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  1. I put that bit in about Catholic Priests as a joke...but hey ho, if there are any Catholic Priests reading this forum then they being Christians and they don't get the joke I'm sure they'll forgive me :-)
  2. I disagree, if say, the deceased is a paedophile or rapist (or a Catholic Priest :-) ) then I very much doubt it is a sad day when they die or that they'd be missed by anyone at all other than fellow paedophiles and rapists.
  3. I doubt he'll be missed by many.
  4. I could argue I'm an atheist so why do I pay my rates for the churchyard, I nor my family hardly ever use the swimming pool so why pay my rates for that, I only put my bin out once every couple of weeks, why should I pay as much as everyone else....because it's for the greater good and the community that's why.
  5. And so....Let the China hating begin: https://www.theguardian.com/media/2020/apr/14/daily-telegraph-stops-publishing-section-paid-for-by-china
  6. There is a music service which co-ordinates everything but the actual lessons are given by private tutors whom go to all the schools, they are paid by the Department. The cost is subsidised and much cheaper than individual private lessons at home or at the music tutor's place of teaching.
  7. Two paragraphs, you do know what paragraphs are and what they are for, do you not?
  8. How is it irony, if say for example you leave your mobile phone at home a lot, use cash most of the time and use a laptop for the internet...as I do?
  9. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/mar/18/the-covid-19-crisis-is-a-chance-to-do-capitalism-differently
  10. Well, Europe should be ok after this: https://www.fmglobal.com/research-and-resources/tools-and-resources/resilienceindex/explore-the-data/?&vd=1
  11. It's ok if he lives in the Chasms
  12. Surely you mean Turtle neck jumpers?
  13. Well that's a chuffin ballache for most. Why not just isolate the infected and vulnerable after all are tested for either infection, previous infection/antibodies and allow everyone else to be as free as can be. Mind you, that is the Mail ffs
  14. I'm going for one hundred aaaaand aaaaayyyyteeeee (thousand that is).
  15. So you could just say he's Captain Scarlett then.
  16. He's ace, I hoped he'd run as Labour Leader this time round. He does a lot for Manchester and is very held in high esteem.
  17. I don't understand why it's the responsibility of the Department if it's a Private Nursing Home run by owners who not only do it to make a profit but are also obligated under law to provide appropriate PPE for all staff. If the Nursing Home was owned and operated by IoM Government then absolutely, the responsibility of providing PPE falls on the IoM Government. If I'm.mistaken in thinking that the Nursing Home is a Private enterprise when in fact it is an IoM Government entity then I apologise in advance.
  18. Well why didn't she procure the specialist PPE then rather than rely on Government?
  19. On the bright side, Scandinavia looks pretty good ;-)
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