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  1. yootalkin2me

    Lack Of Road Safety Strategy...

    As I've previously said before on this forum; this Government and preceding Governments need to make up their bloody mind, you can't advocate speed on our roads (closed or otherwise) along with trumpeting that it's the motorsport Mecca of the world and then start prosecuting motorists for driving fast on open roads where there are limits or not. This kind of message breeds confusion and contradiction, especially to motorcyclists who come over here during TT and the Festival of Motorcycling to emulate their 'heroes/knobheads' (delete where applicable).
  2. yootalkin2me

    Lack Of Road Safety Strategy...

    Yes, you could...£10k fine and lifetime bans etc but that would be the precursor to a totalitarian state and I for one would rather take my chances in life without that kind of rule.
  3. yootalkin2me

    Lack Of Road Safety Strategy...

    The thing is, you can have all the speed limits all over the island but you need the resources to police and enforce it by having a properly equipped (vehicles, equipment and staff) RPU which we dont have, we did but then it got drastically cut due to budget reductions. So we, as a society have to choose what are important to us and focus the resources on those things whilst getting rid of things that aren't important to us. Basically, are we ok with fatalities and serious injuries or are we not.
  4. yootalkin2me

    Memorial Ride Out

    Choosing to race a motorcycle and then die as a result is very different to a young person pretty much being forced into the theatre of war and then die as a result. To use the same day to remember to different events where people died is quite shameful, there are another 364 days, the organisers could have chosen any one of them, with the possible exception of Christmas Day. Personally I couldn't care less what day they choose as I can never be offended (it's a pointless emotion) but there are, I'm quite sure, thousands of people who feel pretty pissed off.
  5. yootalkin2me

    Memorial Ride Out

    Declan: They have memorial laps were thousands of people do the same activity that killed the departed, I suppose that's a bit like raising a glass to George Best, but from the outside it looks a bit odd. Or....wearing a cross to celebrate Jesus??? We're a very odd species.
  6. yootalkin2me

    An explanation for everything; an excuse for everything

    We could instill forced sterilisation of the poor......or just educate them in the realities of life.
  7. yootalkin2me

    Fight Club

    That's fantastic........however, the first rule of Fight Club is you don't talk about Fight Club.
  8. yootalkin2me

    Bexit (who the f#*k cares)

    It'll do the world a lot of good if power dropped out altogether. We could reset knowing what we know now and do it better than we did before up until now.
  9. yootalkin2me

    Two minutes silence

    I have to say, you are quite a despicable person aren't you.
  10. yootalkin2me

    Memorial Ride Out

    So, we remember the 5th November for a guy who got caught trying to blow up the authorities, we remember this by setting fire to gunpowder, 6 days later we remember those that died from gunpowder and who were sent to war by the authorities....this is a fucked up world.
  11. yootalkin2me

    Memorial Ride Out

    Live and let live....oh Sorry, that somehow seems in inappropriate.
  12. yootalkin2me

    Tits Out...

    Looks wise and body wise. She's not particularly attractive in my opinion and there are women with far better bodies, they go to the gym regularly to tone their bodies. This lady, on the other hand merely dresses in scant apparel has an average body, with average looks but has fairly large breasts. She's certainly not breaking new ground and is most definitely not an Emiline Pankhurst insomuchas liberating women or empowering them. She gets to to pose in a certain way, dress a certain way and give a specific look, all instructions coming from the photographer, who in most cases, if not all, will be male....so, in summary, she's declared herself an object to be manipulated by a male for the titillation of other males....you go girl, that's sticking it to the man. Personally, I couldn't give a hoot about what this woman does or doesn't do but I do like to offer a public, albeit anonymous, opinion occasionally.
  13. yootalkin2me

    Tits Out...

    Crap joke that only B&Q frequented will understand.
  14. yootalkin2me

    Tits Out...

    She's a distinctly average female with large natural breasts. She's probably not good enough a horsewoman to make a good living at it so it's a hobby thing and the exposure of herself will earn her quite a good living. If people want to diall in to that then crack on, those who don't, then don't. People follow and pay for anything in these modern liberated times but why this was newsworthy either in the paper or this forum is beyond me.
  15. yootalkin2me

    Ford Mustang BULLITT

    It's quite ironic that you have the moniker Dilligaf, which as you know, is an acronym for Do I look like I give a fuck therefore the riposte is yes, yes you obviously do despite your protestations.