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  1. No Nit Nurse ???!!! Those NHS cuts get everywhere...
  2. That's how they vaccinate kiddies. It's a good idea. Cheap too. Just arm the Nit Nurse with the spray and it's "Job Done" sticker.
  3. I prefer to believe they are astute enough to not get embroiled in the politics. Here's why. They are very much in the public eye. That includes the vultures of the UK rabid right wing press in thrall to the agenda of the owner. Which is to say pretty much all of it. Which is why you can safely ignore anything by The Sun, Sky, Telegraph, Mail, Express and so forth. They also know that their right wing Brexit poster boy has proved to be amazingly more useless than even those who know him expected. So if they can spread the blame for the catastrophe he has caused they will. With rubbishing Whitty and Vallance being a good starting point. So you can bet they'll be watching their arses. With Brexit they'll just blame the EU like they've been doing for years and years and years....
  4. I'm sorry I do not understand the "cynical attempt to justify the coming restrictions" Cases are rising over large areas of the country. That's a fact. So action needs to be taken. Of course totally amoral narcissistic serial philanderer and inveterate liar Bozo Johnson will try to blame anyone but himself for the appalling mis-handling of the pandemic. But the SAGE group give their advice and the politicians, with Bozo having the last word, make the decisions. He wanted the job and unfortunately for us all, especially the bereaved, he got it....
  5. Yesterday Whitty and Vallance said Covid was more virulent than flu.
  6. Alternatively they could just be doing what they've tried to do right through this which is tell it like it is. Presumably that's why they did the honours "unsupported" by a politician. Maybe you missed the import of that...?
  7. You would certainly hope that those arriving knew what they were getting into. People in the UK don't have a clue because of all the mixed messages and different degrees of lockdown. Plus Dominic Cummings didn't exactly help by leading from the rear.... But when you want to get your point across KISS wins every time. I understand that Bozo has deigned to attend a COBRA meeting. Let's see how he gets the message across tomorrow. Preferably without the idiotic optimism and feeble attempts to make light of it...
  8. @Banker Today Sir Patrick Vallance and CMO Chris Whitty produced the slides that those who make a point of keeping themselves properly informed were expecting. If the UK populace do not start doing things differently we are on course for having 50k new Covid cases per day by mid-October. They believe this will equate to 200 deaths per day by mid-November. But hey, you can make yourself look as stupid as you like.... https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/sep/21/uk-could-have-50000-covid-cases-a-day-by-mid-october-says-chief-medical-officer-chris-whitty
  9. They issued guidance on MCCD during the Emergency. Can't get the link to work to download the pdf https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/877302/guidance-for-doctors-completing-medical-certificates-of-cause-of-death-covid-19.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwjU9bOcivvrAhV16uAKHbdID9MQFjAAegQIAxAB&usg=AOvVaw2RZeXtK5ZxvnFxvhkUa5ua
  10. You have to wonder, I do anyway, what they do if the person self-isolating gives a mobile number...?
  11. Did the article give a reason why?
  12. It counters f-all. What part of this is it you can't understand? Bit of a personal giveaway there....
  13. In reality we all die anyway..... The only reason I can think of why they would do that is because they think it's highly likely Covid was the most likely cause of them finally expiring. Why do you think they record them in that way?
  14. According to PHE between 20-3-20 and 4-9-20 there were 53,318 Excess Deaths in England. The number attributed to Covid is 49,648. Which leaves 3,670 Excess Deaths that may or may not be attributable to lack of treatment of ongoing conditions and so forth. Because it's not an exact science but the best I could find....
  15. The day after we got back we had a call at 19:52 to make sure we were self-isolating. And that, ladies and gentlemen, was that....
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