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  1. What's left of the pier would never be structurally strong enough for either. The "make-safe" operation of a couple of years back has simply left the bare bones (to rot IMO). The original berthing structure at the "dog-leg" at the end was a massive timber construction, it was still sound (as far as I know) when it was demolished in the early nineties. Rumour had it that its removal was to hasten the demise of the rest of the pier. As was the removal of the stone buttress at the south-east corner of the ironwork. That what's left of the pier is still standing after the neglect and deliberate abuse is testament to the Victorian engineers who designed and built it.
  2. Quite agree with you Adele, Mr Halsall where are getting all this information from?
  3. Yes they took off together from Ronaldsway approx 3.15pm
  4. I think your right Mannin 1 is now rugger, lots of inside infomation seems to be getting leaked on this topic.
  5. They were Medi-vac flights
  6. I think it was about 1989, hotel was sold to build luxury apartments.
  7. New bus wash has been installed but was missing a few parts.
  8. G-ERIN

    Sky Lights

    Seen three lights over Ramseys sky tonight
  9. I used ply wood on a wooden frame when I built my model railway, use PVA glue on top to add grass scenery and ballast etc.
  10. The Airport was open till 10.40 last night for 3 flybe flights.
  11. G-ERIN

    Snow !

    lot longer than 10 years ago. it would prob be more like 13-15 years ago. they still have snow ploughs and the comment about stuff in the hedge rusting away. in its day it was prob worth £££££££ but its all old 70 80s gear thats not worth a shit this day and age. The snow blower they had came from the Falkland islands we used an Ex army truck with a plough on the front to tow it, it was a good machine in its day
  12. G-ERIN

    Snow !

    They did, but when you leave equipment out all year round things just rust away, shame it was never put under cover.
  13. Try this Garage got mine from here http://www.bobgerard.co.uk/usedcars.php?&dealer=18992&model=490
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