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  1. I was on it, we got an "all passengers please be seated, brace brace brace" then impact. Most things stayed on the table as it was not too bad. However there were a few amature dramatics pushing for a claim. I witnessed about 8 vehicles had pulled in with damage that could not be seen without close inspection.
  2. I am close to 50, I am slim and exercise regularly, I don't drink drinks with loads of sugar and don't let my slim kids either as I have the common sense to understand that sugar will rot teeth and add empty calories that will make my children unhealthy and fat. But now I have to pay more in tax for the odd luxury, because of the fat fcukwits that have no will power or the common sense to understand that eating sh1t will make them fat and unhealthy and make them a drain on the NHS. It's not rocket science!
  3. http://m.iomtoday.co.im/news/isle-of-man-news/pictures-peel-s-regeneration-plans-unveiled-1-7781954 Time to lose more of our Islands character, by covering it in "natural stone" when will it end? I am sure that when it looks like a car park the people will come!
  4. The stick had 2 ends, and I grabbed the wrong one.
  5. To return all the refugees would be a bad move and only entrench hostilities. The answer to this is to empower the moderate muslims - we're constantly being told that's the vast majority of them - to police their own, and in return the West will provide a safe haven for people prepared to assimilate in their host countries. But the onus must be on THEM to adapt if they want to settle in the West. Well, until they are in the majority at least. The BBC has confirmed that one of the terrorists was a migrant from Syria who had migrated in October. Think it's time to shut the doors.
  6. Don't know what atrocity has taken place, but it does not sound good. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-34814203
  7. There will be a few tired legs after this year's E2E
  8. Smacks of someone just trying to make a few sleazy quid. Who gives a fcuk what the Queen did as a child all of those years ago. She probably said the eeny meeny miny mo rhyme, played cowboys and Indians. She is part German anyway.
  9. Spot on N-B, but could we afford the compensation when Jordan Kylie kardasian Quayle is knocked off her 10 inch state bought heels?
  10. WTF, Theresa May said "without safeguards" they had "the capacity to cause harm". Well let's just throw cotton wool and pillows to disperse a violent crowd. It gets better London Mayor Boris Johnson authorised the purchase of three second-hand cannon, at a total cost of £328,883. Do they not talk to each other? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-33538171
  11. Try typing into your search engine and please read the results!
  12. Bemahague lights seem to have a set sequence and often stop me going through from Onchan to Signpost in the morning for no reason when there are no other cars about.
  13. A country already has the death penalty in place if you break their drug laws. It is no good going over to that country to break their laws then complain about the punishment. I find it easier to not smuggle drugs into or out of Indonesia.
  14. http://www.gov.im/news/2015/apr/10/feedback-sought-on-proposed-update-of-highways-legislation/ How about: Ensuring all roads are serviceable Not closing entire stretches to fix a small part A fairer tax system instead of £75 for a 400cc bike, and £15 for an ancient 4wd land rover No more mini roundabouts I could go on.
  15. Great, let’s rid our small villages of all their character and turn them into a concrete jungle.
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