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  1. I agree, originally there was a single tram track but then, as tourism grew exponentially, a second track was laid. Now that we don't have anywhere near, or ever will, the peak tourism figures we once had then why oh why are we having two tracks, even if only for half the distance, it makes no sense whatsoever, and to add to the lunacy they are in the middle of the road again...utter madness, it makes no sense, even if the tracks are to have an electric tram (at some point in the future...maybe) it still doesn't make any sense...at all!
  2. Not sure about that but I wouldn't rule it out.
  3. yootalkin2me

    End to End

    Look, at the end of the day people die all the time, most are sad, some are unexpected, some are deserved, some are expected, some are welcomed....if any of you fuckers understood the request for privacy you wouldn't have either opened a thread or commented on it (yes, I get the irony of me commenting)...people die, get the fuck over it and do something with your lives while you can.
  4. The man is a c**t, part-built an extension which has remained like that for ages, it's right next to the neighbouring property and is a fucking eyesore as well as the ex-post office vans he bought just to lie around his front garden. As a Douglas ratepayer I'm no fan of the Corpy, not in the slightest but im for them in tbis instance.
  5. Personally I'm keeping what I have, or may get a newish one of what I currently have but then in 2021 if Fisker produces what he says he is I'll be buying a Fisker EV SUV.
  6. At least four factors at work here: 1) There will be a lot of people hanging on until there are enough types of electric vehicles that suit their needs and that have been on the market for at least a couple of years so they don't have to spend an absolute fortune on one. 2) People are content with what they have and don't feel compelled to 'keep up with, or out do, the Jones's'. 3) People are becoming more environmentally aware and are keeping their cars longer than they used to. 4) Cars maybe aren't the status symbols they once were, maybe people are spending their money on holidays and experiences in the thinking that life is short and it's those things that are more important to them.
  7. Alright, keep your hair on ffs....10p a litre or whatever the fuck is appropriate, you know the point I was trying to make, the maths can be made to fit by some bright spark in Government.
  8. Easily solved: https://www.reinventingparking.org/2014/06/japans-proof-of-parking-rule-has.html?m=1 If you have parking space within the curtalage of your property then you can have as many cars as will fit. #fuckthepoor
  9. The surcharge is all to do with UK Customs and can't be changed easily, although I'm in favour of adding a couple of pence extra per litre and doing away with tax on vehicles per vehicle.
  10. Once Brexit happens they'll be clamouring to come to work and live on our island.
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