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  1. You're being very generous to them. They are shit.
  2. IOM Newspapers could easily get a v junior secretary to go through the comments once a day and delete all the spammers. But, no ... Like much else about their organisation, it all has the air of not hugely enthusiastic amateurs.
  3. Well, quite. That's why their balls are itching so badly.
  4. You're pressing the wrong button, feller.
  5. Er, reality check. Jumped up compliance officer in small backwater.
  6. Jesus. Like looking under a particularly dank rock.
  7. In fact, Quinn was extended to the end of this year by which time he will be well over 65. It is now mid-October and not a single word in public about a replacement (unlikely since a role like this needs to be advertised perhaps 6 months in advance) or yet another extension. Nice work if you can get it.
  8. ... or Allinson has made it his business only to take on a department less in the public eye than the big ones, like Treasury, Infrastructure and DHSC. As the Chief Minister runner-up, you might have thought he'd be champing at the bit for one of these roles. I suspect he knows all of the aforementioned run the risk of poisoning the well for his aspirations at next election.
  9. Nope. Saw him looking proprietorial at the Airport on Monday.
  10. None dare call it treason.
  11. Colombian marching powder?
  12. Almost certainly the rabid sister or another relly coming on specifically to post that. Sense of humour bypass.
  13. Courtney's increasingly unhinged fingerprints all over this. I doubt this is going to end well for him.
  14. Straight out of the modern Jew-hater's handbook.
  15. Welcome to the site, Manny. About the most Hebrew name you could find to stir up trouble with your very first post, eh?
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