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  1. Dear me. After I've filled in the gaps in your posts as well...
  2. P.K.


    Some have been like that for years and years.....
  3. I doubt that very much indeed. The piece I posted up was about how infections were rising. The extracts you posted up were from an article speculating on what the rise in infections MIGHT mean to hospital admissions because there is as yet insufficient data to reach firm conclusions. Dear me. Just more picking and choosing to back the agenda.... "It's very clear where infection rates are heading now - and it's not where we wanted to be or thought we would be just a few weeks ago. That's why we're concerned," says one of the scientists on Sage, the group which advises minist
  4. I'm well aware that folks die all the time thank you. I'm of the age group where the only chance I get to wear a suit it's the black one. Aunty telling it like it is after the blindingly obvious headline: "There have been nearly 30,000 new UK cases of the variant in the past week. "The Public Health England report says it is likely to spread more easily and could make people more seriously ill." https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-57441677
  5. I understand it perfectly well thanks. Do you? Let me please draw your attention to the percentage distribution of the vaccinated fatalities versus the unvaccinated fatalities which stands at 45% to 55%. That's an awful lot lower than the vaccine efficacy rates would suggest it should be.
  6. Little wonder there are concerns about the Delta variant. Data from Public Health England confirms there have been 42 deaths so far in England with the Delta variant. Of this number, 23 were unvaccinated, seven were more than 21 days after their first dose of vaccine, and 12 were more than 14 days after their second dose. Put in simple percentages - 55% unvaccinated, 28% 1 jab, 17% 2 jabs. Thinking vaccination makes you invulnerable is clearly not a good idea...
  7. Anyone would find brainlessly repeating the same refrain easy hence all it needs is a stock reply. If you think that's somehow moving your cause forward, well, good luck with that one...
  8. I've got Dupuytren's in both hands. How about you? Another daft question...
  9. Then tell all that to your MHK. With the shameful Dr Glover episode, the fortnight vaccination hiatus and the Indian Variant being so-called because it originated in India, among others, has not shown IOMG in a very good light. But then I thought with a complete and utter lack of leadership they were always going to struggle. As to media briefings I don't care if they are put together by Saatchi & Saatchi or the Chuckle Brothers as long as they have accurate data and get the message across. Anyway I'm manx so to me what the CI's get up to is a complete irrelevance....
  10. Unlike you and the rest of the "Do what the CI's are doing whether it's appropriate or not.." brigade I do not have a very very tedious axe to grind. So why would I contact my MHK? It's like Banker's (SP?) moan above about the expanding flights to the CI's etc etc which is simply that the carriers know that the CI's have nice weather hence a viable tourist industry so they will get bums on seats. What Banker expects IOMG to do about that God only knows. The words " pissing in the wind" come to mind here...
  11. Then try again. You could always knock on their door of course.
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