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  1. If enough MP's join the grouping then they could hold the balance of power over The Maybot's "strong and stable" administration. Could be good for a laugh. This complete and utter clusterfuck is brought to you courtesy of all those who voted to get shot of Johnny Foreigner.....
  2. Well who would have thought it? The easiest trade deals in history..... With market analysts warning a no-deal Brexit is a growing possibility, pressure on Fox is intensifying. This may explain last week’s clumsy warning to Japan, in a letter co-authored with Hunt, that “time is of the essence”. Like his predecessors, Shinzō Abe, Japan’s prime minister, has pursued a close diplomatic and security relationship with Britain. Japanese businesses and carmakers have invested heavily. So officials in Tokyo reportedly took strong exception to the Fox-Hunt suggestion of foot-dragging, suggesting it smacked of arrogance. Fox was already struggling with tougher than expected Japanese negotiating tactics. Given widespread perceptions of British weakness, bordering on desperation, other countries, less well disposed than Japan, can be expected to take an even harder line. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/feb/18/fox-and-hunts-japanese-fumble-is-a-sign-of-uks-weakness
  3. Pity he dragged you up though....
  4. P.K.

    'no current plans to close Ramsey library' ?

    Wow! I know all about Fleet Control. In one 18 month period I banged in 13 damage reports. The best was when a car wash ripped off the rear air spoiler and started to demolish the boot with it. I drove out pronto before it smashed the rear window and I got wet. Some people just shouldn't be given a company car....
  5. P.K.


    Michael Foot.
  6. P.K.

    Cut & paste

    Managers are ( unfortunately ) very easy to make. Which is why the UK has so many managers who are truly dreadful. Leaders are ( unfortunately ) very difficult to make. Which is why the UK has so many managers who are truly dreadful. So ideally you find someone in the organisation who can lead and make them into a manager. But being a leader they probably couldn't be arsed to become a manager when so many managers are so awful. But essentially leaders pick themselves.
  7. So what key aspects of our constitution have we given away and to what effect? And please spare us the "armageddon" bs trying to belittle genuine concerns. Thanks.
  8. It's fair though. The Leave campaign told lie after lie after lie. "The easiest trade deals in history" turned out to be nothing of the kind with trading nations taking advantage of the obvious seriously weakened position of the UK. The worst government I have ever known is riven by self-interest. Hey, what's not to like.....?
  9. I can't help thinking that we'll be hearing the above plaintive whine for many years to come.....
  10. P.K.

    Why be shy

    Where has Dilli posted that things have gone wrong in his life? Or that he drank to excess? ( if such a thing could actually happen that is... ) I don't recall ever seeing any of that.
  11. Tomlinson is an avid Leaver and he wants to be re-elected hence Honda abandoning the UK has nothing whatever to do with Brexit. Of course it hasn't. Not at all. No, really it hasn't. Honestly...... Mind you, this is the twat who took a photograph of Sadiq Khan using his mobile while driving and sent it to Inspector Knacker....
  12. P.K.

    Cut & paste

    In my experience internationally UK managers have a reputation for being rubbish. One of the fundamental issues seems to be that that in the UK you only need to put an appalling brown-noser on a training course and hey presto! They're a manager... Managers like that do not inspire their people by example, vision, nurturing, encouraging or rewarding. All they do is brown-nose the next level. After all, it worked before... Managers cannot inspire. All they can do is manage. Leaders, on the other hand, can achieve things that managers can only dream of....
  13. It's about the way things are presented to put a spin on the "facts" as it were..... For example Farage, Gove and Johnson simplified complicated issues like the UK contributing to the EU whilst completely ignoring the rabate as a sop to the stupid. OK, so it didn't work as well as expected so they then unashamedly played the racist card, which regretfully did appeal to the baser instincts of a lot of UK voters. You clearly haven't checked out the provenance of "fullfact" - so maybe you should before quoting them as the ONLY purveyors of factual information. Simple as.... Happy To Help!
  14. So that's a "No" then. Why didn't you just say so....?
  15. And blue passports. Win / Win Errrrr hang on a minute....