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  1. Between 1990-93 I worked in The Leisure and Funland amusement arcades in Strand/Castle Street Douglas. So you keep telling us.
  2. Hysterical nonsense. They train them to fly.
  3. Curious that you only ever post on here to criticise LH church. You've obviously got a serious beef with them. I am not a member, by the way. I just like people to be honest about their motivations for engaging in public criticism.
  4. Who knows what you mean by kicked into the long grass, dickhead. The link is on the IOM Newspapers website for any half-capable moron to access.
  5. Augustus


    That was the late Samantha Barton's job.
  6. Gestures are cheap. Bandwagons are plentiful. Credibility is low.
  7. Augustus

    Beer Tent

    Haha, good old couldn't-organise-a-piss-up-in-a-brewery-tent Douglas Borough Council's favoured choice.
  8. Thanks, Roger. Your contribution is informative.
  9. I wondered why scaffolding had gone up again so soon after the last works. Buchanan & Pitts were all over it last time, as I recall.
  10. Thanks, Roger. I could have sworn I had seen an actual photograph of it, but perhaps it was a graphic. For the record, I thought what the blowhard had to say about you a day or two ago was completely out of order and unfair. I appreciate your careful investigation of facts and find it helpful. Long may you continue.
  11. I remember £25 000. Where is it? Why has nobody ever asked this obvious question?
  12. I find it slightly amusing that one of the alleged victims felt the need to phone IOM Newspapers to insist that he had been the victim of life threatening violence, having been discharged from hospital after only two days. "I'm lucky to be alive", he is quoted as saying. "The injuries were 100% life threatening". I get the impression the rozzers didn't think the alleged assault had been quite as serious as he claimed, since they are quoted as saying: "The injuries ... were not life threatening. The fact they left [hospital] a few days later supports this". Who do we believe? I think I can guess.
  13. This critter (and the justice system) can count his moronic self lucky he hasn't notched up a death or two by dangerous driving a la Donovan Kitching.
  14. Wouldn't worry too much. These type of incidents are almost invariably scum on scum.
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