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  1. Good for you sport...you're w..right and I'm not lol
  2. What is bullshit is the fact that they keep trotting out the "There are no Covid19 cases in the community" to maintain the Covid free status and ooh look at us aren't we ace...when there clearly fucking well is!!
  3. It'll be more like the Austin Allegro (in brown) of flyovers
  4. You'll be waiting quite a while then because Christmas is more than 5 weeks away!
  5. Touché Doctor....well, sort of, of the millions who have caught/had the virus not that many, in comparison, have died or had a severe reaction...I'll leave that right there.
  6. It's such a deadly virus you need to be tested to see if you have it...lol
  7. yootalkin2me


    What...the...actual...f@$k is this, we're all taxpayers, the person or people should be held accountable, if it's a 'one off' mistake then we all make mistakes, however, it it's down to constant incomptence, corruption and lack of management or all of the above then that needs, and must, be exposed so as to ensure no repeats in the future.
  8. But there'll always be the overwhelming majority who are happy to reveive a vaccine and a small minority who'll reluctantly recieve and then there'll be the people who won't have a vaccine in which case there'll be a more than adequate uptake to provide exremely good herd immunity which in turn would mean the very small amount of people not receiving the vaccine are irrelevant of the efficacy of the vaccine. Just as you need a Yellow Fever vaccination and certificate to travel to many countries if it becomes as so with the Covid19 vaccine then those that travel will need it.
  9. Yay....my shares in Pfeizer wil go through the roof because all the paranoid sheeple will take a vaccine that the Governments will buy after being duped into thinking that it'll actually work...brilliant....I'll be fucken minted!
  10. If I'd have known about the survey I would have taken it, and I'm reasonably confident that I'm not the only one.
  11. God...Be'elzeebub...aliens...humans...who knows?
  12. Not necessarily, in public service it's extremely complex in certain arenas. You have many different aspects coming at you, or that you need to deal with, the public, businesses, politicians, colleagues, economies of scale, resources, managing expectations etc etc and you have to be as accomodating and as pragmatic as you can to do the best you can... it most certainly isn't merely black or white...and to be honest the system in place can often work against you despite your best efforts.
  13. I know Jeff personally and I have to say that your 'credible source' couldn't be more wrong. Jeff is a good person and is extremely good at what he does.
  14. It basically did the rounds at Noble's then...didn't even get out of the grounds...probably, lol
  15. Oh my days, I know advocates, coppers, doctors and financiers as well as the average joe and jo and the many chavs who not only smoke pot but do lines of charlie on a regular basis...ffs, if you really belive JW's rose coloured spectacled vision of the Law Institute then you are as naive as he is.
  16. I'm not having a funeral of any kind, my family have been informed that I wish to leave my body to science once I'm dead...my family will have a memorial or gathering of some kind with my favourite music playing. Leaving my body to science has many advantages, the medical students can practice and learn and improve (I'll be dead so I won't care less about my body), I'll not be harming the Earth after my death (think fossil fuels for cremation or wood for the coffin), I won't be taking up any future potential real estate, my family won't need to be guilt tripped to visit my grave or cremation spot, there won't be a gravestone to decay and look shit and most importantly of all...it'll cost my family fuck all.
  17. Bit harsh John, resorting to gutter level name calling just because I merely asked a couple of questions...tut tut.
  18. Is it right to have a default that you are to donate all of your organs upon death but that if you don't wish to you are a social pariah? Do you think you'll be at the bottom of quality of NHS service shouod you choose to opt out?
  19. For fuck sake, the lawmakers need to end the prohibition of class b drugs asap!!
  20. As well as that it's also the narrow winding road up through the estate, which may or may not be a private road, regardless whether it is or it isn't it isn't ideal as an alternative access route. I'm not saying a flyover is a solution because I don't believe it is but I'm sure there has to much less expensive, easier and quicker to build as well as suit its purpose and for a long time, if ot is to be a flyover then it'll require quite a lot of compulsory purchasing.
  21. I've no intention of going anywhere off island until spring at the earliest, I also have no intention of any of my family visiting for Christmas...they all live here...happy days and merry Christmas to one and all.
  22. Or when you're receiving a blow job
  23. Au contraire mon ami, 4 weeks = had a shag, 8 weeks = didn't have a shag...not sure what the ratio is though.
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