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  1. Are you still beating your wife?
  2. Miffed? Absolutely gutted!
  3. Do you really think anyone cares if you've watched it or not.....?
  4. A clip of Ian Hislop talking about Johnson's lies hence the recent court case that couldn't be broadcast by HIGNFY https://www.indy100.com/article/boris-johnson-have-i-got-news-for-you-tory-leadership-contest-brexit-video-8959806 A self-centred philandering inveterate liar as PM. It's not as though Brexit hasn't already made the UK the laughing stock.....
  5. Of course not! Boris knows that good tories always always always vote with their wallets. So he started his campaign by announcing tax cuts to folks on £50k+ to guarantee the 100k or so membership vote for him. Simples.....
  6. No one is denying something had to be done. It was just the heartless way she did it. But hell, they don't vote tory etc..... The folks in the EU have nothing but hatred for Boris and his lies. Don't forget there's someone still languishing in an Iranian prison because of him....
  7. I doubt very much if there's anyone in the UK who doesn't realise that something had to be done. But the way she did it, sacrificing whole communities on the alter of political dogma? Little wonder there was such an outpouring of hatred at her demise. As to this crop of self-serving chinless wonders I have to say this made me smile: Rory Stewart is ‘active MI6 agent infiltrating extreme right-wing organisation’ RORY Stewart is an active MI6 agent currently in deep cover in an extreme right-wing group planning to devastate Britain, sources have revealed. https://www.thedailymash.co.uk/politics/politics-headlines/rory-stewart-is-active-mi6-agent-infiltrating-extreme-right-wing-organisation-20190618186714
  8. Never mind the state of the nation good tories always vote with their wallet. Never mind the state of the nation good tory MP's always vote with their best chance of being re-elected. As to the rest, well, they don't vote tory so fuck 'em a la Margaret Thatcher....
  9. It will taste sort-of flat because boiling it removes the dissolved water air. Pour it from cup to cup a couple of times to aerate it.
  10. If it all pans out I'll probably blow the lot on fast cars and fast women! Any change I'll spend foolishly.... (Dear me, how old is that!)
  11. I'm not sure tbh. I do know that it rises slightly better and has a better texture. The water across is medium I think. But then you stick to the winning formula. Back on island in a few days so I'll try the tap water and maybe save myself 18p a week...
  12. I bake (ok, chuck it in the breadmaker, switch it on, walk away) all our bread and since I first tried it I now always use bottled water. Because it makes a difference to the finished product.
  13. We have a KETER shed from B&Q and it's so full of crap it will never blow away. Chose it as it's the zero maintenance option.
  14. Jo Brand is not employed by the BBC which makes it just a little bit tricky for them to "sack" her. As an undecided voter in the UK I would appreciate examples of the BBC's left wing politics. Thanks.
  15. It's probably in the sentencing guidelines....
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