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  1. mad_manx

    Why is nobody migrating here?

    Was speaking to a friend who works in the gaming sector.. One of the biggies is apparently moving most of the staff to Malta . Not sure how that's going to affect our economy . :-(
  2. mad_manx

    Flybe nosedives on profits warning

    Have you ever tried booking tickets directly on Emirates..I am doing this on every business trip eastwards. I can check in my bags here and pick it up in Asia/Middle east..The first flight is to Manchester via flybe codeshare and once there you can go through flight transfers and connect to the next flight ( Don't have to go through the mad Manchester security queue which makes IOM look nice ) Obviously will cost a bit more than booking from the UK but I can save an overnight hotel stay + road/rail transfer etc and I find it is well worth. Also if any of the flights are delayed and you miss the next one then they will sort it out . The only time it gets too expensive is during the TT week when the first flight gets very expensive and gets priced in.
  3. mad_manx

    Shit and Piss?

    It's not a rhino. I think its a hippopotamus.
  4. mad_manx

    Flybe nosedives on profits warning

    Flybe have become very agressive with carry on bag limits over the last few weeks . Every bag is checked with a sizer which should fit 'over' the bag. If it doesnt you are looking at £50 for a gate check in.. It used to be random checks earlier and you could squeeze the bags into the sizer. ;-). Not possible anymore.. https://mobile.twitter.com/Ross_Lewis/status/1090240102083817472
  5. mad_manx

    Premier Inn

    I don't think you can book rooms till 1st September. As JW mentioned they have said that 31st May is opening date. Maybe they have not released those rooms yet..
  6. mad_manx

    Manx Gas Standing Charges

    I had a look at gas prices over the last 10 years or so. The changes in tarrif seem to happen whenever there is a fluctuation in gas prices.. https://m.nasdaq.com/markets/natural-gas.aspx?timeframe=10y
  7. mad_manx

    Bottled Gas

    Depends on how much your standing charge is. Mine is around a pound a day ! and from what I know a gas cooker uses around 1 kWh. Yes it is over 11p per kWh for the cooker only option but most of use will be using the hob for only a few hours a day or even lesser than that.. Plus you do not pay any for the days you are on holiday etc.. Its a bit like choosing between a pay as you go and a contract for mobiles ;-)
  8. mad_manx

    Bottled Gas

    Has been like this for years. Yes it might change at some point.. I couldn't switch to oil as I wanted to keep my gas fire and that would have meant a standing charge anyway.
  9. mad_manx

    Bottled Gas

    Agree. I looked at the manx gas charges last year when i was planning my move to Oil heating ( wanted to keep my Gas Hob) No standing charge on Manx gas if the gas is not used for heating/ gas fire and is only used for cooking..
  10. mad_manx

    there's no fucking food at bastard mcdonalds

    According to a doctor buddy of mine , you can easily eat a Mc muffin for breakfast and a Big Mac for lunch and dinner and still lose weight as long as you don't eat anything else . The problem is the fries/hashbrowns and the drinks .
  11. mad_manx

    Cooker hood filters

    Do you mean carbon filters for the cooker hood? I bought mine for my old whirlpool cooker hood from EBay. Be careful with the model number and select the compatible one. It cost me around £20 for a pair ( I will use one and keep the other as a spare) PS: Bought the filter and a few other things for my oven from sparesworks_uk on eBay.
  12. mad_manx

    Flybe nosedives on profits warning

    Hope he paid with a credit card.
  13. mad_manx

    TT Access Road

    I know a few people in the area selling their houses now while they can.
  14. mad_manx

    Plans for lord street

    I think that though oil rich / oil self sufficient countries might be okay , the greatest growth will be in places like China which has to import oil. The Middle east /US nexus is holding the world to ransom by controlling the Oil and USD . China is aggressively pushing electric cars. More than half of all electric cars sold are in China.. I don't think electric cars will go away anytime soon.
  15. mad_manx

    What is the essential ingredient for soft baps ?

    How do you think Tesco and M&S makes bread .It arrives part made/frozen and is just finished off in the oven. They say the same about rice as well ( more dangerous) but you just cannot make fried rice with freshly cooked rice . It has to be leftover/cold rice. Otherwise it becomes mushy..