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  1. hagar the horrible


    Odin forever.
  2. hagar the horrible


    Indy today, front page headline.
  3. hagar the horrible


  4. hagar the horrible


    WHY all the fuss, God and Allah are the same deity!
  5. hagar the horrible

    Alleged Threesome Turned Sour

    Hmmm, Scarlett woman.
  6. hagar the horrible

    The Cosy Nook Cafe Port Erin

    Rebuild Mrs Pearson will be turning in her grave.
  7. hagar the horrible

    Surprise surprise !

    Why don't the freemasons bail out the farmers, a self help initiative.
  8. hagar the horrible

    Enterprise Development Scheme.

    My bad, it was BBC north west I saw it on not Granada.
  9. hagar the horrible

    Enterprise Development Scheme.

    Granada news last night, IOM enterprise development scheme abandoned, no longer necessary because our economy is doing so well, does this mean the toilet tax can be abandoned too? can completely free bus travel for over 60's be reinstated? will the Chrismas bonus for OAP's be raised up back to the previous level, I am delighted our economy is doing so well, it must be due to the 30 million take at TT, wonderful, hurrah
  10. hagar the horrible

    Rob Callister

    Full of shit too.
  11. hagar the horrible

    Spies interviewed in Isle of Man

    Maybe they aSPIREd to. I'll get my coat
  12. hagar the horrible

    To Infinity and....oh yea, nowhere

    Missisle of man?
  13. hagar the horrible

    Hosepipe ban

    If I use my Karcher pressure washer with a water supply from a bucket or some other container which I top up from the kitchen tap am I breaking the hosepipe ban?
  14. hagar the horrible

    William Dunlop...

    Many haven't.
  15. hagar the horrible

    Saddleworth Moor Fire.

    Thanks for that John, foreign geography was never my strong point