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  1. Ticket for 2 passengers and car or van up to 6.5 meters departing Douglas Sat 28th May 7.45am returning from Heysham Weds 8th June 14.15 paid £326.50 yous for £250 or best offer telephone Tony on 834327
  2. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/cluster-of-covid-19-cases-at-king-williams-college/
  3. I got a letter yesterday from the dhss telling me I am very high risk from covid infection then this morning I read that 7 students from a party of 39 foreign students who were given special permission to enter the island despite the border being closed, what the ****, who gave them permission and WHY?????
  4. Approx. 8.20am today Thursday saw several police vehicles (4 or 5) in convoy going down Orchard road, looks serious although no sirens?
  5. Must be as above, no other manufacturer will do.
  6. Both Trump and Putin are desperate to retain control, if they lose it they will be found out.
  7. Beware, the angels from Africa are coming.
  8. Will someone please take the launch keys off this nutter before he goes into total meltdown.
  9. Mostly radicalised gun toting racists? remember the Alamo Yippee.
  10. Apple sign up will not accept IOM telephone number, tried everything +44 1624 or 01624 or 624 just won't take it, any info or advice greatly appreciated.
  11. Exactly what I did which is how I came to register an account with them, as they have your address indicating your location I would have thought they would have made it known that click and collect for groceries is not possible at the Douglas store, I spent half an hour selecting items and adding them to my basket and the at checkout not able to complete and a further half hour trying to contact them by phone for clarification having to listen to all sorts of crap including how to apply to Tesco for a job
  12. I have an account with Tesco, made an online order and tried to check it out for click and collect, put in my IOM postcode and it showed my nearest store as Carrickfergus, tried to phone and Tesco Website for help which is a waste of time, whats going on? is click and collect no longer available at Douglas store? any help much appreciated, thanks.
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