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  1. Well, whoever does the court reports for IOM Newspapers is semi-literate. Something I've noticed for years, ever since Wotsherface shuffled off.
  2. I complained to the police that oiks near where I live were consistently parking at the entrance to a back lane, wiping their arses on the yellow lines and sticking two fingers up were an ambulance or fire-engine ever to need access. It is illegal. Full stop. Instead, I had to enter into a debate with an under-educated young constable about the rights and wrongs of the situation which has never improved since I raised it. What's the point of road markings if they are not enforced?
  3. Your posts almost exclusively on this subject give every indication of someone with a personal axe to grind.
  4. As far as I can see, most of the young 'uns missed the bit of their education where you learn how to express yourself clearly, intelligibly and eloquently.
  5. Don't think Mr Governor likes Margo the real star of the show.
  6. https://www.broadcastnow.co.uk/factual/the-best-little-prison-in-britain-itv/5141626.article Our eureka moment was discovering that the Isle of Man is not under MoJ jurisdiction. Development producer Will Brown got on to it and we headed there to meet governor Bob McColm. We immediately hit it off. In other words, we realised that, by some quirk of British constitutional history, we (groovy London media hipsters) had - to our astonishment - found a corner of the British Isles where we could have full access to filming in a prison in a style reminiscent of reality TV. In a manner which would NEVER be tolerated in the UK itself.
  7. Prison Governor: "If they [victims] want to switch on a television, that's a matter for them". Ten out of ten for empathy and respect for victims.
  8. Yeah, but, as far as I can see (IOM Examiner, Monday 30/7), the scrote in question had just been released by the court on probation a matter of minutes or hours before. Not surprised he was remanded in custody, as he had lost his place at David Gray House.
  9. https://www.judgments.im/content/J2579.htm Key extract: You decided to plead not guilty and blame the offence on somebody entirely different in order, I suspect, to cloud the view of the jury with respect to who was the primary perpetrator. They clearly saw through that and were satisfied so that they are sure that you are the person guilty of the offence. It was an unprovoked violent episode against a man who was seated on a sofa and who was not undertaking any kind of action by way of either provocation or anything else that would warrant any kind of assault taking place. Your account was foolhardy in my assessment, your defence again, in my assessment, was a smokescreen and no more. Your previous convictions regrettably read abysmally. You were first convicted in 1990 before the Youth Court in Douglas for an offence of assault occasioning actual bodily harm, ABH. You were then convicted of other matters but another wounding with intent, this time an offence in 1996, for which you received three years imprisonment. And I note that the Crown Court at Manchester made an Order that a baseball bat and bricks be forfeited. I can only assume from that that those were the weapons used in the commission of that offence. Next violent offence, 2009, ABH for which you received 30 months imprisonment consecutive to a term which had already been imposed. There are further offences taking place, public order offences, criminal damage, etc., breaches of Court Orders as well. Failing to surrender to the custody of the Court, possession of drugs and then in 2007 you are convicted again for GBH, this time receiving a custodial term of 15 months. Further offending took place, you're quite a regular attender before these Courts. An offence from July 2009, assaulting a Police Constable, for which you received six months imprisonment. An offence in December 2009, ABH, for which you received 22 months imprisonment. Further offending taking place continuously effectively. An offence of assaulting a Police Constable from July 2013, for which you were sentenced the following month, six months imprisonment. An offence for which you were sentenced in May 2014, GBH, for which you received two years two months, with an extended sentence of two years as well. That must have been a grave offence for the Judge to have assessed you as someone who was dangerous and who was liable to commit further violent offences. That Judge was clearly right in the assessment made because, during the term of the unexpired period of your sentence on that occasion, the sentence expiry date being the 16th of June 2018, licence expiring on the 1st of November 2017, you committed this offence.
  10. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/man-spent-six-days-in-custody-after-refusing-to-give-details/
  11. More from the world-beaters at Manx Radio News: However, work elsewhere to the main pool and changing village are 'well advanced'.
  12. To be fair to Cregeen, I thought he did a fine job standing up against corporatisation of the Post Office, a move clearly intended to benefit a few with vested interests.
  13. Oh? Can anyone spot the problem with this: It was a speech which did not go down well with the minister, Graham Cregeen, whom in passionate defence of his department's record, defied parliamentary language etiquette and was pulled up by the president, Steve Rodan.
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