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  1. That's due to my shy and retiring nature...
  2. Not so long ago I breezed through 14 days self-isolation courtesy of Mr Quayle and co. Your constant personal attacks have an air of inferiority complex about them. In a "play the man not the ball due to a lack of skillset" sort of way. You might even find burning police cars gives you a sense of self-worth....
  3. To be a Launch Manager I was shoe-horned into Field Engineering for nine months to look after a range of products in the field. I must have looked through more Component MTBF spreadsheets than you've had hot dinners. I very quickly learned that MBF is the only way to go. So mining data is a must. It was hell and I hated it. I quickly learned that my worst enemies were customers for their stupidity and Manufacturing for constantly trying to lower unit costs by things like refurb programs. Which simply moved their cost savings onto Field Engineering who had to replace refurbed componen
  4. Out of those 55 years lifespan 8 were spent in ill health. Got your can of petrol yet?
  5. I'm happy with measures that keep them alive. Aren't you? If not, why not? Personally I think Bozo et al have got it wrong again. Chris Whitty categorically stated that he thought these new measures didn't go far enough and will not work. Frankly when the PM's closest scientific advisors are not being listened to politics are obviously more important than people...
  6. We have a house with an Oldham postcode. So we're very aware of differences. Plus the references to India are interesting. I spent quite a lot of time there in the 1980's and iirc the average male lifespan was a shockingly low 55 years. Do you actually have something to contribute?
  7. In the UK I'm certain it's got a lot to do with poverty and multi-generational households as well. But the fact remains that BAME folks, even those you would call well-to-do, suffer disproportionally.
  8. Ahhh you're talking about the UK... My personal opinion is that Sage, as promoted by Keir Starmer this afternoon, have got it right. However the fact is that government financial support, two thirds of your wages, is a joke. A lot in hospitality are on either zero hours or minimum wage. But hell, they don't vote tory so fuck 'em a la Margaret Thatcher....
  9. Not quite. The personal circumstances of some folks eg divorced with kids off island and can't afford the time off work + 2 weeks self isolation to go and see them. Maybe island life is not for them...
  10. The island demographic is 20% are aged 65 or over.
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