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  1. They want to do a KYC on those who want to sign up while refusing to tell us who they are. :-)
  2. Interesting bit is they want to do KYC etc on all holders while the team themselves remain anonymous . Cannot see anything in the whitepaper about who is behind this.
  3. Wouldnt the new Guernsey rule create a backdoor for people to come here. Like go to Guernsey from the UK . Get tested and if negative come to isle of man ?
  4. He can come over here and be with his family and isolate at home and fly back to the UK whenever he wants . The only restriction he has is that he cannot go anywhere else on the island and has to be at home . As per current travel self isolation requirements there is no ban on travelling back to the UK and beyond during the 14 day isolation period.
  5. They still need to get a permit though. A family member flew back to the isle of man from London city a few days ago..( Manx resident and was working overseas ) These were the checks 1. Isle of man Landing form had to be shown when she went to check in and the check in staff were in contact with isle of man authorities.iD check also done .( you do not usually need an ID to travel on BA ) 2 . Landing form checked at the gate before departing London city 3. Landing form checked at arrivals in the isle of man ( they already had a list with her name on it) as she had declared
  6. I didnt know that the returning residents could travel back to the UK and beyond even during the " 14 day isolation period in the isle of Man " Wonder if they can come back again and just restart the 14 day period?
  7. Yes. But that could be a number in the UK of a close friend or family . Just get them to send it to you ASAP But if you want to do it yourself just get a UK sim. Even a PAYG sim works well for texts.
  8. I've had the same issue with banks that need codes sent to mobile by SMS for verification etc. Bought a dual sim phone and now have a 3 Sim inside in addition to my manx telecom SIM. I think there is some issue with the SMS transfer to Manx numbers. They come through fine to UK numbers even if they are roaming here..
  9. As far as I am aware so far you were not entitled to get permission to travel back if you went across after the lockdown.was imposed. With the rule change you can do that .
  10. Regarding restrictions what's happening at the supermarkets here. Are they still following the social distancing rules and are there queues in front of them. Had to queue in the rain for around an hour at tesco the last time :-(
  11. Might sound daft but couldn't the engines be detained ?
  12. So how did the seized aircraft get released without payment ?
  13. mad_manx

    easy jet

    Looks like you have given a clue
  14. mad_manx

    easy jet

    There is/ was a free service at Gatwick called Gatwick connect which you could use irrespective of the airline you were flying on ( as long as that airline was covered) The reason for using this is because many airlines do not accept check in bags too early ( I think at Gatwick easyjet only accepts bags 2.5hrs before the flight ) So if you arrive in another flight to gatwick very early on you end up stuck landside at the airport and unable to check in your bags . This can be done for flights from outside the EU as well So what you do is after collecting your bags you need
  15. mad_manx

    easy jet

    What you probably used was the worldwide by easyjet service. http://www.easyjet.com/en/help/extra-services/worldwide
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