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  1. He just wants to shove his snout firmly in the trough
  2. Unfortunately this won’t happen, unfortunately they’re committed to throwing good money after bad and the Manx taxpayer has been royally shafted, aided and abetted by Peel Ports. Bet they’re laughing all the way to the bank, having got the better of the poor simpletons at DOI.
  3. There is something intensely unlikable about Josem, his approach seems to ring very false. I can’t quite put my finger on why I dislike him, but I certainly won’t be voting for him. Nothing to do with his ‘non Manxness’ either, Tynwald needs more stopovers if anything. Just not him!
  4. Probably to prevent a mass walkout of whoever is left to keep the place ticking over. I’ve heard the Deputy is significantly less popular than the Directress.
  5. Thought this review would have been published by now, I wonder what the delay is?
  6. Is Jeremy anything to do with the harbours? I thought he was just at the airport?
  7. He had dark hair as a teen, think he went through a Matrix phase.
  8. It is, but he goes (or went) by his middle name Christian. There was a suggestion .....whilst in a UK prison so could have an entirely new identity by now.
  9. An email might be better, a letter could all too easily accidentally fall into the DHSC correspondence shredder
  10. I have a headache listening to this shower
  11. Her condescending tone is far from professional
  12. Howie is disappointed, hmm. Makes more than one of us.
  13. Attila

    Next CM

    Boot, just for a laugh. Couldn’t get much worse really. Although, it’s more likely that the Baron will be drowned by his constituents in the dodgy silt clogging the marina.
  14. Robertshaw is the resident Victor Meldrew in the Chamber, he’s seemingly taken on the mantle from David Cannan. Does nothing but take potshots and pointlessly shake his fist. He’s allegedly not standing this year, too long in the tooth.
  15. She's a solid candidate
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