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  1. He's certainly rude enough and opinionated enough to be Howard.
  2. Very first paragraph of this week's Manx Independent. I presume it passed right under the editor's nose.
  3. Really? You're not the only one who can take potshots, Fatty.
  4. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/empress-drive-reopening-delayed-to-monday/ It actually is Douglas taken from an unusual angle.
  5. Douglas is basically just a free-for-all, entirely reliant on members of the public to comply with traffic rules. This is all in the absence of any traffic police presence to speak of. No wonder there is little respect for yellow lines, illegal parking next to difficult intersections, knobheads roaring around with overly loud exhausts, etc. There will always be people who need the stick. In the absence of the stick, they will do what suits themselves.
  6. Appreciate the informative reply. I didn't know. That's why I asked.
  7. No, I didn't realise that. That's why I raised the question. Thank you for your civil reply, unlike that other sanctimonious twat.
  8. I'm not an expert, but surely you can't build gutters without some sort of camber to allow water to drain???
  9. I suspect very cosy. I would be very interested to read what Nick Black's appraisal would look like. Ditto that of the Attorney General, John Quinn.
  10. Am sure you know the answer to that one.
  11. The print version has him down as "Brute" has sex with underage girls. Apart from the girls being underage, there is no suggestion of lack of consent. Yellow "journalism".
  12. The taxi couple sound like chavs from Central Casting.
  13. There's a bench that hasn' been swept under for literally years.
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