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  1. The 4 an hour are 2 each to PE and PSM. Sure the PE bus gets to PSM eventually but from the airport via PE the journey time to PSM is over 40 minutes ie not exactly ideal.
  2. P.K.

    Quality of MHKs

    If folks take a pay cut to be an MHK you would at least know that it's unlikely they are in it for themselves. Unfortunately, just my opinion of course, most of the current lot seem to view it as easy money rather than a vocation. Hence the avoidance of unpopular decisions / policies that are best for the island and instead decisions and policies that suit the status quo take precedence. The way the recommendations of Lord Lisvane were swiftly kicked into the long grass by the "honourable" members is a good case in point...
  3. P.K.

    Quality of MHKs

    Don't think so.... Shop prices are up 2.7 per cent on last year marking their highest rate of inflation since September 2011, figures show. But asked about the problems on Sky News today, Mr Eustice, whose family owns a fruit farm in Cornwall, said: 'Generally speaking, what people find is by going for some of the value brands rather than own-branded products - they can actually contain and manage their household budget. 'It (inflation) will undoubtedly put a pressure on household budgets and, of course, it comes on top of those high gas prices as well.' Shadow Treasury chief secretary Pat McFadden said: 'This is woefully out of touch from a Government with no solution to the cost-of-living crisis facing working people."
  4. I recall a doctor (followed by a BBC camera crew) going through their ICU and pointing at the bedridden patients in turn saying "Unvaccinated unvaccinated unvaccinated unvaccinated...." etc. You get the idea. He remarked that they were of a mind that they were not going to get vaccinated for whatever ridiculously dubious reason but once they're in his ICU if they think it's going to alleviate their appalling condition they take everything they're given absolutely no questions asked at all...
  5. Well, Putin's forces have captured a bunch of "Nazis" at the steel factory. So what will he do with them? Show trials purely for propaganda purposes strictly for the masses perhaps.
  6. There is no point in having a well-stocked shop if your shop windows are Douglas and Ronaldsway...
  7. Doing what is best for the island's residents includes, for example, doing what is best for those residents who support and have been supported by the tourist industry for many years. Not everyone wants to work in questionable activities like "tax efficient schemes" and the oxymoron that is "e-gaming" you know... Strange but true some folks actually have a moral compass. Although when you see the piles and piles of copies of the Sun, Telegraph, Express and Daily Mails unloaded at island newsagents every day you do have to wonder....
  8. Looks like another FPN is headed Bozo's way... Or maybe it's the arrest of a tory MP they need to distract from...
  9. Hello Donbas! Soon to be appearing on a Russian tank near you... https://www.baesystems.com/en/product/excalibur--tell-the-round-where-to-go-ndash-and-it-goes-there
  10. All down to a total lack of accountability...
  11. You forgot the pandemic. Fail. We seem to be becoming inured to all the lies emanating from this excuse of a government which is a worry. The "oven ready deal" and the "no border in the Irish Sea" bolox they were pedalling is hardly surprisingly starting to unravel: "No option off the table on Northern Ireland protocol, Gove warns EU Senior minister leaves open possibility UK could pass law to disapply parts of framework" https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2022/may/11/no-option-off-the-table-on-northern-ireland-protocol-gove-warns-eu "Gove warns EU" - what a load of nonsense... Fortunately the US and the EU take the GFA a great deal more seriously than the bunch of self-centred chancers in Westminster.
  12. There is no way the Republic (pop about 5m) would ever want to take on the festering sore that is the Six Counties (pop about 2m) riven as it is by a religious divide. I mean, why would they bother when there's so little in it for them? There is also no clear mechanism about how it could ever be achieved either. It's nothing like as simple as a referendum on both sides of the border. See https://www.instituteforgovernment.org.uk/explainers/irish-reunification
  13. Smirking as usual... Yvette Cooper would be a good choice as Bozo absolutely hates the way she can take him apart without even trying too hard. But then Bozo has set a very low bar....
  14. Having seen NATO technology tearing up his AFV assets in Ukraine Putin knows taking on NATO could only end in a nuclear exchange. Seems to me he doesn't know what to do...
  15. Oh well. It was a nice idea: Putin marks Victory Day in Moscow with no major new announcements on Ukraine Russian president Vladimir Putin in his speech at the Red Square parade did not make any major announcements as the Russian leader spent of it justifying his invasion of Ukraine, describing it as he has done in the past as “the forced, timely and only correct decision.” Speaking in front of over 10,000 troops, the Russian leader repeated his rationales for what Russia calls its “special military operation” in Ukraine, claiming that the West was planning an attack on Crimea and that Moscow had “no other option.” “Nato countries did not want to listen to us. They had different plans, and we saw it. They were planning an invasion into our historic lands, including Crimea … Russia gave a preemptive rebuff to aggression, it was a forced, timely and only right decision. Putin notably did not declare general mobilisation or a formal declaration of war, two scenarios experts said would further escalate the war in Ukraine. His speech was also devoid of threats to use nuclear weapons, as Western concerns have recently grown concerned over Moscow’s rhetoric that signalled the Kremlin was considering such weapons. But there were also no signs that Putin planned to de-escalate the conflict. Some observers said the Russian leader might seek to end the war by proclaiming victory in the Donbas. As expected, Putin aimed to portray the war in Ukraine as a continuation of World War II and the battle aganst Nazism. Addressing Russian soldiers who he said arrived from the battlefield in Ukraine, he said, “You are fighting for the homeland, for its future, for no one to forget the lessons of World War II.”
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