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  1. So basically you're saying that Sweden's dealing with Covid-19 was "look after yourself and fuck everyone else"? That's a riduculous notion and is inconceivable, how could a nation even propose this let alone enact it? Also, how long do you think this lockdown should go on for then?
  2. Certainly no slur, again, flippin autotext and blurred vision to blame. What I meant by good enough for medical purposes so should be good enough for recreational use was specifically aimed at cannabis, not other drugs, except for maybe magic mushrooms, due to the very low negative impact on individuals, yes, there will always be casualties as such but an extremely low percentage, other than that it is not only harmless but is also an extremely flexible and useful crop which has a myriad uses. I just He'll be that, not only should cannabis be permitted for medical use but also recreational use, the prohibition should now be lifted, we don't need the Governmet to tell us what to inject or not (see Trump advocating the use of injecting bleach (if true)), most of us adults are quite capable of deciding for ourselves, it's the young that need the protection and they certainly aren't protected by criminalizing it, plus, if you end the prohibition you can free up a lot of Police resources to deal with much more important crimes/issues, as well as regulating it, licensing it and taxing it And applying the same, or similar where appropriate, laws as exist for alcohol. I don't drink alcohol, but every now and again, either in the comfort of my own home or at a 'coffee shop' I might like to enjoy a joint be relaxed, talk shite (more than I normally do), listen to some music, watch a movie, play on the games console and then go to bed....What's the problem?
  3. Firstly, come, come, Weighty, sniping at my grammar and spelling, which is mostly down to autotext and not wearing my reading glasses! Secondly, no, not heroin, or cocaine etc, they are life wreckers whereas I very much doubt cannabis is.
  4. What's you're stance on recreational cannabis and it's use, surely if it's good enough for medical it's perfectly fine for adult recreational use?
  5. Why's that, I would imagine leisure travel will be back up and running in July?
  6. Didn't have my reading glasses on and presumed my phone knows exactly what it is I want to type!
  7. I would be as happy to do this as I was before the virus, I want to go on lots of holidays....and very soon.
  8. I was out and about today with my colleague doing our thing, he went one South I'm one van, I went North in a separate can, however, whilst travelling, I saw, on two occasions two police vehicles both with two police officers none of whom had any PPE on, no masks, no gloves, therefore if it's ok for them to not social distance then surely it's ok for everyone else or are they immune to the virus?
  9. You got one 'thanks' for that post, I would imagine you could multiply that by many, many more had I posted about you, now just put me on ignore and be on your way you halfwit.
  10. They're not completely defenceless, they have civil defence.
  11. I don't care, I'm also no sweetie-pie and not once have I ever claimed to be. I care about some people but not all of them, I've got more sympathy and empathy for Syrian or Afghan refugees getting drowned escaping a war torn country than I have for your friend just as you'll no doubt care more about your friend than you do for me or mine and to say anything contrary to that is utter bullshit and you know it.
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