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  1. Ouch Dearest water is £14, and we wont have it on new menu, surprisingly - though I am not sure how people that haven't tried it can comment objectively (it was there as a talking point mainly, cost us £12.20 by the time it made it over some other water). That said, sales are not the only reason it is not on the new menu! New wine list (that has water on it) out soon, house water is 4 I think for 750ml. Too much? Other drinks prices have been amended too since November so dunno. Since October, when we opened, portion sizes have been amended upwards. But, eg, in the bistro bit (which a
  2. As per topic, buyer collects, but absolutely free. Has the raised 'arcade style' panels. Best mat on the (domestic) market. Includes adapters for pretty much everything apart from Wii. Message me here to get it. Adrian
  3. 2084

    Final Fantasy Xiii

    I never really got into Lost Odyssey - which is strange I guess as it's very FF-like. If you like FF 'regardless' you will have fun with 13, but for me 12 was the pinnacle simply because the replay value was so strong, the world huge and well it just felt good to play. After that, 7, then 10 (and X-2 ), then anything early followed by 8 and 9. Didn't mention in the review but although you can see enemies, it cuts away to battles like earlier titles (as opposed to 12) I still have the english one on pre-order and will play it through because the whole structure of the game lends itself to a
  4. 2084

    Final Fantasy Xiii

    Well I'm pretty much finished now on a first play through so thought I'd write about one of the most anticipated titles for a while... if you're a fan of the series / JRPG genre. A lot of the crap about this game floating about since the Japanese release is true - doesn't necessarily affect the experience though. Yes there are only two character stats (attack and magic def) though you can boost others (that aren't listed) through equipment upgrades. Yes, realistically, there are no towns, no world map, and it IS very linear. So was Crash Bandicoot. Having played all FFs on every format, it cer
  5. THank you for all the positive comments all! For the pinball query, it's happening, but maybe not for saturday. Very soon after. pmsl @ Bluemonday. Surprised there weren't multiple cups of tea involved...
  6. Yes, there would need to be some kind of dedicated pinball area. They are in a separate area.
  7. Thanks Twitch, and points taken
  8. I don't necessarily agree with all the marketing either, especially some of the wording (especially on the temporary build site!), but I have to defer to those that do this for a living - I don't have the time or nous to spend hours coming up with copy... wrt the pretentious / minimal double page spread, it was a very good deal due to a cock up the week before, we wanted to let people know the launch date, didn't want to launch the full site yet and didn't want to mess with the build site that's up now hence new domain. Compared to recruitment ads it was a steal. Will we disappear up our
  9. 2084


    Pedantic Right-Of-Way Liaison Produces Remonstrations On Wankers Land... Press Reports Other Worldwide Litigation, Predicting Relentless, Ongoing Worry. Landowners, Perplexed, Reading Other Widespread Legal Posturing, Remain Optimistic With Langness - Particularly, Right-Of-Way Lanes People Regard 'Open', With Longstanding Permission. Recently, On Wednesday Last, Peter Roberts Offered What Lawlords Predict Resolves Ongoing Walking Legal Proceedings. Requirements: Open Wanderers' Land, Propose Routes Over Which 'Leggers' (Pedantic Really Old Walkers) Liaise - Particularly, Really Obtus
  10. I'm not former anywhere. Can I have £5?
  11. Sorry for replying straight away, but I think it's worth pointing out that the games part is just a small part of what we're doing. We want a retro thing, and it should be really good, but it's just part of the whole vibe, despite the stock of retro 'things' we have, the stock is so we can keep things fresh, we're not opening an arcade or anything close - the games part of the logo, well, I am not that thrilled with it, as it gives the wrong idea until the model is explained. And I don't want to go into too much detail now 'cos of the whole marketing thing... heh. But basically, we hope that
  12. With my username? You'd think it would be a given. My supplier has a full upright and cabaret, both in mint condition, but no joy yet.
  13. there are a couple of issues with pinball, but we're trying to get a couple. We'd want something of the same era, the area with the games is retro early 80s aimed at people who remember then. Which means, i think, that we'd need a mechanical pin, as opposed to a more recent one. Headache maintenance wise and very expensive.
  14. i guess it's not brilliant wording, but i didn't invent the phrase. There's nothing that annoys me more than in your face staff as more often than not it shows a lack of awareness of the customer's actual needs. Eg three different staff members asking us if we'd like desserts when we'd already told the first, no.
  15. it just means good, well-delivered service. A couple of examples would be being shown to your room in a decent hotel or getting assistance choosing the right nails in b and q rather than being told 'they're somewhere on aisle 5 mate'. Hopefully we will get good staff!
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