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  1. Horrible little person, but she has spent the past years sucking up to as many MHKs as she can.
  2. Prosecutors? I think you're being unfair to them. It's not a secret what they were paid as MHKs. How would they mislead anyone about it? You might not like the individuals personally, but the principle applied was the correct one. One could quibble about the amount, but not the principle of it. Perkins said he couldn't afford to run the case further and risk being saddled with costs, so took the pragmatic option to settle. It happens all the time and is not a a tacit admission of liability.
  3. In some cases they do. In many they don't. The bins are on the street. What do we do then?
  4. What happens if you have a block with 40 units accomodated by 20 bins? On the lock logic, there would now have to be 40 bins littering the streets.
  5. Expol were previously called in by the same people to produce a slam-dunk report on Abbotswood. That went well. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/police-called-in-to-abbotswood-investigation/
  6. The perennially filthy Empress Drive, Empire Terrace, Mona Drive, Castle Drive conglomeration might be a good start. There is a crumbling Bronx feel to the area.
  7. The difference saved remains within the IOMAC budget to be reallocated to the creative community via further underwriting and grant funding. A cosy little arrangement by which the IOMAC gets to dispense patronage to its favourite "creatives", as it insists on calling them.
  8. Augustus


    You're the ex-wife's mother?
  9. Augustus


    Are you his ex-wife?
  10. Very DOI. Miserable pennypinching and piss-poor execution sloppily done.
  11. • Baskets will not be provided in predominately residential areas.” Haha. Amateurs.
  12. I prefer the old days when people used to drive cars.
  13. I have usually found Manx Telecom shop abysmal. Sulky, semi-literate teenagers doing you a massive favour.
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