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  1. Have any of them ever...past and present?
  2. Oh, don't get me wrong I can wait, I wouod imagine everyone would, 6 months from now might be stretching it a bit but if we're seeing light at the end of the tunnel in say 6 months then not a problem but if we get to the Summer holiday season I genuinely think that most people will not be thinking of saving 95 year old Joyce and her generation especially those who have DNR or are so weak that the common cold woupd probably wipe them out...I sure as hell would be well pissed off by then and I very much doubt I'd be alone in that thinking!
  3. Why are we saving 95 year old Joyce et al at the behest of the majority?
  4. Rapid testing, very strict hygiene and personnel movements, strict policies, restricted visiting, face masks, gloves, social distancing and a few other things to add that I can't think of. The solutions are down to the authorities to come up with not me. This fucker is going to be with us for quite some time and even when it dwindles to not much and an effect vaccine may exist but not everyone will be able to have it we'll need to live with it and if you were to poll the people I'm confident that an overwhelming majority would go along as is for some time more but there will be a time when the
  5. There's no escape from it though. As in the past you were killed or imprisoned (not so much killed these days in civilsed nations) for non-compliance...basically we're fucked, it would take a massive rebellion to thwart Government's grip on society and I'm pretty sure that vast majority of society are sheeple and definitely not up for the fight even if they were aware of how much they are being controlled. In the case of Covid, I've said many times previously; shield the vulnerable (if people are unsure if they are vulnerable then by that logic they probably are and should default to that stat
  6. Is it a privilege though, you take lessons (paid for), then pass a test (paid for), buy a car and insurance as well as vehicle tax therefore it isn't a privilege but it's not a right either...it just is what it is and nothing more. Edited to add that the young person referred to is a prick, I would also add that his parents may be pricks too.
  7. My family and I will be doing pretty much what we do every christmas as our children are too young for University (thank goodness that they are), ergo Covid will have zero effect, thanks for asking though.
  8. I'm ok with this as long as they end the prohibition of marijuana.
  9. 5. The prisoner is entitled....poor lamb, I'm pretty sure that the person the prisoner imprisoned for life murdered was more entitled to not being murdered but hey, what do I know.
  10. Ffs the law should just allow any adult to get stoned for whatever the fuck reason they want to and have it grown on island or imported via lawful regulated suppliers and sold through official licensed, regulated and taxed outlets which would give the Police the time resources to concentrate on tackling Class A drugs and those that illegally peddle in it and profit from it.
  11. The New World Order run by the Illuminati?
  12. Speed cameras do save lives and have proven to do so and are very effective at reducing speed in problem areas/accident black spots where speed has been the primary factor. Spot speed cameras are effective in one particular small section of the highway and average speed cameras are effective over a long stretch of highway. Mobile speed cameras are effective where speed is an issue such as temporary road works. If people don't wish to give revenue to Government then simply drive to the posted speed limits. Where the Mountain Road is concerned and other deristricted roads then that is primarily
  13. There has to be a minimum of 450mm clearance from the perpendicular of the kerb edge to the furthest extruding part of any street furniture whilst maintaining a 1.2m clearance on the footway between the kerb and and obstacle so as to allow prams, wheelchairs etc.
  14. So basically you're saying that Sweden's dealing with Covid-19 was "look after yourself and fuck everyone else"? That's a riduculous notion and is inconceivable, how could a nation even propose this let alone enact it? Also, how long do you think this lockdown should go on for then?
  15. Certainly no slur, again, flippin autotext and blurred vision to blame. What I meant by good enough for medical purposes so should be good enough for recreational use was specifically aimed at cannabis, not other drugs, except for maybe magic mushrooms, due to the very low negative impact on individuals, yes, there will always be casualties as such but an extremely low percentage, other than that it is not only harmless but is also an extremely flexible and useful crop which has a myriad uses. I just He'll be that, not only should cannabis be permitted for medical use but also recreationa
  16. Firstly, come, come, Weighty, sniping at my grammar and spelling, which is mostly down to autotext and not wearing my reading glasses! Secondly, no, not heroin, or cocaine etc, they are life wreckers whereas I very much doubt cannabis is.
  17. What's you're stance on recreational cannabis and it's use, surely if it's good enough for medical it's perfectly fine for adult recreational use?
  18. Why's that, I would imagine leisure travel will be back up and running in July?
  19. Didn't have my reading glasses on and presumed my phone knows exactly what it is I want to type!
  20. I would be as happy to do this as I was before the virus, I want to go on lots of holidays....and very soon.
  21. I was out and about today with my colleague doing our thing, he went one South I'm one van, I went North in a separate can, however, whilst travelling, I saw, on two occasions two police vehicles both with two police officers none of whom had any PPE on, no masks, no gloves, therefore if it's ok for them to not social distance then surely it's ok for everyone else or are they immune to the virus?
  22. You got one 'thanks' for that post, I would imagine you could multiply that by many, many more had I posted about you, now just put me on ignore and be on your way you halfwit.
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