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  1. Oh the irony! Totally amoral narcissistic serial philanderer and inveterate liar Boris Johnson's own government says it will be a clusterfuck. But, of course, you know different. You want to know who compiled the report on Operation Yellowhammer? Totally amoral narcissistic serial philanderer and inveterate liar Boris Johnson's own government. Simples....
  2. You can't possibly know that so just don't bother...
  3. To me "crash out" means fall asleep quickly or lose a game you were expected to win which caused you to immediately leave the competition with f-all to show for it. Hmmmm.... sounds about right. As to the planes won't fly much beloved by brexiteers I think it's only reasonable to point out that it was an aspect of brexit, like tariffs on UK exports of up to 30%, that failed to get a mention during the campaign. Funny that.... As to the possible shortages imho they're everything to do with supply difficulties and nothing else. So all the guff about globalisation etc etc is a smokescreen to try and deflect criticism away from the fact that brexit inevitably will gum up the flow of trade and cause problems. And not just for car workers...
  4. P.K.

    IOMSPCo Delay

    And your alternative methodology is?
  5. P.K.

    Shotgun seized

    Fair enough. I just wondered if a call from Joe Public was enough.
  6. P.K.

    Shotgun seized

    Fair enough Derek, so what triggered (sorry) this deployment? Presumably a member of the public rang in saying that someone had taken a potshot at them. Well, how would they know? The accurate range, if you're a good shot with decent optics, can't be more than about 120m. After that it's an accident.
  7. Which one? Calls made from the prison phones can be monitored and recorded with exceptions. Ringing an MP or legal advisor which is fair enough. However "Failing" Grayling even managed to mess that up. So you would only want an unmonitored phone for nefarious activities. Which makes smuggling one in a particularly stupid thing to do....
  8. The report goes on: Operation Yellowhammer "Furthermore, this is nothing like the worst-case scenario, and instead contains the likely situation of no-deal given not only what the UK government has done to manage its impacts, but also what EU countries have already done. This is the reason it doesn't include things like grounded flights and so on - the EU unilaterally took steps to prevent this happening in the event of a no-deal, if only for a few months. This also takes into account measures the French have taken - entirely of their own accord - to manage the disruption at their ports which no-deal would cause, while still complying with EU requirements. The leak was not the worst-case scenario - it is the most likely outcome, as the UK government sees it. There could be much more that they don't see, especially if the crisis planning fails." But hey, we'll get blue passports.....
  9. P.K.

    Shotgun seized

    That made me smile as well. The point surely is that if they had to carry it "a considerable distance" then the plinker must have been a fair way from any road. Which is as it should be. I suspect they confiscated the weapon but didn't arrest the plinker because they weren't quite sure what to do about it. I guess we'll find out...
  10. Oh dear. Senior Brexiteers have been caught out it yet ANOTHER lie about crashing out. Not that you'll see much about it in the UK's rabid right wing press - which is to say pretty much all of it. Operation Yellowhammer: "But perhaps more interesting than the leaked material itself - which contained few warnings anyone paying attention to Brexit wouldn't have heard before - was the chaotic and contradictory response by first the government and then its outriders to the publication of its own plan. Michael Gove, the cabinet minister in charge of preparing for no-deal, tweeted that the plans were old and dealt with the absolute worst-case scenario, without any kind of mitigation or work done to manage the impacts of no-deal, even as others pointed the fingers to disgruntled former ministers (left unnamed) who must have leaked it. A key part of the implication of that response was this was outdated information from a previous administration that did not really believe in Brexit, and so could safely be dismissed as Project Fear. The problem with this response is that neither element of it is true. The Operation Yellowhammer report is published monthly, and circulated around key officials who need it, including those in devolved administrations. Multiple reporters quickly managed to confirm that this report did, in fact, date from August - and so from Boris Johnson's premiership. Furthermore, this is nothing like the worst-case scenario, and instead contains the likely situation of no-deal given not only what the UK government has done to manage its impacts, but also what EU countries have already done." Just more lies from the brexiteers....
  11. P.K.

    Grandstand music

    I think it's quite remarkable that some of them actually survived being The Rolling Stones. Well, only just....
  12. Got confused with NATO/OTAN. Tough day. Interesting that most governments in Europe are coalitions. That was a bit of a surprise. Have to say the Ukraine Peoples Front sounded a bit Pythonesque. But the bottom line is that they can be made to work. If you have the will. I can't see it working for the UK though. Never mind the state of the nation good tories always always always vote with their wallets. They won't want to change that anytime soon.....
  13. The Chinese are too busy massing troops in the New Territories and the Russians are too busy bombing Turks in Syria to contemplate applying for UN membership.....
  14. Just the EU because it's run by Evil Goblins intent on world domination. Apparently.... So pretty much all of Europe has coalition governments and they seem to have done ok. Fancy that.....
  15. I am still disgusted of PSM that the bribe was public money. Not tory party money. Still, it meant a strong and stable government. Errrr...... Anyway, let's see what entities in Europe have coalition governments: Countries Albania: Socialist Party of Albania, Socialist Movement for Integration, Unity for Human Rights Party, Demochristian Party of Albania. Belgium: Christian Democratic and Flemish, Reformist Movement, Open Flemish Liberals and Democrats. Bulgaria: GERB, United Patriots Croatia: Croatian Democratic Union, Croatian People's Party – Liberal Democrats Cyprus: Democratic Rally, European Party, Ecological and Environmental Movement. Czech Republic: Czech Social Democratic Party, ANO 2011, Christian and Democratic Union – Czechoslovak People's Party. Denmark: Venstre, Liberal Alliance, Conservative People's Party. Estonia: Estonian Centre Party, Social Democratic Party, Pro Patria. Finland: Centre, National Coalition, New Alternative France: En Marche, MoDem Germany: Christian Democratic Union, Christian Social Union, Social Democratic Party. Greece: Coalition of the Radical Left, Independent Greeks. Iceland: Independence Party, Reform Party, Bright Future. Italy: Five Star Movement, Lega Nord Kosovo: Democratic Party of Kosovo, New Kosovo Alliance, Turkish Democratic Party of Kosovo, Independent Liberal Party. Latvia: Unity, National Alliance, Union of Greens and Farmers. Lithuania: Social Democratic Party, Labour Party, Order and Justice. Luxembourg: Democratic Party, Luxembourg Socialist Workers' Party, The Greens. Moldova: Democratic Party, European People's Party of Moldova Monaco: Union for the Principality, National Union for the Future of Monaco, Promotion of the Monegasque Family. Montenegro: Democratic Party of Socialists of Montenegro, Social Democratic Party of Montenegro, Democratic Union of Albanians, Bosniak Party. Netherlands: People's Party for Freedom and Democracy, Christian Democratic Appeal, D66, Christian Union. North Macedonia: Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization-Democratic Party for Macedonian National Unity, Democratic Union for Integration, Socialist Party of Macedonia, Party for the Movement of Turks in Macedonia. Norway: Conservative Party, Progress Party, Venstre Romania: Social Democratic Party, Alliance of Liberals and Democrats San Marino: Sammarinese Christian Democratic Party, Popular Alliance, Freedom List, Sammarinese Union of Moderates. Serbia: Serbian Progressive Party, Socialist Party of Serbia Slovenia: Modern Centre Party, Democratic Party of Pensioners of Slovenia, Social Democrats. Sweden: Swedish Social Democratic Party, Green Party (Sweden). Switzerland: Social Democratic Party of Switzerland, Free Democratic Party of Switzerland, Christian Democratic People's Party of Switzerland, Swiss People's Party. Ukraine: Petro Poroshenko Bloc, People's Front.
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