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  1. I love these "there’s a boat in the morning" responses lets get a few things straight: 1. There is rarely a boat in the morning and if there is its usually going at half speed or the front is dropping off or its crashing in Liverpool harbour or something. 2. You’re a great example of the Manx educational system with the best response you can muster to a thread like this is "there’s a boat in the morning" 3. If every non Manx person left on this island got "the boat in the morning" This island would be left in the state it was before us "foreigners" got here, no infrastructure, popu
  2. @ Asitis: VERY well put, like it.
  3. I think we have moved away from the original point here: Isle of man school allowing pupils to be openly racist. I assume they will at least Expell them because unless they come down hard on these racists they will be seen to be defending them i would also say that anyone that feels these racists have offended them have a chat with a solicitor regarding inciting racial hatred laws. However i suspect this will get brushed under the carpet and the pupils will get nothing more than a slapped wrist (welcome to the isle of man)
  4. lexy


    so long so long so long so. long so long so long so long so long so long so long so long so long and thanks.... for all the fish.
  5. so then in fact you ARE saying you agree with animal abuse
  6. whats your problem keyboarder, you agree with beating puppys with frying pans aye?
  7. lexy

    Coffee Shops

    Java lounge gets my vote
  8. I dont believe so but i will know when he gets here
  9. Ok for those of you that dont know www.darwinawards.com Nominations please and your reason for doing so.......... (waits for the storm)
  10. Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Darwin awards 2009 do we have any early contenders???????????????
  11. simple soloution: Ban all over 65's from the road unless they are driving some form of a normal car.
  12. This guy will be VERY easy to find.. And find him i will
  13. All we need them to do now is ban all people from politics who have links to the MNP
  14. lexy

    Shop Local

    lets face it colebourns is a classic example of this islands ( well if you dont like it tough luck) policy, To sum colebourns up in 3 words it would have to be: Overpriced Inadequate Poor service (ok 4 words)
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