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  1. It's all a case of getting what you pay for plus national concerns being centrally funded by government. Now divvying up between local and national funding could get tricky. However I would expect the Capital City to be more expensive simply because they are. Mind you, they get all the advantages like a vibrant nightlife and club scene. Many's the time I would like to cruise into Douglas and take in a show and then maybe do a club or two. You know what I mean "Table Service! A bottle of Dom P and a table by the band please..." Etc...
  2. Of course bigger doesn't necessarily mean more efficient. Right-sizing and getting rid of duplication will though. They all set their own rates and if anything is going to encourage a silo mentality that is it. A top-down review of authorities as a whole entity would probably be a worthwhile exercise mind...
  3. Like Sunak's wife nom dom status it does look like a deliberate attempt to avoid paying his dues. Therefore he's not fit to be an MP. Mind you I spent last weekend in Stratford-upon-Avon. That's a very nice constituency he's got there...
  4. The last time I went through Ronaldsway security I inadvertently left the ziploc plastic bag with my liquid containers in it in my carry-on bag. Nobody noticed...
  5. Removing the vehicles and storing them would have to be costed out to ensure it's cost effective. For example: https://careers.newjob.org.uk/HC/job/Lyndhurst-RPU-Vehicle-Recovery-Scheme-Admin-HC606192-HAM/896297701 ETA - I wonder if the bin-boys could do it during their new found downtime...
  6. For PSM it meant 1 per hour because they didn't think it through. You used to get to PSM via Gansey to PSM harbour twice an hour now reduced to once an hour. Alternatively go via Colby and PE and then via PSM on the way to back to Douglas. Takes longer but you get there. So you could say there are now two buses to PSM per hour. Only some Brain of Britain figured out that if you schedule them a certain way the bus going South to PE arrives in PSM within 1 minute of the bus from PE arriving in PSM that is going North to Douglas...! Gain = nil. Sheer crass stupidity...
  7. It's not a bluff. It remains the only way to stop what was The Red Army and always has been.
  8. With the amount of tripwire troops the US has in the NATO theatre the scenario above is sheer folly. The scary thing is if Putin actually thinks like that. The NATO doctrine on protecting Europe is based around using Crust, Sponge and Killing Ground necessitating the deployment of tactical nuclear weapons. The Russians know this. Since the start of their latest invasion they also would have learned that they are no longer a match for NATO forces. If the Ukrainians can achieve what they have against Russia then NATO would cream them....
  9. I should imagine the 74 tanks from Poland - 14 Leopard 2, 30 PT-91, 30 T-72 - will be there when they ask for them. The training and logistics/maintenance maybe a month...? Of course, the training etc can take place while the heavy metal is in transit.
  10. Of course both sides will become more active when the better weather arrives. I should imagine all the plans for it are already in place. It's just business as usual. I doubt very much if logistics are a problem for the Ukrainians. Everything can come through NATO members Germany and Poland with impunity. Plus their Command and Control is clearly superior to the Russians. Not a high bar I grant you. As for supplying battlegroups with everything they need they've been at war with Russia since 2014 and have probably got very good at it.
  11. An escalation where? One war is enough for now...
  12. Since 2019 UK exports to the EU have dropped by 25%. That's an awful lot of £business down the Swannee. And before all the usual suspects pile in with "covid!" etc all our peer group economies have grown beyond their pre covid high while the UK languishes in the doldrums and we all know why...
  13. Relax. I suspect neither of us would be accepted as candidates...
  14. Before "crap towns" became vogue Holyhead was considered the scruffiest place in the UK. It's dark history, being the centre of Druidism, doesn't exactly add to the "appeal" of Ynys Mons...
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