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  1. It’s astonishing how much the ego of one person has had such a significant impact, both on Dr Ranson and the health and well-being of the people of this Island. Magson should be brought to account, in a Manx court of law for the shocking and disgraceful conduct she has displayed.
  2. Attila


    Cats are massive arseholes, I speak as a human slave of multiple feline overlords. I keep mine in, they’re safe from traffic and local small wildlife is safe from them. One thing all felines seem to have in common is a streak of pointless cruelty, denied their usual prey they have to resort to waking me at ungodly hours.
  3. Same name as a god in the Greek pantheon, similar to the name of the cold sore virus perhaps?
  4. Not the work of mastermind criminals it seems
  5. Looks like this particular mystery may have been solved, Constabulary have just posted an update via their Faceache page
  6. I hope you’re feeling better soon, and that you stand in a future election - whether for Keys or local authority. I think you’ll make a good representative, you seem to genuinely care about people and the Island.
  7. Strictly speaking, he should be describing himself as a prospective MHK or politician. He hasn’t been elected to so much open a bag of crisps. His cringe-tastic video strongly implies out that all former MHKs are useless layabouts, compared to his sainted and giving self.
  8. What an absolute walter. If he gets in, I’m moving out of the constituency.
  9. And should then not bother to stand in any future elections on this Island.
  10. With flawless timing for the upcoming election
  11. Josem is continuing to not win people over, he seems to be coming across as genuine as some Ratners jewellery. There’s a post on the IOM News & Politics Facebook site featuring a screenshot of Mr Josem’s page, depicting him volunteering to clean war graves. The poster has indicated she would rather see his policies rather than a sponsored post of his volunteer work, which smacks of bad taste. I’m inclined to agree, insincerity oozes from the man’s every pore.
  12. Two manifestoes quietly dropped through the letterbox, bell not rung, went straight in the bin. Good job Barber and Joughin!
  13. He’s far too busy with motorsport, even if we haven’t had a TT event for 2 years, and his crucial blog.
  14. He was a bizarre choice for Children’s Champion, not sure what he was even involved for long enough to make a dogs dinner of it. But the rest of it, definitely agree with what you’re saying. He cannot accept any form of criticism and has shown himself to be very waspish, which hints at possible confidence issues that he’s trying to hide behind bluster. Given the catalogue of disasters behind him, a lack of confidence is understandable. I’m sure he’s very capable in his original chosen field, but political office is not his strength, mostly down to how he communicates and comes across. I hope the voters in his constituency don’t return him.
  15. Going end of October - http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=62086&headline=I'm leaving my job as airport director&searchyear=2021 I haven’t seen any advert for her replacement yet, surprisingly as senior officials are usually replaced like for like. Perhaps the DOI have decided to save the £ on paying a Director as well as a Deputy.
  16. Agreed, the disparity is unfair. The clothing choice for men should evolve, as long as they are smartly dressed and look appropriate for the occasion it shouldn’t matter about the style of jacket, or if the trousers have the right width of pinstripes.
  17. It’s still on the topic of Tynwald Day! And not about banks 🥱
  18. I liked Daphne Caine’s outfit, very colourful and summery. I thought Claire Christian was understandably stylish, although the unrelieved black and vulture-esque feathers were perhaps better suited to a Victorian funeral.
  19. Attila

    Isle of Pride

    Same, I think Government should be as less involved as it can in peoples’ private affairs. However, there is a valid argument to keep a record of how many trans people there actually are, there are layers of bureaucracy for so many facets of life and it’s somewhat inevitable. The census questions on this subject won’t be empirical as they were optional. I think the hysteria around female spaces being invaded has been blown out of proportion, but do I have sympathy for those who are growing frustrated with changing language. When NHS trusts are pushing to eradicate words such as ‘Mother’ and ‘breastfeeding’ and replace them with ‘Parent who has given birth’ and ‘chestfeeding’ it makes me feel a little sad, and that female biological functions seem to matter less. I can’t imagine that most trans men would mind, it seems to a very noisy woke minority who care about these things.
  20. He just wants to shove his snout firmly in the trough
  21. Unfortunately this won’t happen, unfortunately they’re committed to throwing good money after bad and the Manx taxpayer has been royally shafted, aided and abetted by Peel Ports. Bet they’re laughing all the way to the bank, having got the better of the poor simpletons at DOI.
  22. There is something intensely unlikable about Josem, his approach seems to ring very false. I can’t quite put my finger on why I dislike him, but I certainly won’t be voting for him. Nothing to do with his ‘non Manxness’ either, Tynwald needs more stopovers if anything. Just not him!
  23. Probably to prevent a mass walkout of whoever is left to keep the place ticking over. I’ve heard the Deputy is significantly less popular than the Directress.
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