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  1. Thanks for the info. Where is RTS Tyres. I can't remember. Many thanks
  2. Join Neville Hodgkinson for an evening talk. A writer and former journalist, Neville has worked as a medical and science correspondent for several national newspapers. He has a particular interest in building bridges between science and spirituality, and has helped organise four international symposia on science and consciousness. Please see attached PDF for full details.Science and Spiritualitypdf new (2).pdf
  3. Totally agree. But it don't hurt to learn how to manage it a bit better. Cheers
  4. A friend of mine is running a free workshop to help people in education deal with stress. Something we are all familiar with. Date is Sunday 27th February. It is completely free of charge. I have been on a number of these workshops and found them really enjoyable and useful. If you wouldn’t mind spreading the word among your colleagues that would be great. If you want to register for this then just e-mail isleofman@uk.bkwsu.org Details in PDF attached. Cheers Managing Stress workshop.pdf
  5. Local drama group the Service Players have a new production coming up this October. As I am not in it it should be really good! The attached flyer gives you full details. Hope you can make it. Cheers
  6. Perhaps it might be best not to speculate without official announcements.
  7. Contact Lisa at The Service Players they are always looking for new members. lisa@confideo.co.uk

    Cheers Debs

  8. Hi Just heard back. There isn't a local Samsung agent. But my contact says "Screens can be repaired, typically it is the power supply or the tuner which tend to be common parts, I would suggest that a local competent TV engineer has a look first and diagnoses (pop can mean many things)."

    It may be worth getting a quote from Coleburns?

    Sorry I can't be mor...

  9. Hi, Saw your post re the TV. My company is a service centre for Samsung printers (Not TV). I have asked my contact at Samsung HQ if they know of a local company that can help. I will be back in touch. Cheers Debs

  10. Damp and foggy Onchan!!! I want Summer back Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I like The Quayside as well. It is always best to book though as it is very popular.
  12. Likewise I moved here 12 years ago and have always been made to feel very welcome. This is my home now and always will be.
  13. I use Blythe Financial. Very helpful people
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