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    I hope that people who had bookings have not paid by bank transfer. Some smaller hotels ask for that and you do not have any protection in that case. A bank transfer is literally like a cash payment.
  2. I heard that they have increased the level of protection for staff at the hospital . Everyone in all wards are wearing masks. Wrighty might know more .
  3. Could ask them to show evidence of having been repatriated from overseas. Airline ticket/ boarding pass etc .
  4. What you used was a service called Tesco Direct . You could either order online or order in store from the catalogue and pick up the item from the Lake road store when it arrived . Tesco stopped the Tesco direct part of their operations in July 2018.
  5. The letter from nurse A does raise several points. The island and also the UK is under lockdown and we have been asked to do social distancing with everyone else. Standing 2 meters apart without a mask might be okay but I do not think that the doctors and nurses treating people can do that. So if we do not know who is infected around us why are they not allowed to use even minimal protection (if they want to) when treating possibly asymptomatic patients having the virus.
  6. mad_manx

    easy jet

    Not if they have sent you a cancellation email
  7. mad_manx

    easy jet

    That's only for the first change to another date ( which we cannot predict at the moment) .
  8. mad_manx

    easy jet

    But wouldn't you have to pay to change if you cannot fly on that date?
  9. mad_manx

    easy jet

    And if doing chargeback with a credit card then remember that the earlier you do it the quicker it is. As more people try the systems will take longer to give you chargeback. If possible try to do it online if your card company allows you to. Most card companies will ask you to speak to the airline first and you can say that you have spoken to them and they are refusing a refund..
  10. mad_manx

    easy jet

    Has you checked into the flight ?. I had a similar issue with a gatwick to isle of man ticket ( no official notification or email from easyjet) But there were no flights flying during the time anyway. Since I had multiple flights booked the cancellation emails were only sent for the flights I had checked in to.. In the app I successfully checked in and as soon as I did that I got an emails saying that my flight was cancelled.. Hopefully everyone booked with credit cards .High street bank credit cards seem to be making people fill up forms etc while the ones like AMEX have made the process simple. I managed to dispute all 4 tickets online withing around 10 minutes online on AMEX and got a refund for 2 tickets on the same day and the other two the next day . With MBNA with the flybe collapse had to make a phone call and it took around 2 weeks to get the funds back . Even paypal paid out in 2 weeks with the flybe collapse. HSBC credit card has been a pain. They send you a form which you have to fill up and seems to be taking ages. Do not accept the offer of a voucher/ flight at a later date from any airline. Many airlines may go under if this continues long term .
  11. mad_manx

    easy jet

    I had 4 flights on easyjet over the next 2 weeks .Easyjet were only allowing a date change which would not work for me as we do not know when all these issues are sorted . I contacted my card company and raised a dispute as soon as easyjet cancelled the flights (liverpool/ gatwick). AMEX were very good and immediately reversed the charges. For those who need more information about chargeback and section 75 this article from MSE is very good . https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/shopping/visa-mastercard-chargeback/ John, I have never had a card provider refuse chargeback just because I am in the isle of man. But in theory are the IOM residents covered for section 75?
  12. Everyone should remember the self isolation rules.. If anyone in the family has symptoms then the entire family has to self isolate for 14 days .No one in the household can go to the shops/work etc!!! You have to then depend on the places that deliver or a friend or family. https://covid19.gov.im/general-information/stay-at-home-self-isolation/
  13. Doubt it..from what I can see it has been sent to every mobile number currently in the isle of man. Even international numbers currently roaming in the IOM have been sent the message. I believe it was at up by Manx Telecom and Sure and sent to every number currently on the island.
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