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  1. Not necessarily, not all the F1 drivers can get the best out of the best maxhine, plus there's the weather element, for example Lewis Hamilton is mercurial in the wet yet other top drivers are not.
  2. Pensions...bollocks to sport
  3. What is it then if it's not a sport? It's far more physically demanding than football or rugby and it's a damn sight more dangerous.
  4. Soon we'll be told that 'special' is not PC and is now completely unacceptable to refer to 'special people' as 'special', they'll tell us to use another word or phrase until that one gets used to refer to someone who's said or done something stupid...just as 'imbecile', 'moron', 'retard' and 'mongy' have continuously been replaced.
  5. I think they'd want to be treated as special, I only say this because it says it's the special Olympics. Thing is, should it be called the special Olympics, for two reasons I don't think it should, firstly, when any of mates fuck up we all refer to that person as special, secondly, if say someone with Down's Syndrome does the 100m in say 35 seconds, I really don't think that's special, special is Usain Bolt doing it in well under 10 seconds.
  6. Oh right, thanks very much for clarifying. It only came to my attention when I scoured the interweb and came across Gibraltar 0 - 1 Rep. Of Ireland and I thought, mmm...Gibraltar have done well there for a rock with a few thousand (35) people, I bet the Isle of Man could probably at least manage a draw against RoI but for some reason couldn't get to play them....my mind is now at rest.
  7. Gibraltar has a population of just under 35,000, the Isle of Man has more than double that, yet Gibraltar is in the European Championships but the Isle of Man isn't...why's that then?
  8. You're wrong on both counts and obviously have no idea about mental ill health. It is not selfish if you feel completely worthless and all you see is darkness wit no light at the end of the tunnel. People who are mentally ill and are suicidal are not capable of thinking straight, unlike their mentally well counterparts. It is also not stupid, in fact it makes logical sense especially to someone who is mentally ill. You massively oversimplify the issue by saying it's selfish and stupid, to someone suicidal it's selfless and logical. And I couldn't care less how many people you knew whom have ended their own lives, unless you've been in a similar place you know nothing.
  9. I wasn't asking you either
  10. I wasn't asking you.
  11. I'm intrigued as to why you think suicide is both selfish and stupid?
  12. I recieved one too but I knew it was bullshit because they said they had video of me masturbating whilst watching a video...which of course is ridiculous as I leave the phone in the bedroom and go to the bathroom for a crafty wank.
  13. What are if it was say Jimmy Saville (if he was alive), would it be the right thing to do to turn back...or would it be best to either continue onward, or even better to chuck him overboard?
  14. But they shouldn't need an incentive other than not go back in jail, that should suffice, and if that isn't incentive enough for some then those are going to be habitual offenders no matter what the incentive.
  15. But maybe well past their best. Hey, I'm a Prodigy fan...used to dance my tits off to them back in the day and have got all their albums on CD but they never got better, in my opinion, after Fat of the Land. Oh, and by the way Jay-Z headlined Glastonbury and he's proper shite.
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