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  1. To be fair all round, you really are an arsehole with a lot of time on his hands.
  2. Picture 1 is our litter-strewn, dusty mess and Pictures 2 and 3 are how it could be done.
  3. Ooh. I can only read that in very high-pitched, very angry squeak. Chill out, dude.
  4. To be fair, you're also a bit of a troll poster. You come on here to drip poison on Peters every time his name is mentioned. Haven't you got a hobby or maybe some friends to hang out with? Far healthier.
  5. "living in the city" What, Douglas?
  6. A superannuated windbag whose views are touted as being of interest. Laughable.
  7. That reads like it was written by the half-literate school intern.
  8. I love how they claim there is a "debate" going on. No there isn't, not until our resident Bolshevik child decided he wanted some more attention.
  9. Augustus

    TT 2022 ??

    The door frame is being leant on.
  10. Augustus

    TT 2022 ??

    Since you keep raising it, could you at least try and spell it correctly? Lent is probably what libraries used to do with books.
  11. I think you have just loosed something, to be fair.
  12. Standing Orders of Tynwald Court General Debates 3.20B (8) The subject matter of a General Debate shall not refer to any matter which is sub judice, subject to the discretion of the President. In the course of a General Debate no reference shall be made to a matter which is sub judice, subject to the discretion of the President. 11.4 “sub judice” includes any civil case in which papers for the commencement of proceedings have been filed in the office of any court or tribunal, whether or not they have been served on or communicated to the other party or any criminal case where a person has been charged or summoned to appear at court. A case will remain sub judice until it is discontinued, or judgment has been or verdict and sentence have been delivered and until the time for appealing has expired; it will continue to be sub judice after papers for the commencement of any appeal have been lodged until judgment or discontinuance. This definition of “sub judice” was inserted 17th November 2009. It is a very wide definition of sub judice for purposes of Tynwald. If politicians wish to change it, it is within their gift to do so.
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