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  1. Who are the "media gatekeepers" on the IOM and what is their JD? From what you've posted you must know who they are. Name names!
  2. The message boards on the M62 are already warning HGV drivers about their paperwork if headed for the EU. Had to laugh about the Cameron "revelations". According to Cameron it turns out that Gove and Johnson are a pair of lying, self-serving charlatans. Well, who knew....?
  3. No you didn't. Stop ducking and diving. You posted ""The man is a standard example of the type of inbred and self-destructive mediocrity that prevails on the Isle of Man." Which refers to Mr Cringle and nobody else. Plus by all means name names of all the young thrusters on here who can match Mr Cringles experience. Go on, let's hear your pearls of wisdom...
  4. You have no issue with the man... but.... "The man is a standard example of the type of inbred and self-destructive mediocrity that prevails on the Isle of Man." What do you mean by "self-destructive mediocrity" and in what form does it take? Spontaneous human combustion perhaps? Or is this a candidate for PE's Pseuds Corner? I guess we'll probably not find out....
  5. Unfortunately ended up watching Farage telling a young reporter that queues at the border were all project fear as he had been in business etc etc. Unfortunately the young lad didn't counter Farage's load of old BS by asking him why it was then that the Douane had invested heavily in new technology and were running trials in stopping trucks with UK goods at some of their ports with a view to finding out exactly what was possible..... Brexit has certainly thrown up some unsavoury characters and Farage just has to be in the medals. On a lighter note this is what Canada thinks of brexit: For Canada's Globe and Mail, "British politics today is what results from the collision of an unstoppable force, an immovable object and a clown car." It says the unstoppable force is "the dominant no-deal faction of the Conservative Party." "The immovable object is reality - the reality that a no-deal Brexit will play havoc with the economy and hurt real people; the reality that a majority of parliament and the people will not back it... And the clown car is Mr Johnson." Amen to that....
  6. If that statement were true, I don't personally believe it is, then the inexperienced new generation are exactly the sort of people who should NEVER be making decisions like that.
  7. On the plus side I'm sure Mr Quayle can now recommend quite a few decent restaurants in and around Wesrminster. Well, decent if you're dining out on X's anyway....
  8. Never mind all the Yellowhammer doom and gloom there must be pages and pages of what's good about brexit. So where are they...?
  9. We thought that the three programs she put out recently were very good indeed. More please.
  10. Errrrr this is just a wild stab in the dark I know but if brexit is a complete and utter horlicks along the lines of the Yellowhammer papers you don't suppose all the ill-informed brexiteers will blame the EU do you....? Surely not!
  11. It's not as good as that. Imho of course.
  12. P.K.

    TV Licensing

    The old tubes used to radiate a lot of noise. Plasma and LED? NFC.
  13. They know they can get away with it because the UK rabid right wing press, which is to say pretty much all of it, will cover their arses for them and anything on the beeb will be discounted as "BBC left wing bias" or similar nonsense. It's a racket...
  14. I have to say that Johnson's shambles is the worst government I have ever know. And as we all know bad management starts at the top. The thing is if you discount the UK's rabid right wing press this is the first time I have read newspaper comments like "It only took the PM five minutes to start lying" and similar. The reason they can publish statements like that is because they know that there will be no legal reaction to them. In other words Johnson is an inveterate liar and even he knows it. Sure Corbyn is not the most impressive character you might come across but some of his party are. But I should imagine they're despairing right now. I know I would! But as yet no sign of a putsch. But then the Opposition don't have to do much to embarrass the Government as Johnson and co are doing a fine job of that all on their own...
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