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  1. As I posted previously, there's no law against collusion. There are 11 instances where the Trump's actions are "questionable" shall we say. Try playing them and not the man. You're starting to embarrass yourself.....
  2. Though it is in a picturesque setting right next to the grey concrete disused Coastguard OP.
  3. Ah yes, from the poster who always insists on reasoned debate from his protagonists. Per the above what a joke that is. The same poster who recently has taken up the cause of the indefensible Trump who Mueller simply couldn't declare clear from 11 charges of obstruction of due process. Just add to that the massive problem of the rise of the right wing on a wave of populist sop-to-the-stupid policies (remember brexit?) and it's very obvious that his call that I need a holiday is laced with industrial grade irony. You're the one who needs a holiday. A couple of weeks in Reality Land should help.....
  4. Across the continent I found they varied quite a lot. The US multinational I worked for had software on the West coast and design and manufacturing on the East coast. Hence East coast "It's as per spec" West coast "What's a spec.....?" Sometimes they are over-friendly. They would join you for breakfast and within five minutes they would be giving on about their latest medical condition. Just what you need to help your pancakes down your neck. I wouldn't rate their educational system either.
  5. Robert Mueller’s much-awaited report details “multiple contacts” between the Trump campaign and Russian government officials, and sets out 10 “episodes” in which Donald Trump possibly obstructed justice. Mueller says he did not make a “traditional prosecutorial judgement” on whether Trump did obstruct justice and adds that the evidence obtained about “the president’s actions and intent” threw up “difficult issues”. However, the special counsel refused to exonerate Trump on the charge. “If we had confidence after a thorough investigation of the facts that the President clearly did not commit obstruction of justice, we would so state,” Mueller wrote in his conclusion. He added: “Based on the facts and the applicable legal standards, we are unable to reach that judgement.” Unfortunately "collusion" is not a crime. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2019/apr/19/mueller-report-unable-to-clear-trump-of-obstruction-of-justice You have to remember here that in WoolleyWorld forward thinking open-minded liberals are to blame for everything. That includes The Plague, the destruction of Notre Dame, any war you care to think of, world hunger, catastrophic climate change, Freddie Flintoff's 5 - 0 whitewash in an Ashes series, Brexit and the media nadir that is Piers Morgan.....
  6. Unfortunately Heysham has very poor public transport access. But to invest long millions into new berthing that lacks freight access strikes me as being somewhat short-sighted. So that's settled then....
  7. Unfortunately everything government does has the Public Sector Pension Liability hanging over it like The Sword of Damocles. Add to that a VERY healthy electorate scepticism born out of years of fiscal ineptitude and constantly fuelled by incessant and completely unnecessary jollies for the boys and girls and it's easy to see why they are simply not trusted to do what's right for the island. Personally I think none of them should be allowed off-island unless accompanied by a responsible adult....
  8. Back in Reality Land are the running costs between the two vessels in the public domain? Because everyone wants a faster service as cheaply as possible. But until you put a £number on that requirement you'll never know just how much they actually want it. It's a bit tricky to tell (CBA actually) from the timetables to see if the Mannanan attracts a premium payment. Presumably a full running costs comparison including all aspects of the operation besides fuel and crew are in front of Tynwald? Because if I was doing it I would mark all the winter months when Mannanan can't sail as downtime in exactly the same way as, say, an SM.
  9. Actually I'm still trying to figure out what you swanning around in presumably The New Territories armed only with an MOD issue green right-angled torch 6230 99 910 5033 complete with D-batteries and red and green filters 6230 99 949 6381 has to do with the rise in knife crime in UK inner cities...? As I haven't the faintest idea what the correlation is then maybe, just maybe, you're right....?
  10. When I filled in my IOMSPCo survey I remember thinking that human nature being what it is the responders will all want a faster crossing for less money. You can imagine my amazement when that seemed to be the case....! I was less than amazed to discover that no one had thought to survey all the IOMSPCo account holders the omission being par for the course. It makes sense to have two vessels especially to cash in on the easily remembered ABC plus assorted Grockles and to back each other up. It makes no sense to me if they can't back each other up during the more ship-wearing winter months with it's added sresses of bad weather. But currently the thinking seems to be no change.
  11. The tides plus High Pressure building might cause a problem. Tide tables are built on Chart Datum which is the lowest mathematical level. Next week, according to The Admiralty, low tide will be approaching that level. Air weighs something. Think a cubic metre of atmosphere at sea level weighing about 1.2 kilos. This weight vairies according to air pressure. So the pressure used in tide table predictions is set at 1013 sillibars (hPa). The UK experiences pressure variations of around 925 to 1050 hPa. A quick "rule of thumb" calculation is that each hPa change equates to a 1 cm change in sea level. So high pressure of 1043 hPa will mean a low tide a foot lower than predicted. Just to up the confidence levels the tide heights issued by Ronaldsway seem to be about a metre different from those issued by The Admiralty. For today the next high tide is predicted to be 5.7 metres and 4.9 metres respectively....
  12. As you've said before, I know better than this......
  13. Like a rat in a trap. " I will continue to advise others on this site that , at best ,you only have a nodding acquaintance with the truth ." Oh the irony! Stop whining, get over it, move on....
  14. Thanks for posting this up. I've always liked Australians as they tend to tell it like it is. Something that has been singularly lacking in all of this especially from our politicos. This is probably why The Grauniad is an anathema to the likes of Quilp, Woolley, Paswt, The Phat Tog, Lxxx, Woody2 and all the rest of The Jolly MF Brexiteers. “I’m struck, as the British parliament moves towards the endgame on Brexit, with the number of times Australia, Canada, New Zealand and India have been advanced by the Brexiteers in the public debate as magical alternatives to Britain’s current trade and investment relationship with the European Union” “This is the nuttiest of the many nutty arguments that have emerged from the Land of Hope and Glory set now masquerading as the authentic standard-bearers of British patriotism. It’s utter bollocks.” Amen to that....
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