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  1. I may not agree with Roger Mexico, on occasion, I do not know who he is but he is pretty much 'bang on the nail' with the vast majority of what he posts, he offers his opinion but his opinion is based on facts and research and you have to respect that.
  2. Their losses are going to be even worse, if it was an animal you'd put it to sleep.
  3. Now, now Derek, everyone comes from something!
  4. Thank you Stu, with this info I am happy for my tax scheckles to subsidise Manx Radio and I may even listen to it on the odd occasion.
  5. Thank you Stu, with this info I am happy for my tax scheckles to subsidise Manx Radio and I may even listen to it on the odd occasion.
  6. Maybe, but I would imagine there are no village fetes or envelopes to open and he probably got a bit bored sat at home with his thumb up his ass.
  7. Stu, I don't listen to Manx Radio ever as it just does not appeal to me but I do listen to Energy FM and Radio 1 and 2. However, I do appreciate that there are a great many people on the island, mainly our older folk, who do listen to Manx Radio and it keeps them abreast of what's happening on the island but having said that I fail to understand why the island's other two radio stations (Energy FM and 3FM) function without having to be subsidised by taxpayer money, why can't Manx Radio function without taxpayer subsidies?
  8. But he should never get a Knighthood, he's our CM for fuck sake, what he has done or been told to say he's done is the very least he could have done other than fuck all. We are a small island, we'll have very few casualties, financially it's our fucking money and when we're in financial trouble the least we can expect is access to that money. I wouldn't say he's done anything wrong but he's not done anything superhuman either, he's done done what is expected, maybe less so, but certainly nothing more. Edited to add: If we had just thrown someone who wasn't an MHK or CM up to the lectern and they proposed what has been done with no medical and financial advisors and we get out of this whole crisis relatively intact then yes, give that person a Kinighthood, build statues of them, give them the Freedom of the Isle of Man, buy them a private jet.
  9. Seasonal flu kills around 17,000 people in the UK annually, if you add I'm Covid-19 then of course mortuaries will be overflowing, I very much doubt mortuaries would be overflowing if seasonal flu existed. I'm not one minute saying that Covid-19 isn't terrible, I'm just saying that it alone isn't the only factor. As we head into warmer weather when seasonal flu generally disappears only then will we see the real impact of Covid-19, but hopefully by then Covid-19 Will at the very least be on the decline.
  10. I appreciate that torching 5g masts is a criminal act but is this the start of a clampdown on freedom of speech? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-52172570
  11. John Travolta has been hospitalised with a suspected case of coronavirus , he got chills that were multiplying and losing control but doctors think that it may just be Saturday Night Fever and that he'll be Staying Alive!
  12. Lockdown can be lifted in May if rules observed https://f7td5.app.goo.gl/8CQDDY Sent via @updayUK
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