limits and were tax free till a few years ago without any upper limit. It's now restricted to 50k per tax year. Returns can still roll up tax free.
  13. I suspect many will be working via agencies for much more than that . I know a doctor who has been working through a UK agency as the rates he gets are far higher than local rates.. On local rates he said that would only get just over half of what he gets via agency. This makes me wonder if they are being paid £160 or £170 per hour through agency . PS: assuming that the Isle of man cap is the £85 in the post above..
  14. The income tax department:-)
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