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  1. You do let almost everyone in but then as time goes on you become more anal about the criteria for using your power to ban. Anyway, I will concede I could have been kinder and take that on boatd for the future. Back on topic...borders open in May subject to what's happening elsewhere...but there's them out there (some 'top' science and science advisors reckon thisyear is fucked as far as normality is concerned and that normality won't be until 2023/2024 ...even though Boris bumbling twat Johnson is 'optimistic' about people having summer holidays. I wonder what Quayle et al are thinking.
  2. Ask me if I give fuck....nope, I've just checked, absolutely no fucks given whatsoever.
  3. No she won't, read the small print from tbe social media platforms, as soon as you post any and all photos tbey become the sole (not shared even) property of the social medoa platform owners.
  4. It's not stealing if she puts up photos on a publically accessed social media platform though is it? Plus, she's showing cleavage....big fucken deal and she's probably a right munter when you strip away the make-up, not that she's owt to look at with make-up on...and lastly, she's probably got the IQ of an earthworm..so all in all, fuck all.
  5. It'll be Spring/Summer so it's a win win for everyone then.
  6. It could be that proporrionally we have double the amount of vulnerable people.
  7. Not as shit a habit/addiction as alcohol.
  8. I'd imagine that at the point of the announcement there was only one licensed vaccine and that as always with Government they give worse case scenario, however, once more vaccines get approval then things will speed up and the likelihood is that all the over 50's and all the rest of the vulnerable people will all be vaccinated by Easter and that the borders will be at least at level 2.
  9. If people didn't smoke then taxes would go up quite a lot, you know, to pay for the benefits payments and the NHS therefore those who don't smoke would be paying more a lot more....this would also probably result in sorring out the work shy tw*tsso not altogether a totally bad thing.
  10. Fucked if I know but I'll risk it!
  11. All that'll do is make it that most people, if not all, whom smoke will buy on the black market.
  12. Er....predicting is pretty much guessing you halfwit!
  13. Hang on a sec, by what right have the NO people got to impose tbeir wishes on the YES people? Surely this is even less important than the abortion debate ffs, a set of people who WON'T imposing their wishes on those that WILL even though every adult should be able to do whatever the fuck they like with their bodies (cannabis)...admittedly when it comes to abortion this is a lot more sensitive as there is a human life involved that doesn't get to choose.
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