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  1. On 12/16/2020 at 11:35 PM, John Wright said:

    He even gets rejected by MF, and we’re well known for letting almost anyone in.

    You do let almost everyone in but then as time goes on you become more anal about the criteria for using your power to ban.

    Anyway, I will concede I could have been kinder and take that on boatd for the future.

    Back on topic...borders open in May subject to what's happening elsewhere...but there's them out there (some 'top' science and science advisors reckon thisyear is fucked as far as normality is concerned and that normality won't be until 2023/2024 ...even though Boris bumbling twat Johnson is 'optimistic' about people having summer holidays. I wonder what Quayle et al are thinking.

  2. 8 minutes ago, Roxanne said:

    That's a pretty brutal comment about someone who you don't know and who has just found herself in the middle of a media storm without asking for any of it.

    Ask me if I give fuck....nope, I've just checked, absolutely no fucks given whatsoever.

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  3. 2 minutes ago, kevster said:

    She, or whoever took the pictures, will still own the copyrights

    No she won't, read the small print from tbe social media platforms, as soon as you post any and all photos tbey become the sole (not shared even) property of the social medoa platform owners.

  4. 2 hours ago, Roger Mexico said:

    You do hope the young lady got paid for that, but knowing the Mail they probably stole it off social media and the rest of the story from elsewhere.  What's fascinating to observe with this story is just how little original reporting there has been (even for his own local paper in Irvine).  Only the New York Times seemed to make any effort, which highlights how useless the British media are.

    Incidentally I think he is wearing gloves in those photos, but the are light-coloured.

    It's not stealing if she puts up photos on a publically accessed social media platform though is it? Plus, she's showing cleavage....big fucken deal and she's probably a right munter when you strip away the make-up, not that she's owt to look at with make-up on...and lastly, she's probably got the IQ of an earthworm..so all in all, fuck all.

  5. 1 hour ago, jaymann said:

    They say we receive a proportionate number of vaccines based on population from the UK.

    So why is it that the UK intends to have their 25M vulnerable population vaccinated by April? Am I missing something? Surely proportionality says we too should be completed by the same time of our vulnerable population.

    Or is it so simple as to say that they aren't talking about completing it by September, what they're actually saying is that they'll have it completed by the election?

    It could be that proporrionally we have double the amount of vulnerable people.

  6. 3 hours ago, Barlow said:



    Well how about making them 40p a packet. Not so cool then is it. I wonder how many people would then realise the worth of tobacco.

    ps What a really shit habit/addiction tobacco is.




    Not as shit a habit/addiction as alcohol.

  7. 1 hour ago, Happier diner said:

    Does anyone know what the real bottleneck is? Is it

    A) availability of the vaccine

    B) Logistics of administering it 

    C) getting it to IOM

    Very disappointed to hear that it will take until September just to do all the over 50's. Its not just not a speeding silver bullet, it's not anything like bullet like at all is it? More a silver slow thing.

    If it's just A) then will the Oxford vaccine change this?

    I'd imagine that at the point of the announcement there was only one licensed vaccine and that as always with Government they give worse case scenario, however, once more vaccines get approval then things will speed up and the likelihood is that all the over 50's and all the rest of the vulnerable people will all be vaccinated by Easter and that the borders will be at least at level 2.

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  8. If people didn't smoke then taxes would go up quite a lot, you know, to pay for the benefits payments and the NHS therefore those who don't smoke would be paying more  a lot more....this would also probably result in sorring out the work shy tw*tsso not altogether a totally bad thing.

  9. 34 minutes ago, pongo said:

    It would be a really interesting experiment to see how high the price could be pushed. So if people still buy them at £1000 - try £2000.

    All that'll do is make it that most people, if not all, whom smoke will buy on the black market.

  10. On 12/4/2020 at 9:47 AM, wrighty said:

    Not sure it helps to reduce everything to "X doesn't agree with my position therefore he's an idiot".  There are as many, if not more, people against legalisation of cannabis as for it.  As a politician he's going to be gauging public opinion and treading a fine line between upsetting the pro camp on the one side with the antis on the other.


    Hang on a sec, by what right have the NO people got to impose tbeir wishes on the YES people? Surely this is even less important than the abortion debate ffs, a set of people who WON'T imposing their wishes on those that WILL even though every adult should be able to do whatever the fuck they like with their bodies (cannabis)...admittedly when it comes to abortion this is a lot more sensitive as there is a human life involved that doesn't get to choose.

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  11. 1 minute ago, quilp said:

    The way to go initially would be the issuing of permits to grow one's own. Obviously with a limit to quantity, say half a dozen plants in rotation at any one time, whether artificially under lights hydroponically or a summer crop in the greenhouse. Easy to police, big fines and revoking of the permit if found to be supplying others. No public use, age restricted and above all, proper scientific research into what level in the blood qualifies intoxication for drivers. 

    It's logical and sensible thinking and planning like this that should be in place but our 'tits in power' don't have the desire to rock the boat and do the right thing.

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  12. 47 minutes ago, Apple said:

    I disagree. Different books and songs etc may be written instead. I don't think Shakespeare used it.


    The use of cannabis for those with mental health problems and severe mental illness can and does often exacerbate symptoms, sometimes increasing risks to themselves and /or those around them. 

    This though is only about the medicinal use, not the decriminalisation of all use. If that is what is being proposed then a whole new government department will need to be setup for government oversight of the import, growth, use, quality, etc etc. Leaving it all up to users to govern it's use will lead to problems. 

    Ypu don't half write a load of shite.

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  13. 44 minutes ago, Nom de plume said:

    I'm reading that they are firing it into care home inhabitants pretty much from the get go.

    It's clearly going to be the elderly & vulnerable first (quite rightly too).

    We'll have our lot sorted by the New Year if they get their skates on and the shit arrives on time.

    And health workers and Nursing Home Staff and emergency services staff.

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  14. 1 hour ago, Albert Tatlock said:

    IMO...prior to the completion of the bulk of the roll out here - 'not vaccinated' should mean 'no entry' for visitors to the island.

    Why, surely if everyone, or at least, most people on the island have the vaccination then it'll not matter at all if people coming to the island are vaccinated or not?

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  15. 7 minutes ago, Lxxx said:

    The rest of the world isn't fucked at all.

    Having just returned from the middle and far east everyone is making plans to find their niche in a new world. The west is stuck in a state of paralysis while everyone east of Cyprus is powering on. The island needs to start working out where it wants to sit from here on in. There are more attractive tax-friendly jurisdictions out there now which are a lot closer to the action.

    Well I'm glad to hear some optimism because if one just focusses on the IoM it wouod seem we are made to be hermits until fuck knows when and if you go further afield to the UK, well, that looks like a complere basket case. Is the runway at Ronaldsway long enough so that we can fuck the UK right off and have planes go to fairly far away places that have got their shit together direct and back again?

  16. When the f@#k is that c@#t Longtail actually going to f@#k off, surely to Christ he should have been well gone by now? Has he got incriminating photos or videos of other 'top brass' that keep him in the position he's in but no one on this island wants him in. He must surely be over the retirement age therefore why on Earth would he be kept on?

  17. 8 hours ago, The Duck of Atholl said:

    I'll definitely have it. So amusing to watch those brave and bold people who didn't mind/care if they got the virus (and in so doing not knowing how it would affect them) now hand wringing over the safety of a clinically tested vaccine.

    I won't have it because I'm as hard as fuck and have beaten every bastard thing life has thrown at me, this virus will have fuck all affect on me..I'll scare it away.

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