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  1. Is CM Quayle going to suggest that all tractors and agricultural machinery should be battery powered in order to save our planet?
  2. There is much more stone at the Toot end in recent years, in my opinion due to the commissioners raking the the beach, over the past few years they have transported tons of sand from the Toot end to the Cosy Nook end using a digger, tractor and trailer, I used to live on Port Erin beach in the mid to late 50's, and I don't remember any stones between the stream and and the flight of steps at the Toot end, we had to cross over the stream to get stones to decorate sandcastles.
  3. Red brick building just before harbour, formerly George Herdman institute,given to people of Port Erin as a library and snooker hall, sadly sold into private hands by PE commissioners despite many objections, I used to play for the snooker team in the sixties
  4. Geese disappeared just before Christmas.
  5. Port Erin beach WAS wonderful, sadly ruined as continuous ploughing by the comissioners has spread tons of stones all over it.
  6. Indy today, front page headline.
  7. WHY all the fuss, God and Allah are the same deity!
  8. Rebuild Mrs Pearson will be turning in her grave.
  9. Why don't the freemasons bail out the farmers, a self help initiative.
  10. My bad, it was BBC north west I saw it on not Granada.
  11. Granada news last night, IOM enterprise development scheme abandoned, no longer necessary because our economy is doing so well, does this mean the toilet tax can be abandoned too? can completely free bus travel for over 60's be reinstated? will the Chrismas bonus for OAP's be raised up back to the previous level, I am delighted our economy is doing so well, it must be due to the 30 million take at TT, wonderful, hurrah
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