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  1. So everything will be fine because you say so. Got it! As to not dealing in a big "if" brexit has always been a massive "if" - as big as a whole coutry's economy in fact. Happy to pontificate on that though, aren't you....?
  2. So let's have your take on what next is best for the UK if the numbers, and their consequences, are correct.
  3. Nothing to do with pre-referendum and everything to do with consequences. Which at the time of the referendum were a big black hole. Those teflon shoulders of yours have been taking quite a pounding recently. In the run up tp Halloween I suggest you have them replaced with kevlar....
  4. Sorry Woolster but this lot have been crunching the numbers. And the point is they HAVE the numbers to crunch. So it's not like the brexiteers saying that everything will be wonderful because the UK will no longer be crushed under the iron heel of those Evil Goblins iin Brussels who are intent on world domination. Personally I never believed that story anyway....
  5. You seem to be suffering from the delusion that there's some sort of collective conspiracy going on here. There isn't. Simply put folks are getting fed up with accusations of this and that. Especially the "drinking" nonsense. Simple as. For some reason you seem to think it's important to bang on and on about Dilli said whatever and money in that hasn't been and so forth. So why? Back in March when this "project" was first proposed it was greeted with a healthy scepticism generated by lots of this sort of nonsense in the past. Hence: My contribution: Face it, IOMG have been here before and got the tee-shirt. They left the manx taxpayer with the scar tissue though.....
  6. Was it the BBC that reported it? It was! FAKE NEWS! Definitely Project Fear due to the appalling BBC bias of anti-brexit, anti-right wing and anti-stupidity.
  7. Better that than a clown's pocket....
  8. Eh? Posted what wrong so-called facts? As you will see from last night I was interested in the failed construction of PE breakwater. This pm I cruised through the thread to see if it had moved forward. I picked up that you asserting that Dilli had said developers wanting to get assistance from government funding, which is to say all of them, was the same as government putting in tax dollars, which they hadn't. This isn't rocket science. Personally I just wish Dilli wasn't his own worst enemy. The tiny minded trolls always pick on him for their shallow, brainless amusement because it seems he just can't help himself rising to the bait. I trust he won't be offended at me pointing out the bloody obvious....
  9. Wanting to get their hands on gov financing for the Ramsey farrago is not the same as the government having actually put some cash into the pot. Or have I missed something?
  10. I disagree. As an indicator of just how low politics has sunk in the UK thanks to Farage, Gove and Johnson it's very relevant.
  11. Noticed you ducked the "Ben Habib" question. Don't blame you really. People like him give the Brexit party a bad name.... Now THAT'S funny!
  12. We can see the growth figures that the UK has enjoyed as a member of the EU. Does that count?
  13. @woolley So Woolster, what do you make of philanthropist Ben Habib....?
  14. I thought the reason was because PE prom previously had lots of larger hotel units that could be replacedather than housing. That's how I remwmber it anyway. But it does look grim compared to PSM. I thought the rates were based on services and civic amenities as provided by the LA. And frankly anyone who thinks PE, PSM and the Ballakilley estate aren't sharing these amenities is in cloud cuckoo land.....
  15. I can't help thinking that the price of a knighthood is going to hit rock bottom later in the year.....
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