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  1. mad_manx

    Firm closing

    They used to be better when they started ..Has gone a bit downhill these days Full moon Thai( where Tandoor used to be) does a decent lunch and are open on Mondays..
  2. mad_manx

    Firm closing

    Robinsons on Cooil road used to have a naughty list and those firms had to pay at the time of purchase . The list was right at the tills and anyone could see it 😉 This was before covid and they have now had a re design of the store .. Dont know if they still have the list ( or maybe they don't offer items via invoice these days due to the risk)
  3. I remember someone posting about some exercise at the hospital to deal with such an event..Might have been a man in the pub thing. ..Must have been 3 or 4 years ago before everything became related to covid
  4. The only way you can get documents sent international that you can rely on is by courier. DHL isle of man have been very good whenever I have had to use them.. It will cost a bit more but you know it will get there ASAP .
  5. I've never seen this guy.. Which Costa is he at ?
  6. That's exactly what I was trying to imply..Did they actually need a referral / appointment in the first place Surely if there was an ongoing problem with the ear / nose and throat then how do you forget that one was due ?
  7. Wasn't the NOTAM for 3 or maybe 4 hours right from day 1 . I don't remember an extension at any point. I wasn't planning to fly that day anyway but I know others who have been saying for over a month that it was not possible to fly in or out of the island that day.
  8. Well. If they didn't know what it was for then did they actually need an appointment in the first place?
  9. Have a feeling this thread will be locked soon. 🔒
  10. Yes..that's why most of the HNWI's keep a low profile over here..
  11. It's supposed to be half day closure but as far as I know many airlines have canceled other flights as well You cannot fly in or out that day .
  12. mad_manx


    Interest income is not tax free in the IOM and everyone has to pay tax on interest earned..I have been paying tax on the Interest earned on my savings all my life. When my missus/ kids inherit it they will also have to pay tax on the Interest earned So what's the issue then? The NI (This is not ring fenced for your state pension and the government is free to spend it for what it wants) is another stealth tax most of us pay all our working lives.. At the end of the day most of us work the first 10 days of every month to pay tax .. I don't know how much more we need to pay..
  13. mad_manx


    One issue I have with inheritance tax is that it is a double taxation. For example if it is savings in the bank it has had tax paid already.
  14. Loganair to Heathrow makes international travel easier Have flown on BA and EK via LHR (tickets booked via BA and EK ) over the last 3 weeks Luggage was checked in to final destination. The transfer via MAN was easier in the good old days when flybe was around At LHR you often have to use a bus for airside transfer between terminals + security check etc ..So thats around 45 min to an hour in the transit period which is unproductive . At MAN you could get into the T1 departures lounge in maybe 15 min after your IOM flight landed.. I'm still not sure if the luggage transfer facility for connections is working via MAN these days ? It wasn't as of 2 or 3 months ago..
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