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  1. The problem with all your wailing and gnashing of teeth and rending of garments is that you can't give an absolute guarantee that all those sent to the gallows are guilty. OK so you're a hang 'em and flog 'em right whinger dinosaur. Tell us something we don't know...
  2. Now now. That's only because society has moved forward....
  3. You know the political persuation of all those in the probation service? Now that's clever. Oh no, you don't do you... Plus McCann was jailed for burglary. That wasn't a capital offence last time I looked. It's just pathetic. Every new fuckup by the Justice System is just more proof that you simply can't afford to have Capital Punishment.
  4. So you have looked it up. Welcome to Reality Land. It's already been explained to you the ward was closed due to it no longer being fit for purpose. Hence the refurb. Frankly if you think it's part of some Machiavellian plot then you're crediting the denizens of Tynwald with a lot more nous than they deserve. The "critical mass" factor means folks will always have to travel off-island for certain treatments. End of. If some folks want to pay for the "best" treatment available, Wrightington springs to mind, then it's their choice and it's their money. Fair play. You don't have an argument....
  5. Look up the meaning of "critical mass" as concerns service levels to just about any activity and then I suggest you re-appraise your stance to fit in with what is commonsense to most folks. Happy To Help!
  6. So no proof as per. Why am I not surprised...
  7. Supply the facts to back that statement up. Thanks.
  8. If you bothered to look into it you'll find it's somewhat serious. There have already been trade deal negotiations between the UK and the US outlooking post the totally stupid and unnecessary brexit. The US is insisting that drug purchasing MUST be part of any trade deal. The US pharmaceutical lobby PhRma hate the way the NHS is pretty much exclusively the purchaser of UK drug imports and as such can drive a very hard bargain to the benefit of UK patients like yourself Rog. The example quoted on HIGNFY last night is the drug Humira. The NHS buys it in for about £1400 a packet. In the US where it's made by AbbVie, it can can cost up to seven times as much due to the compartmentalised private provision of healthcare. So the US want an end to NICE - nice.org.uk controlling pricing. UK doctors can also prescribe "biosimilars" which do the same as Humira but at a fraction of the cost. Not possible in the US due to their intellectual and patent laws. So any trade deal with the US is going to cost the NHS, and thus you and me, £billions....
  9. Guido..... Somewhere to the right of Attila The Hun. How is the Guido campaign to bring back the Death Penalty getting on...? It's not as though we haven't had enough farce what with brexit and this grubby little election campaign...
  10. Boris Johnson has said an investigation is needed into the source of leaked documents on UK-US trade negotiations posted on Reddit. Labour says the documents show the NHS would be at risk under a post-Brexit trade deal with the US. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-50699168
  11. Yet to get my nose in todays Grauniad. In Scarby to see Henning Wehn tomorrow. Very nice place to be. Anyway Woolster, good luck with Barrie I note you didn't address the point about the thorny NI customs farrago....? That's the thing about the PM, nobody trusts him. Not even his own side....
  12. Not even a good try... The UK's actual Prime Minister, totally amoral narcissistic serial philanderer and inveterate liar Boris Johnson, was on the Marr show telling the most appalling hairy sphericals and at no time did Marr challenge Johnson's totally imaginary view of the issues. Not even a "My understanding of that differs from yours Prime Minister in that..." or similar. The inescapable conclusion is that the once most trusted newscaster on the planet is running scared....
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