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  1. Very bad news that the ERG (now rebranded as "The Spartans" - so Rees-Moggs personal diminutive rotund fag Mark Francois is a "Spartan" then - hilarious!) have approached the Attorney General for guarantees that should there be no FTA by the end of the transition period (31/12/20?) then the default statutory position would be to leave without a deal. So on the one hand Johnson has to court the Spartan Ultras (hah!) and on the other hand deal with a great unknown (to him) namely principled politicians like Ken Clarke. Little wonder he wants a GE....
  2. What a wonderful building La Sagrada Familia is becoming. @woolley So according to you all the data on the UK's really pretty decent GDP performance in the EU is completely ignored and folks just make guesses. Right. Oh, of course. As a brexiteer you just HAVE to ignore the UK's past performance in the EU because otherwise it would make the coming leap into the dark look really really stupid. Got it....
  3. What!!!??? Unfortunately Thomas Mair actually believed all the brexiteer lies. You know, like you mouth off...
  4. Nothing wrong with having taste and discernment. Something the journos for the UK rabid right wing press, which is to say pretty much all of it, must have buried a long long time ago....
  5. Don't presume to know anything. I asked if there were any arrests? So you either don't know or the police escort deigned to make any. Sounds to me with your "animal mobs" comment that JRM has got exactly the result he was after from the gullible. As a parent naturally I'm appalled not only with people frightening children but also with JRM putting his kids into the front line for what looks like political shenanigans. Again! The totally unnecessary and stupid brexit has generated just so much anger. What a bunch of bloody fools our nation must look....
  6. Who the f*** do you think you are to make demands on ANYONE? I owe you nothing. Zip, zilch, zero, nada. I trust that's clear enough...?
  7. Any responsible parent wouldn't put their child at that kind of risk. But if the child was specifically threatened then that's grounds for arrest. So were any arrests made?
  8. The fact remains that JRM knew it would be something of a scrimmage. Yet he still took his kid along. So he's either spectacularly stupid or, which I suspect, he wanted it to go the way it did to make a point about the great unwashed. After all, he has previous.
  9. Dear me. Your posts are more and more looking like they've been cut and pasted from the Daily Wail. Which I noticed today was once again running down one of the institutions that holds up our democracy. Strange but true there was no mention that the delay was caused by the fact our current PM is simply not fit to serve due to being completely amoral and untrustworthy. Funny that... But you really DO see EU Fifth Columnists everywhere without a shred of evidence. I know of three people working at Westminster who would think you are an idiot for your outlandish claims. Especially the one who works in the HoC library because everything they produce has to be squeaky clean because it will be studied and twisted if possible by the rabid right wing UK press, which is to say pretty much all of it. I mean, who do you think "indoctrinates" all of these experts? Laughable!
  10. I’ve sent the letter but I haven’t signed it, says petty little twat THE spiteful little w*nker running the country has sent a letter to the EU asking for a Brexit extension but has sulkily refused to sign it. Boris Johnson, who at first folded his arms and turned away from the letter when it was brought to him by an aide, believes that by not signing it he has scored some kind of pathetic point. https://www.thedailymash.co.uk/politics/politics-headlines/ive-sent-the-letter-but-i-havent-signed-it-says-petty-little-twat-20191020189950
  11. P.K.


    They must be gutted....
  12. The facts of the matter are the stupid, totally unnecessary Brexit has polarised the country and generated a great deal of anger. The politicos who are using it to further their lot are claiming that once it's done all will be well. Total bollox of course. I suspect the anger at this nonsense will last for many years to come. The more we learn about brexit the more the brexiteers' Unicorn comes across as a tired whitewashed old donkey with a dildo on it's head....
  13. From the sublime to the ridiculous. Step forward childishly amoral narcissistic serial philanderer and inveterate liar Boris Johnson. Why send one letter when three will do...? No doubt written in green crayon, the favoured choice of the brexiteers febrile cortex... What a total clusterfuck. Little wonder we're the laughing stock of the entire planet. Well, if you're a rabid, brainless brexiteer "Job Done" sticker....
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