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  1. Standard brexiteer response. Ignore uncomfortable truths and everything will be just fine. Never forget that if you stick your head in the sand eventually the Reality Bus slaps you up the arse. No doubt some on here would actually like that.... A brexiteer, of which there are lots on here but unfortunately they're all really busy atm, has yet to come up with any verifiable positives around exiting the EU. Apart from getting blue passports of course......
  2. Get this thicko. UK farmers can't produce enough food to feed the UK. So we HAVE to import the shortfall. Jeeeeeeeze......
  3. Bullshit. The IoM was used for a reason....
  4. You haven't quite figured out all this trading and tariffs stuff yet have you?
  5. Well, North Korea only trades with China but they're doing ok. Once in a while the crops fail and thousands starve to death but their parades still look good on the telly. Never mind because apparently outside the EU is the land of milk and honey. That's why the UK is leaving. It doesn't matter that our sovereign parliament has been formulating our own laws since we joined the EU or that we've continued to have border controls during that time as well. We're going to "take back control" of, errr, well, hmm, errr, well, something anyway..... I'm still waiting for a brexiteer to explain exactly what that bit means. But like the David Davis 28 FTA's "ready to go" it's all a great mystery. One thing you can be sure of is that every trading nation on the planet will be ready to do a trade deal with the UK but ON THEIR TERMS. Not ours. Because they all know we have fucked ourselves over. I just hope that the loony brexit fringe of the fractured tory party can be overcome and there's a deal.
  6. I don't hate him at all. In fact, in the past I've made positive moves to meet him face to face. Although I can't help thinking that he would find it rather difficult. Because I'm not remotely how he likes to potray me on here. As those who know me IRL would attest to. I'm really looking forward to the Port Erin fireworks. Who else is headed there?
  7. So no brexit positives then. Why am I not surprised. Keep sucking those lemons... Twat.
  8. So just put me on "ignore". Believe me I'm absolutely fine with it. Got any Brexit positives worthy of debate? Didn't think so... ETA: The more we get into the truth of what brexit actually involves the more the brexiteers' Unicorn comes across as a tired whitewashed old donkey with a dildo on it's head....
  9. Quite. I keep trying to smoke out the rabid brexiteers, The Phat Tog, Twinkle, Quilp, Rog, Woolley etc etc but it seems that they've crawled under their stones and left Woody2 to carry the flag alone. Personally if I thought I had supported a bunch of racists intent on dragging the country over an economic cliff I would adopt a low profile as well. Of course, they'll all play the "It's impossible to have a reasoned debate on here bollox bollox bollox" card but as it's becoming increasingly obvious that as ideas go it's probably worse than invading Poland they essentially have absolutely no positives to debate with. I wonder how it will effect the TT cash cow? For lots of years Europeans have been able to travel freely with just their national ID card. From March they will probably need a passport to transition through the UK. I suspect many won't bother.... The more we get into the truth of what brexit actually involves the more the brexiteers' Unicorn comes across as a tired whitewashed old donkey with a dildo on it's head....
  10. P.K.

    Cafe Lingo

    Looking at the grammar above I could probably do with attending myself....!
  11. Errrr........ I think you'll find that Lewis Hamilton has 3,300,000 reasons to believe otherwise.....
  12. P.K.

    Cafe Lingo

    Is there english language evening classes or whatever? If not I think it's a very laudable effort to meet a requirement.
  13. P.K.

    Cafe Lingo

    Did they have a shitload of petro-dollars they needed to launder?
  14. Which is the point I made back here:
  15. Compared to your fervid imagination I absolutely know nothing! Note to self - stop dealing in facts.... So Woody2, I thought DD was banging on about an imaginary Canada + + + + So which 28 countries were on the brink of signing FTA's that were hugely beneficial to the UK? ETA: "Britain will be legally bound to pay its £39bn Brexit divorce bill before the details of a future EU trade deal are agreed, a minister has admitted. MPs will be asked to authorise the payment when they vote on the withdrawal deal in the autumn, Suella Braverman said – but there will be no trade treaty until after the UK leaves the EU next year." Https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/brexit-divorce-bill-uk-pay-eu-trade-deal-talks-david-davis-suella-braverman-a8364841.html