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  1. Yes...I've started going to the strand Street one
  2. https://www.iomtoday.co.im/news/cafe-responds-to-criticism-on-opening-hours-565206
  3. Roxanne is this place in Ramsey or in Douglas?
  4. Is it the same guy who is in charge of pushing the seawed back to the sea again and again
  5. Yes agree that prices have significantly gone up in the UK as well Another thing is that many places have changed their menu to redice costs Many beef items are off the menu and chicken and sometimes pork is in.
  6. Could you give a clue about the name? I want to add it to my avoid list..
  7. I think the LHR flights are codeshared with EK, BA and maybe QR and can be booked direct with IOM as starting destination on the partners site ( EK/ QR/BA etc ) The LHR timings seem to be set up with a connection in mind when you look at the time of the next flight. I still don't think loganair /EK interline baggage at LHR but booking loganair/ BA seems to work
  8. It's not exactly the funeral time that could be an issue ..They seem very stretched and any change in schedule seems to have significant knock on effects for the rest of the day. Hope they have some back up plan 😞
  9. Logan air not flying during the funeral !! Will that mean cancellations / delays on Monday?.
  10. I have not tried the multi city technique to force a booking via STN . Has worked before on other airlines
  11. You can't book a codeshare ticket via STN from the IOM on EK website as far as I know It almost always forces you to go via MAN/ LHR/ BHX I don't know if it is possible using a travel agent .
  12. New models hyundai ( ioniq 5 ) and Kia ( EV6) can gives loads of power when needed. V2L 220V and 3.6Kw .. Mate of mine even uses it to power electric grill / kettle etc when out camping .
  13. Most UK networks send threatening messages if you don't use your sim in the UK once in a while . I don't know of anyone who has been cut off or charged. I have also heard from friends that it's impossible now to get a monthly payment contract with the larger providers ( 3 , Vodafone etc ) with an IOM address as it will not pass through the credit checks. The only option is to use the address of a friend / family member across or take it in their name .. Those who already have contracts are okay for the moment Another thing to be careful is that some providers ( 3 network for example) are contacting customers and asking them to switch contracts This is because the older contracts had EU roaming as part of the contract while for the new ones you have to pay £2 per day ..
  14. Would winding up the company make the owners immune from prosecution ? Seems like a serious matter 😕 Especially if their meat was also possibly contaminated ? Is your source reliable?
  15. If its semi detached or mid terrace then their heating might be reducing your bills .:-)
  16. I've bought a few electric blankets last winter .. They are fairly comfy and you don't need much heating in the room overnight. Can keep the temperature lower than usual. Worked very well last winter and saw a significant reduction in gas used .
  17. It's going to be a nightmare for their codeshare partners as well Many people use loganair to connect to BA / QR / EK etc in the UK and I suppose the codeshare partners will end up with all the additional costs ?
  18. I suppose it is to calculate how much extra the taxman is going to get.
  19. Gosh...I have a codeshare ticket for early November with a connection at LHR to BA .The IOM LHR leg is Loganair with a BA number ... I'll be stuck if loganair stops that route 😞
  20. Plus I suspect it will trigger benefit in kind tax to the government as well So that's £200 back to the government coffers PS: please correct me if I'm wrong about this..
  21. Boat in the morning and then take a train or bus 🙂
  22. mad_manx

    Firm closing

    Not if he/she does only private work. 🙂
  23. Barbary coast???... The sharing platter for two is £32 now ( I think it was 20 odd before) but is all chicken a mixed grill with generous portions of meat as a main meal for two for £48 may not be too bad But it all depends on whether you get any sides / accompaniments . If you have to order bread etc in addition then its not great.. Have to go one day and see how the portions are ..
  24. mad_manx

    Firm closing

    I think EVF should have waited for an official announcement from Noa before posting this.
  25. mad_manx

    Firm closing

    Don't see anything on Noa Facebook page..I thought they were expanding ???
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