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  1. I don't give a shit, this forum isopen to all....muppet! "keyboarder" sounds cool like snowboarder or skateboarder but obviously isn't
  2. This place is a joke...I can't wait until my house is finished so I can sell it and get the hell away from this miserable place.....there is feck all to do for families, it is pitiful! Unless you are a sports jock, rambler or piss head you are going to be bored shitless...a safe place to bring kids up may well be the case but I would much rather my kids take risks and live well, education is average and the reality of being wealthier financially is a mirage when contrasted to the feeling of happiness. Local businesses are taking the piss, usual mark ups of 150% are the norm so it's no wonder people use the internet to shop, nobody minds anyone making an honest profit but the frofit margin for a lot of local business is astronomical. Yes, I agree that there are awful places to live in the UK but these are often thrust in our faces more than the fantastic places in the UK to live. That's my two penneth's worth! And yes I know there's a boat in the morning and I'm doing my best to be on it.
  3. I think the lack of support and funds prohibits much campaigning, fortunately. I think the above quote in bold type and underlined speaks volumes.........nobody really gives a fuck, black, white, blue, yellow, manx, english, martain, whatever..............I tell you this though it's not the nationality of someone that matters it's their attitude and outlook on life, and if that's positive then they should be welcome anywhere in the world, if on the other hand it's negative then they should be made to feel unwelcome.....having said that one persons negativity is another persons positivity, so if we base attitude on the general concensus of the majority as the accepted norm we then have a potentially dangerous situation since a majority isn't nesseccarily the best thing...so, in summary it's always good to debatue, argue, question, doubt, disagree, protest...even if it does get personal, because if we don't use it then we lose it!!!!
  4. This fuckin hilarious.....................now for my two cents......Enoch Powell, prophet genius or bigotted twat?
  5. The fair is a crock of shite, all the visitors can go to much better fairs all year round in their native areas.......the DTL won't fund any evening street entertainment....could be good, maybe a return to the inpromptu events by the visiting bikers themselves which was always better than the sterile organised crap anyway, and as long as they don't whell out the spandex wearing "steve colley" then happy days...and as for the live music, that will probably be a shedload of crappy twobit tribute bands apperaing for next to fuck all.....ooh and don't forget the fucking red arrows, whilst highly impressive they are so old hat that there are fossils that are younger.....and last but not least the jacked up TT special takeaway foods that are no different from takeaway foods all year round except for the fact that they are TT and more fucking expensive than usual.....I can't wait till I fuck off from this Island for TT fortnight, I thank you....and goodnight!!!
  6. Seriously........Sebrof and LDV you really should get a room and sort those sexual tensions between you both right out, it's getting to the point that the dolcit undertones are verging on pornographic
  7. for the one answer read "1984" by George Orwell.....for another answer read "Synagogue of Satan"....................................run to the hills, run for your life...as Iron Maiden once sang
  8. Fair enough, I'll consider myself educated from what you scribe in parts....but being pedantic, I as an electrician will always have work due to the unreliabilty of electrical apparatus....faults galore happen all the time and unfortunately bank workers would't have a didgery doo about how to fix 'em I do remember hard times, I lived in yorkshire during the miners strikes and it wasn't a good time but please remember this....a lot of what we consume or buy is very rarely really needed we just buy because it's there and we can....hitting hard times might actually do us all a lot of good, i personally believe we have complacent, I have friends who are brickies, plasters, nurses etc...and they all seriously believe they have a right to live in a £1million house, drive around in £40,000 cars and have 5* holidays in Dubai, even though they are in their early twenties...so a period of hard living will bring this gluttonous society back down to earth and make us appreciate the important things in life...once you have taken care of the basic essentials in life, shelter, food, comfort, security and love you are no happier driving around in a feckin porsche 911, with fake tits and teeth and living in a house with way too many rooms.....so nah, nah, nah, nah nah!!!
  9. The sad fact, as I pointed out earlier on in this thread, is that our government made the promises to these people. What you or anyone else thinks, therefore, is irrelevant because the government said that if a bank failed compensation would be given, and the FSC were charged with deciding how that compensation scheme should operate. If that costs the taxpayer money then maybe the taxpayer should have had a view on this or been consulted at the time. So before you kick off about how unfair it is consider this; you voted them in and they made this commitment on behalf of the Manx taxpayers to bail these banks out up to a maximum level. Its been part of the reason why all these billions have come in to the Island and generated the jobs and the wealth we have all enjoyed in the last 20 years. You can't just turn arround now and say 'fuck them' as like it or not they have made our economy what it is. I am an electrician so I am working class, I'm also English married to a manx woman and have a manx son....therefore I couldn't give a flying fuck about wether you think I'm kicking off. I also don't vote and this isn't due to apathy it's due to the fact that democracy is a crock of shite, I didn't vote anyone in to compensate greedy fucking money whores and wether or not this island is wealthy from the gazillions of pounds made mostly from ill gotten gains I would always be able to provide for my family and I do say "fuck them" and their three houses, five cars and the fucking rest...and while we're on the subject all this extra money from our economy being what it is just produces more financial waste than you can ever imagine, white elephants, lazy resident people who think they are too fucking good, clever to do the backbone jobs, oh and pointless amounts of tarffic control, an obscene amount of cars..the list is fucking well endless!
  10. I've been here for 21 years, been trying to get off for 21 years but alas the Gods conspire to keep me here and now my newborn son is manx as is my wife...but hey who gives a shit where you are from...planet earth being the most important in my opinion...why though would anyone want to reject their roots to adopt another place as their heritage instead when it really doesn't matter is beyond me, but hey ho each to their own.
  11. Obviously I am completely thick.....having said that though everything in life is a gamble and when thing's don 't go to plan you really oughtn't go whining about it, you suck it up and plough on, well that's the way I was brought up anyway, when I would come off my horse I was told to get back on and I did, I didn't go crying to someone who would go and ride him for me, maybe I am being too simplistic about this, due to the fact that I am completely thick and these matters are beyond my comprhension...I just thought that my tax dollars along with many others would be put to better use than fluffing up people's investments/deposits...and if it wasn't that speculative then why on earth didn't these people put their money in more established safer banks (if there is/was such a thing)......furthermore I'm pretty sure I wrote "correct me if I'm wrong" and not "insult me personally and my assumed level of intelligence".
  12. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't depositing money in banks to earn money from interest...speculating, and doesn't speculating carry the element of risk? Well, if this is the case then surely this is no different than me going into a casino and speculating that if I put all my money on red at the roulette table then this would carry an element of risk...and if the little ball landed on black I would lose all my money...but no worries there because all I have to do is whine and moan that all my money had been lost due to taking a risk and speculating on a certain outcome and then the Government would pay me all the money I had invested or "deposited" in the casino at the tax payers expense....this is feckin' well ridiculous, and I for one am extremely hacked off, you pay yer money and takes yer chances...that's it, if you losse, tough, that's life....this is a feckin joke....and should be stopped immediately....why the hell should my son's future education suffer as a result of a bunch of whining, greedy sore losers???
  13. mmmm.....Isreal, possibly the most racist country/state in the world, userers and theives of the world.....unfortunately most of Isreal's ills are premeditated and orchestrated by the Rothschild's empire who masqueraded as Jews but were actually Hungarian....for the truth about Israel and the Jewish state read "The Synagogue of Satan". The mainstream media would have you believe that Hamas are terrible, yes I agree they haven't done things well over the years but their rockets compared to Israel's armed responses are like a child throwing stones at Mike Tyson with nuclear warheads, most of the power players of the western world are Jewish, Milliband to name but one...these are the same people who publicly denounce Israel's actions yet secretly support them...don't believe the mainstream media, get your news resources from elsewhere
  14. I'll be glad to see the back of the Jazz festival if only it were to be replaced by a rock festival....but alas it won't but I'm sure some feckin folk band crap will be supported or some other conservative appeasing shite, when will the Dept. of Tourism and Leisure realise that the flippin' 19th century passed a couple of centuries ago and that geriatrics aren't the only ones that need catering for....take away the social security benefits for the lazy, piss taking wasters and use that for festivals...and let the Island be entertained so that the working class can feel a bit better about being slaves to the wage for the benefit of the wealthy, we don't all want to go to the feckin Gaeity to watch some outdated, hammed up, piss poorly acted, woeful amateur dramatic production of some unfunny play or musical....get some rock music festival sorted DTL.....NOW!!!!
  15. It took me two weeks cos not only did I only just find out how to switch the computer on but a portaloo had to be installed and H&S assessments conducted, but I had to go on a communications course and to get on the course I had to fill in 5 requisition forms which were initially lost so I had to rewrite the forms, tyhen a commitee was set up to decide wether I was eligible for the course which then went to Tynwald to get approval, but Tynwald then had to get written confirmation from a communications expert from the UK at a cost of which had to be no lower than £10,000, the union was then consulted to see if the course was a breach of my human rights, then I was sent notification that I would receive notification within the next two weeks that I would be rquired to attend the communication course in the UK...lmao....and yes I am a DoT worker
  16. Well we are all a bunch of muppets here aren't we....in banks there are greedy t***s, lazy fu***ers and bull***rs just as in government, the construction industry, retail industry and medical, etc., etc......unfortunately the DoT are easy targets as they are so visible and in the public eye therefore all the bullies of society pick on easy targets cos they don't have the ability to criticise other industries because that takes too much effort...so I say unto you who criticise you are the slackers cos your effort is pitiful......do the public a real service and find fault with the harder places....be lions not hyenas.
  17. Yeah. I bet you need a tea-break after all that exertion. What you need, you stupid little turd, is a good hard smack in the teeth, if you have any. 10-1 you are a homosexual. Yeah right - you and who's army? - Oh yeah, the army of 800 that work for the DoT. Hard day leaning on the shovel was it? Careful, all that tea drinking and shovel leaning can lead to tennis elbow. But there again so can being a wanker. I take it you suffer from tennis elbow then even though you're not an employee of the D.o.T.....knobjockey
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