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  1. P.K.

    Manx Radio

    Leonard Cheshire Care Homes...?
  2. Bozo the Trumpette must be hating PMQ's. He wanted the job. Well, unfortunately for him and us he got it... https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2020/jul/01/boz-the-bluster-gets-hammered-in-pmqs-whack-a-mole
  3. P.K.

    Manx Radio

    Their attempt to draw in and thus portray elements of MR being racist has failed. So all they can do about it is make out that the Communications Commission have got it wrong. However it's very obvious to anyone with any nous that the Communications Commission have got it very right. So imho PoC IOM are now pissing up a rope. If they had any genuine demonstrable evidence of racism on the island they would get a lot of backing, including myself. But as yet they obviously haven't....
  4. If the Southern States are anything to go by....
  5. P.K.

    IOMSPC 190 !!

    Sure. But as a kid it was just all good fun. Even the green "departures" hanger at Pier Head!
  6. P.K.

    IOMSPC 190 !!

    Things have become somewhat utilitarian since then. But I get the idea.
  7. P.K.

    IOMSPC 190 !!

    Do you have a receipt?
  8. P.K.

    IOMSPC 190 !!

    How did you acquire that sign John? I think we should be told.... I remember silver service when I stayed at The Grand in Brighton. Especially the flourish as everyone's meal was revealed at the same time. I find it amusing that the same level of service was available on the dear old steamie. But every time has it's own fashion and style....
  9. P.K.

    IOMSPC 190 !!

    I recall the Balqueen Hydro being about twice the size of the remains. Plus hotels on PE promenade having ballroom dancing. There was also a sign at the bottom of the road that warned "No Charabancs!" Something for everyone I guess...
  10. P.K.

    IOMSPC 190 !!

    Hard to believe such well-heeled travellers, in such numbers looking at the seating, would visit a charming but unsophisticated backwater like the island...
  11. "Piller 1" is testing of NHS staff, Care Homes and those pitching up at hospital. "Pillar 2" are the testing stations in the wider community. Leicester happened because the local authority were only given the P1 cases - 80. They were only informed of the P2 cases a week later, last Thusday making - 944. Just another Bozo fuckup....
  12. Starmer is picking his ground and doing his homework - and it shows. An example: Last week Starmer complained that Bozo's "world beating" track and trace system was not reaching 66% of those who tested positive for the virus. This week it was now failing to reach 75% of those infected. Cue usual bluster from Bozo. This many folks had been traced, thanks to the sound common sense of the British people etc etc. Starmer pointed out Bozo's answer means there is a growing problem and Bozo just can't see it. Which is a polite way of saying that the "world beating" track and trace system is a shambles, it's totally failing to meet the requirement and the virus is getting away from it. Bozo's performance was just pitiful.... ETA Starmer even referenced one of Bozo's speeches and said "Amongst the usual bluster..." I laughed. Bozo didn't...
  13. I believe it's called "Telling it like it is..." Something Bozo has never bothered to do. Which reminds me - PMQ's on record.
  14. P.K.

    IOMSPC 190 !!

    I liked the lounges where it was bench seating all around the hull with a sort of bunk-berth above. Presumably because of the hull shape. The portholes were just above this berth. When there was a bit of a sea the portholes would be submerged when the boat rolled. Magical! It used to annoy my mother no end that the heavy rolling of the hull would lull me to sleep. Until they started being sick of course. Why do people who suffer from mal de mer think they will be better off below decks? What they should be doing is getting out on the decks in the fresh air to enjoy a pork pie washed down with Guinness....
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