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  1. yootalkin2me


    There's actually five options you nincompoop.
  2. I'd offer that it's necessarily the quantity of questions but more the quality of questions. Take Moorhouse for example, he asks the most fuckwitted questions.
  3. I'm with you on this....it's beyond bizarre on quite a few levels!
  4. That'll do me, I'll.be retired by then and sell my rather expensive property to downsize, plus my over generous pension along with sell8ng our business my wife and I will be minted, my kids will all make plenty enough money to suit their lives...happy days indeed....unless 8 get some kind of ass cancer or similar but I'm too lucky for that kind of shit to come my way.
  5. ...and...bait taken....you really can't resist having the last word, akin to a 6 year old girl following her Mother around continuing a pointless argument.
  6. Ooh...crime of the century, wind yer neck in ya miserable twat.
  7. Turned out to actually be a good thing, combining the two utilities under one authority worked out pretty damn well.
  8. It's obviously a far too intelligent humorous post for you to comprehend...Oh, well, you can always relax with your 'Peter & Jane' books.
  9. When I read this topic's title I thought all the MHKs were coming out as homosexuals!
  10. That's all good and well but what was it you 'came out' for...I was under the impression it was homosexuality but I'm actually quite confused what with all that talk of charity?
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