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  1. yootalkin2me

    Time To Change The Law On Drugs?

    Damn predictive text....I fackin 'ate it I do.
  2. yootalkin2me

    Time To Change The Law On Drugs?

    What about E"s... I think you can tell someone's on an E because they're fucking ace at dancing when compared to when they're not on an Email because then they are usually quite shit and have very little, if any, rythmn.....as well as the gurning and chewing the inside of their mouths....and having eyes like dinner plates :-)
  3. yootalkin2me

    MUA the subject of whistle-blowing over dangerous failings

    I know Alfie too, and have worked 'with' him (I am not, and never have been, an employee of the MUA or MU). I always found him to be very professional, very conscientious, diligent, friendly and very health and safety conscious. I wish Alfie all the very best and hope that he got the outcome he intended to get
  4. yootalkin2me

    Time To Change The Law On Drugs?

    Then prosecute him for petty crime then, smoking pot is victimless.
  5. yootalkin2me

    Time To Change The Law On Drugs?

    Speaks volumes then doesn't it, he's obviously into pot so legalise it and then he, and all other partakers, will be happy and not criminals whilst happily getting stoned at home or house parties or coffee shops....no one ever heard of stoned people fighting (anyone stoned really couldn't be arsed, they'd rather discuss the meaning of life and coming up with solutions to the world's problems whilst listening to some ace music and eating food...lots of it). .as opposed to fights breaking out all over due to alcohol consumption!
  6. yootalkin2me

    £400K to seduce immigrants

    Do we really want more white South Africans, haven't we filled out quota....unless they're Dentists, we can never have enough Dentists?
  7. yootalkin2me

    Govt Pensions Revealed

    1 Sergeant to 5 Constables and less than 1Inspector to 3 Sergeants , is that the general ratio in the UK?
  8. yootalkin2me

    Do qualifications matter?

    It's so their parents can brag about their darling little angel going to Yoooooneeee you see, and the little snowflakes won't argue because they have fuck all intelligence to do anything else other than toss it off on some bullshit three year degree....it postpones their need to think about what they are actually going to do with their lives.
  9. yootalkin2me

    High Street gloom

    House parties are more popular....cheap booze....no paranoia when consuming recreational drugs...no rules as such...friends only therefore no chance of some thug beating the shit out of you...night clubs, on the whole, are dying out and it's a good thing in my opinion. Most young people are wiser with money, they game, they don't tend to do drugs or get shitfaced, yes, the feckless still do that but generally the younger people are smarter and wiser.
  10. yootalkin2me

    Do qualifications matter?

    Surely it should depend on the following: 1. Does the position actually require qualifications, if so, what actual qualifications are required that would be of benefit? 2. Does experience serve as an alternative to educational/vocational qualifications? 3. Does the position offer the opportunity to gain the qualifications within a set period of time from the commencement of employment? 4. Are other qualifications acceptable as an alternative to qualifications required/desired? 5. Does the position have a probationary period where the employee is given the opportunity to prove themselves as being competent in lieu of any or all qualifications? 6. Does the potential employee have a proven good history of competence of doing the job in the same or similar environment/industry prior to potential employment in Government?
  11. yootalkin2me

    OddBins no more?

    OMG are you actually for real.
  12. yootalkin2me

    OddBins no more?

  13. yootalkin2me

    Fraudulent Claim

    Bit as JW has stated, it would be prudent of them to periodically check them which would solve the problem . They should be periodically electrically tested and inspected every 5 years so one can assume that something similar applies for the gas boiler etc and in which case surely the testing and inspection people would report something amiss....no?
  14. yootalkin2me

    Fraudulent Claim

    As responsible Landlords yes they should especially of the money paid by the Corpus to maintain housing stock is public money.
  15. yootalkin2me

    OddBins no more?

    Were the staff OddBinned then?