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  1. Wonder if the site remains as haunted as Vic Road jail was, horrible place.
  2. I’ve considered going veggie before but have always been lured back by the scent of frying bacon, mmmm bacon. Can any veggies confirm if things have improved lately in the production and taste of facon? This Quorn rasher things were absolutely rank up until about 5 years ago, with a smeg-like substance oozing from them when cooked
  3. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/news/isle-of-man-news/congregations-in-isle-of-man-fall-by-about-300-over-year-1-5680473 Perhaps this headline should be 'CofE congregation numbers fall' - it may be that that the CofE is going 'out of fashion' but other churches are regularly packed, for example St Mary's of the Isle and some of the newer churches such as the Living Hope near the Palace cinema. Perhaps this is a further argument for the Bishop to no longer represent our interests by being an MLC. I think IOMG should move with the times on this and remove a religious representative from the law-making process.
  4. A refund from what? Did you pay them to employ you with the condition of a 5 minute break? Or do you mean the taxpayer owes you money because you had less than a six minute break per day? Other than lunch, I didn't bother with breaks back in the days when I was working for the Isle of Man taxpayer and keeping my eye on the civil servants for them. Now it turns out I was entitled to a break every so many hours. That's two breaks per day they owe me back pay for. Well, seeing as I am in a generous mood, they can keep the accrued back pay and donate it to the Hospice -- it ought to cover their dumping fees for a year. Just out of interest TJ, what role did you have in govt? Some of your posts are fairly anti the IOM govt, I'm wondering what has caused your disillusion.
  5. So I would say my tolerance level is quite high. On the whole this Island can be a remarkably tolerant place.
  6. What if the Mosque decide to fly the flag of Saudi Arabia? It would be no skin off my nose, it's their mosque. And if a Hindu temple wanted to fly a swastika? I still wouldn't care - the point I'm trying to make is that people are free to worship how they choose here and the outward appearance of their place of worship is part of that.
  7. What if the Mosque decide to fly the flag of Saudi Arabia? It would be no skin off my nose, it's their mosque.
  8. I'd understand your curiosity if they were flying the flag of the Jedi Republic, the Vatican flag does seem logical...
  9. Surely the flag flown at St Mary's is at the behest of the bishop of Liverpool, he is probably given directives on this sort of thing from above. It's their front garden, so they can fly whatever flag they want.
  10. I was under the impression the Govt canteen is run at cost rather than being subsidised.
  11. I don't. He convicted of a crime that requires imprisonment in a category A prison and the Isle of Man's prison is category B. The level of security, type of prisoner and type of rehabilitation is meant to match the prisoner with the prison. But why does the Island not have a facility for the category of person? Is simply because there are so few prisoners who could be classed as such or is it because these people can be exiled to the UK quite easily? I don't agree with prisons, but it seems a standard thing that th prisoner does have access to family and friends no matter what crime has been committed. It might not be called a 'right' but it seems it is their for everyone and I think it should be there. By sending him across to the UK he won't have any contact with people he knows, and more importantly his family. its simple why he has to go .. our prison as stated is catagory B and it just doesnt have highly rated enough staff .. simple as. and ps his victims families no longer have contact with their loved ones. My bold - staff at prisons here and in the UK are not 'rated' they all receive the same training, the level of category refers to the security of the prison. Staff can transfer between different categories of prison within the Prison Service, although obviously in a Category A prison you are going to have staff who are perhaps more 'security aware' and used to dealing with lifers.
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