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  1. MT or Sky at fault? Sky on Demand in HD, downloads very slowly now. This has started in recent weeks. A few friends have the same issue as well. It is easier to download in non-HD.
  2. one of it's legs is both the same Was Columbo an relative of Columbus?
  3. Zombie Grey How do ducks open a tin of peas?
  4. FOR SALE Garden shed 6ft x 4ft, 1 x window ( south facing ) Buyer must store on own property SOLD!!!!!!!!
  5. I heard it was going to be an Ovine Opticians called Rams see
  6. Bacon with far too much water in it, Burger chains that forget something from your drive thru order, Self service tills, Staff who say thankyou, once you have used a self service till,
  7. Will Paddy Mcguinness be signing photos there?
  8. Why is someone layering grass turf along the verge next to the Farmhill roundabout on Vicarage road? There is already a 6ft bank there.
  9. I cannot confirm Aldi-Extra are recruiting for staff for their new Peel store
  10. "I think I have found a way around the busking laws"
  11. I think one of the thieves was a small well know comedian, Mr Corbett. As he made his escape I heard the police shout "Pepperoni"
  12. At least 2 big name Acts/Bands booked for the Marina, then to annouce " due to unforseen circumstances blah blah blah"
  13. I wish they would re-invent the wheel
  14. Which is the best Xmas Pudding Shoprite are selling Heston Blumenthal Orange Xmas pud @ £13.50 Is it worth buying one?
  15. Cant they get yeast from the Gyneo ward
  16. A drive thru forum desk would be nice, just after the coffee drive thru. That way people could moan about how shit the coffee was etc
  17. Looks like the staff are or regular parkers are being told to not park there this morning. There was 3 staff stopping people at the entrance.
  18. If there was a mark on on my mom I would tell dad about him
  19. Manx Barge


    Will you be at Sherlock Holmes Clue School?
  20. I saw a load of yellow coats measuring the height of the footbridge by the granstand Tuesday. Surely they could of parked a double decker bus under the new bridge to fix the height.
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