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  1. mad_manx

    TT Access Road

    I know a few people in the area selling their houses now while they can.
  2. mad_manx

    Plans for lord street

    I think that though oil rich / oil self sufficient countries might be okay , the greatest growth will be in places like China which has to import oil. The Middle east /US nexus is holding the world to ransom by controlling the Oil and USD . China is aggressively pushing electric cars. More than half of all electric cars sold are in China.. I don't think electric cars will go away anytime soon.
  3. mad_manx

    What is the essential ingredient for soft baps ?

    How do you think Tesco and M&S makes bread .It arrives part made/frozen and is just finished off in the oven. They say the same about rice as well ( more dangerous) but you just cannot make fried rice with freshly cooked rice . It has to be leftover/cold rice. Otherwise it becomes mushy..
  4. mad_manx

    What is the essential ingredient for soft baps ?

    If they are a few days old try wrapping in cling film and microwave for 10-15 seconds.(depends on the microwave) Remove the cling film and then let it rest for a few minutes . Works for frozen bread and baps as well but you have to microwave for longer.
  5. mad_manx

    Private medical care terminated at Noble's!

    Is this for admissions to the private patients wing or for private outpatients appointments ? I.e Will we be able to see a consultant privately in Outpatients at Nobles or is that also going away . I have not seen anyone privately for years but are'nt the private Outpatient clinics done in the same place as the NHS clinics but just at a different time. How will closing the private wing affect this ?
  6. mad_manx

    Suicidal mechanic hijacks plane & kills himself

    Aircrafts do not have ignition keys like cars . If you have access to the flight deck you can fly the aircraft
  7. Looks good if using only for data or if travelling overseas but if calling IOM numbers then it can get expensive. Are you using a dual sim phone ?
  8. There are many on the island who are using a 3 contract and have left Manx telecom and sure. I don't know if the rates are the same for pay monthly 3 customers or are they cheaper. If it is £1 a minute to call local mobiles it can get very expensive for them. PS: The 3 website quotes it as £1.25 per minute ! On contract and 46p on PAYG! http://www.three.co.uk/Support/Roaming_and_international/Calling_and_texting_abroad_from_the_UK/__destination_details/1214306358083
  9. mad_manx

    Salt Herring

    Canned Ackee is available in Tesco .
  10. mad_manx

    IHG Login Problems

    Cineworld UK does the same..Cannot access from the isle of man.
  11. mad_manx

    Tax avoidance?

    I agree. An EV can only be a second car and you still need a normal car if planning to go across.. A plug in ( it has both petrol engine and a electric motor /battery that can be charged by an external power source. The electric only range is lesser than a pure EV and is only around 20-30 miles) solves this problem. if you have to.travel more than 30 odd miles you can switch to petrol. However from what i heard you will not be eligible for the tax breaks or cheap leccy. I am also not sure whether the EV/ plug in subsidy will work in the IOM. It used to be £5k for the EV and £2.5 K for the plug in in the UK till last year. Servicing the EV can also be an issue . AFAIK the nissan leaf's can be serviced on island and the BMW I3 can now be serviced as BMW IOM now at motormall have just finished training. ..Not sure who can service the Tesla' s on the Island.. The Hyundai Ioniq EV which is my opinion is one of the best EV's in the market ( Unless you can afford a Tesla Model S ) still cannot be serviced on the Island. My mate in the UK has this car and It is absolutely brilliant .I have driven the Nissan leaf ( good car but looks like ****) , Tesla Model S ( another friend has it.)Great to drive but It is meant for the US and it is a struggle with the narrow parking spaces here . I also hate the Console in the centre . The Model 3 might work for our market as it is much more cheaper/compact but it is a few years away to the UK mass market. I have not driven the BMW i3 but I dont like the look of it. i might buy a used version of the Hyundai Ioniq EV(2/3 years old)sometime next year if i can save some money :-). It has a 8 year warranty on the battery and the servicing charges are very low. My mate reckons the cost per mile to be lower than 2p
  12. mad_manx

    Tax avoidance?

    A family member who is into EV' s and had visited us for the TT did mention about the relatively higher number of EV's here compared to across. In addition to tax breaks ( No Benefit in Kind tax for electric vehicles and zero VED) the home leccy bill also goes down to half price after midnight .. Moreover the average distances covered for a commute is far lower than across which more than compensates for the higher electric rate here..
  13. mad_manx

    Planning – Draft Area Plan for the East

    You will be surprised at the demand in certain areas. Feels like 2009 /2010 in some areas near the business park .2009/2010 was the peak of the Island property bubble IMHO. Some houses here are sold even before they are advertised by the agents and that too at full asking prices .( Sold to people who have already registered with the agents) PS: Sold prices are mostly still around or just below the peak of the bubble in 2009/2010 However I know a few who have managed to sell their houses ( bought in 2014 when the market was at the lowest ) with a nice 10-15% profit and move up the ladder.
  14. mad_manx


    Did you have any dealing with cryptocurrency. Most banks do not care if you buy crypto using debit cards . However they do not like payments into your account if you sell crypto..
  15. mad_manx

    Mf Spotting...

    Did Rhumsaa work at the Bushys tent ?