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  1. How do you think the rest of us feel....? SA Tests - 12, 22, 29, 23, 1, 20, 8 - I suspect Buttler will be dropped.
  2. "But in four years, nobody, but nobody has even asked what matters to me - and on each occasion that I have tried to explain, I have been cut off by people using terms like Racist, Nationalist, Little Englander, Populist, Stupid, Naive, uneducated etc. etc. Those terms have not been used to argue against my point of view - but have been used to describe my point of view before I have even been given a chance to explain what my point of view was. For four years I have been told (not asked) what my motives for brexit were." I don't believe a word of this. This is the person who was browbeating another poster on here to part with £1000 and a very unedifying spectacle it was to. Especially as it gave me the distinct impression that the underlying motivation was simply to puff their own ego. "Your post, based on trade is a perfectly legitimate argument. PK posts mainly on immigration (sometimes trade) which matters to him. For others it is 'Sovereignty'." This is rich from the person who whinges about putting folks in boxes. The things which matter to me the most are that in straightened times it's always those with the least who suffer the most and all the lies that may end up putting the UK into recession and those at the bottom into real hardship. The biggest lies being "sovereignty", "immigration" and "future trade". I do not intend to judge the success or otherwise of brexit on "sovereignty" because we never lost it and "immigration" which will continue at a similar rate because UK PLC needs it to. Although the real joke on all those who want shot of Johnny Foreigner is that EU citizens working in the UK contribute more to the public purse per head than the indigenous population. One of the best things about EU membership is the ability to move on and work elsewhere with the minimum of fuss. That's what the EU folks in the UK are doing. These people are being replaced by non-EU folks whose sole aim, unlike EU citizens, is to settle here permanently. What an absolute classic and in both feet too! As to "The easiest deals in history" (Fox) and "We're going to get a great deal" (Johnson) it's wait and see mode. But that will be my measure - trade and resultant GDP. Since the Maastricht Treaty the UK has recorded a growth of GDP of something like 125%. Knocking France back from second to third place in the EU ratings. In other words the UK has absolutely thrived in the EU. So let's see if Brexit can match it.... Incidentally for all those who think making deals with the US is just around the corner you need to listen to this recorded the other day https://youtu.be/cHzCtULFavI There's a reason the US will not move until the UK's future relationship in the EU is nailed down.... ETA: Not sure about not enforcing the follow on. But that would have been Stuart Broad's decision.
  3. Just "Business As Usual" for the tory party. Veterans' charity Combat Stress stops new referrals over funding crisis A leading mental health charity for military veterans says it will not be able to take any new cases in England and Wales, because of a funding crisis. Combat Stress said its income has fallen from £16m to £10m in the current financial year partly due to cuts in NHS funding support. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-51243098
  4. What a load of nonsense. This is meaningless garbage pure and simple "It has yet to dawn on (but soon will) remainers, that the result will be set to satisfy leavers, on their terms, not remainer terms. When remainers lost, they indeed truly lost, they are no longer the stipulators, the assessors, or the judges" The "remainer terms" were to stay a member of the EU. That went South the day after the referendum! However as we ALL have to live with the result then we will ALL judge the what happens next on it's merits. Irrespective of how you may have voted. To think otherwise is naive in the extreme. Especially as we will ALL have a vote at the next GE. Except for those that the nasty party want disenfranchised like those without the money to afford photo id. Unfortunately the worst Government Administration and the worst Opposition in living memory have, probably inevitably, produced the worst possible Prime Minister in the deeply flawed character that is Boris Johnson. Good luck with that one....
  5. This is your idea of preaching is it? You're a brexiteer all right. Lie after lie....
  6. Oh the irony! What an appalling hypocrite you are. Maybe you should try practicing what you preach....
  7. So you've not heard that the UK will have to re-negotiate not only it's trading relationship with the EU but also the 60+ arrangements with non-EU countries under the umbrella of the EU's trading clout? Ah, I get it, you think we'll be able to cut better deals as a stand-alone entity.... Got it!
  8. The usual hackneyed nonsense. This trade that will continue in much the same way, does that include costings staying the same?
  9. You're completely in denial over the nasty party and immigration in exactly the same way you're completely in denial over this other small issue with your totally stupid and completely unnecessary brexit which meant that once again you couldn't muster an answer: Why don't you just quit while you're behind....?
  10. Just shows what a travesty the completely stupid and unnecessary brexit is. Revealed: complex post-Brexit checks for Northern Irish traders Transport and manufacturing heads criticise paperwork needed to trade with GB https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2020/jan/24/revealed-complex-post-brexit-checks-for-northern-irish-traders
  11. I'm not changing the subject at all. That would be you. It's not a big "to do" list at all. You claim your tory party isn't anti-immigration. I have simply pointed out a national scandal that demonstrates just how awful they really are. If you were totally unaware of the Windrush scandal then fair enough. If you did know about it, (face it, you must have done) then you are in such complete denial that you even lie about your wonderful tory party on here. Not my problem....
  12. So deny that it was tory policy towards immigration that led to the quite appalling Windrush scandal. Go on, off you go...
  13. A brexiteer talking about exposing lies.... Now THAT'S funny! IMHO Roger has wasted so much bandwidth playing petty semantics already. This tory party that has been accused of being anti-immigration. That wouldn't be the same tory party that instigated a "hostile environment" against immigrants to encourage them to leave that led to the Windrush scandal would it? You know what, I believe it is. Dear me, fell at the first hurdle....
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