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  1. I agree that that is where the DoI fail, they construct or have constructed but neglect the maintenance which means the longevity is very much shortened and thus they have to replace with new which in turn means a lot more money spent than is necessary. I hope that the DoI chiefs read this so that they ensure resources are available on a regular and periodic basis to carry out the requred maintenance.
  2. And your alternative to everything you've criticised would be what exactly?
  3. That's a very vslid point...tw@ it is and shall be from here on.
  4. Not necessarily, the TT in its entirety takes a hell of a lot of planning therefore I would imagine thst due to the vast amount of unknowns and uncertainties they've decided to play it safe and cancel it for 2021.
  5. No...she's been dead for quite some years and was cremated.
  6. I think it looks pretty damn good actually and the unfinished bits will be finished and then the whole Prom will look ace.
  7. I'm no medical expert but I would imagine that Noble's has never been so slack..apart from the lockdown period when next to fuck all was being done except sitting around waiting for something to happen, which it didn't.
  8. Im a teetotal Atheist so Christmas means fuck all to me...but I do like the time off work
  9. Basically the vast majority of MHKs are a bunch of ill informed cunts then.
  10. I won't have the vaccine unless it's mandatory for travel. I would imagine that the uptake of those desperate for it and those who would begrudgingly have would be easily enough to achieve herd immunity thus allowing those who definitely don't want it to choose not to have it without having a detrimental affect on those whom have had the vaccine.
  11. Very true, that's why I listed other forms of excercise.
  12. Oh dear, so excercising in the garden or in the house for fourteen days is impossible then...have you not heard of lifting bags of sugar, running on the spot, rowing machines, running up and down the stairs etc etc
  13. It's the compliance I'm.concerned about, the ones caught out and jailed thus far have presented themselves on a plate to the authorities. We, as an island do not have the intelligence or resources or system for that matter to ensure every single person is being compliant when they should be. I genuinely hope tbere are no infections out there that woukd cause even the slightest backwards step, I really do, I quite like the way things are albeit although I'm desperate to going on holiday.
  14. 100% agree with you on all points...I think Orwell's 1984 is probably about 50 years out lol
  15. Welll, you're certainly entitled to your opnion. I maintain that we, the Isle of Man, are doing the right thing..on the surface but there are so many loopholes with regard to key workers from the UK and beyond being exploited as well as the machiavellian manner in which the testing, results and infections are being portrayed, for example; this whole 'no cases in the community' bollocks. At present we, as an island have been lucky (if you assume that all infected people are coming forward and reporting it...which I very much doubt), once all returning people get to the Island ahead of Christmas there will be more and more infections in the community.
  16. The funny thing is that people actually think thst Quayle et al are making the decisions...they're not, it's Will Greenhow amd his team of CEOs, Quayle et al are merely the mouthpieces.
  17. As I said...a partial lockdown plus restrictions and Covid procedures
  18. To be fair, whacking up poles instead of underground is a bit...well...3rd world in my opinion.
  19. I predict that there'll be a partial lockdown announced tomorrow...Covid ptocedures in place just as they were when we began to come out of the first lockdown, all sports not going ahead and quite possibly non-essential shops/businesses closing.
  20. Not necessarily, things would have moved on msssively by the end of winter, if the virus isn't contained globally or an effective vaccine/s rolled out categorically then there will be measures in place to quickly identify it and isloate the person so that as near as is possible we live as much of a semblence of what we collectively accept as life.
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