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  1. Thank fuck for that....
  2. P.K.

    Has the Ben got new engines?

    He who pays the piper..... JW recently turned up at Heysham late, the Ben was still there but he wasn't allowed to get on. Why the fuck not? Like I posted previously, they need a change of mindset.....
  3. P.K.

    Has the Ben got new engines?

    As far as I'm concerned the Racket needs a change of mindset. Starting with some "Customer First" training.
  4. Nothing wrong with safety in numbers and with a resurgent Russia, well.... The thing is folks have to apply, they're not forced to join. So again what's not to like about strategy?
  5. I believe Maastricht is where it all went right. I should imagine the negotiating team left for home scarcely believing the outcome. Full membership and keeping the £. The best of ALL worlds. Now about this "project" - what, in your opinion, is so terrible about the EU? Forget about The Evil Goblins intent on world domination. I actually made that bit up. There are enough etc etc....
  6. That's as stupid as trying to promote on MF well known racist and islamaphobe Pat Condell. I guess the latest lot to be completely taken in by a bunch of mendacious politicians with their VERY false promises has to be the Italians. I'm not going to bother with the details but basically like our lying brexiteers they promised mass deportations of Johnny Foreigner, more money on public services, more money to lift the living standards of the poor and unemployed, reducing the retirement age etc etc. All completely unworkable and unaffordable but they got elected anyway. Needless to say their very first budget smacked into the Reality Buffers of the EU and the threat of sanctions. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/dec/13/italy-cuts-deficit-target-for-2019-to-204-to-avoid-eu-sanctions It's not going to end well for the Italians and it's probably a bigger threat to the EU than Brexit. It's a little bit strange to me. With the passage of information being so much easier these days you would think an electorate would be harder and harder to fool. I can understand the brexiteers being taken in by the lies of Farage, Gove and Johnson because the UK right wing press, which is to say pretty much all of it, supported them and didn't point out what a load of bollox they were spouting. Quite the reverse in fact as they often latched onto the lies and built on them. I guess if you want to believe it and you're that sort of person you wont pay heed to anything that might burst your little bubble...
  7. For you? You're having a laugh!
  8. No Joe Public hasn't been waiting 40 years bollox bollox bollox. What a totally ridiculous statement. Have you been drinking? The loony tunes like Rees-Mogg, Fysh, Fox, Redwood, Duncan Smith, Raab, Davis etc etc yes maybe. But probably not. And Joe Public? Not a chance. Until they were given a focal point for the woes of years of austerity by a bunch of self-serving chancers who saw an opportunity for personal gain by motivating the more susceptible in society to hopefully carry them forward to achieve their personal goals. The lessons of history are full of scenarios just like this one. A common theme is they never end well.....
  9. You need to make your "damage limitation" a little less obvious. Just a thought....
  10. Not everyone who voted for Brexit is a racist. But everyone who is a racist voted for Brexit.... You can't ignore the salient facts that the mendacious self-serving trio of Farage, Gove and Johnson kicked off their "Leave" campaign with the totally ridiculous "£350 million" etc etc populist financial nonsense. Realising they were losing that argument they then played the racist card and with more than a little help from the likes of Aaron Banks they carried the day. By all means do whatever you can to pick holes in that particular piece of history...
  11. The vote was a complete distraction as the deal and those opposed wasn't likely to change as a consequence. However I have come to realise it was well worth it to see bug-eyed brexit loons like Marcus Fysh and JRM spitting blood. More of this please....
  12. This leadership challenge is really bad news. Not only is it bad for the country but it might cause "The Apprentice - Interviews" to be pushed back. What a bummer....
  13. Not forgetting Amber Rudds' Plan B which is "Norway Plus" or some such nonsense....
  14. The blind leading the blind....